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    Hey WD Players,

    I just made a new video at Red Team Gaming over on YouTube, covering the Witch Doctor Acid Cloud build.


    Please check it out, and if you find it at all valuable and would like to see more videos, please subscribe. This is the second Diablo 3 video, the previous one being my Weapon Throw Barbarian.

    I hope you enjoy and I look forward to your comments and input.
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    Hey everyone,

    I wanted to share my new Red Team Gaming Weapon Throw Barbarian video commentary with all you Diablo 3 Fans players. This video covers my WT Barb skills/passives, gear, stats, follower, and game play. I hope you enjoy it and find it valuable if you are looking to build your own WT Barbarian. It's a great build and tons of fun to play. Thanks for watching.

    Enjoy and leave any questions or thoughts in the comments!
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    Budget Barb is extremely difficult now with prices where they are, so be prepared to sit on the AH sniping good deals. It is still possible though.

    I recommend you aim for a balance, so no trifecta items, aim for splitting your DPS pieces between your ammy, rings, gloves, and bracer, and don't aim for defensive stats on those pieces. Get Crit Chance or increased attack speed on those pieces with strength. Just aim for one or the other plus strength. On your defensive stats go big on vit for your pants and chest. Aim for good str on shoulders and boots (also 12% run speed). Aim for your crit dam and LoH if possible on your weapons, so go for socket above dps and don't worry about str on weapons if you can get a better price without it.

    Aim for 40% + Crit chance, 38k-42k HP and 600AR unbuffed. You can also use physical resist in place of resist all in some slots, and try to get your physical resists up to 900 that way.

    That should be a good start for you.
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    Main problems I see are not having 24% run speed, your EHP is too low, and you really need more strength and resist all. This will help you a ton.
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