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    So Bashiok just confirmed what the post was about, drop rates are too low. Where is your selective memory now, you sobs?
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    I wanted to shed a little more light on a build that deserves to be more widespread. It's been discussed a fair bit on this forum already, but I haven't seen many people using it. I am able to farm all acts with it currently, and I can't get enough. If there is any interest, I will get some co-op and some act 4 footage together as well. This was just done in 30 minutes, to see if anyone is actually interested.

    About the lag that occurs in the video, I don't know why that happens. Sometimes my framerate just drops way down after frapsing for a while. The only way I can fix it, it seems, is to quickly stop and start recording again. That is why there are small jumps in the video too. Sorry. :(

    Ps: if anyone knows anything about encoding and whatnot, basically how to avoid the video looking and sounding like crap, please let me know. I don't make videos very often.

    You may want to turn the sound down, quality is not what it could be!

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    There is a TL:DR, I was hoping it would take longer for someone like you to show up. Why do you come into threads and proclaim that what someone dedicated a lot of time to, was far too much for your attention span, like your lack of interest is somehow interesting to us? Go away.
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    First off, I'll give you the TLDR:
    • Patch 1.0.3 = damage control in an attempt to fix D3's economy and keep you playing.
    • Nephalem Valor guaranteed rares = Smoke Bomb, blinding you from the truth. The rate at which high-end (high iLvl) items drop has been nerfed to the point where the game is no longer rewarding or fun to play
    • Nerf drops from vases, pots, and dead adventurers = stop gold find bots, the easy way, punish everyone, and kill a cool part of diablo.
    • If you were farming acts 3/4 prior to 1.0.3, you will probably notice and either give up or give in. It doesn't matter, because you're the minority.
    • If you were stuck in acts 1/2 prior to 1.0.3, you have no idea. This does matter, because you're the majority, and the patch makes things "seem" better on the surface. You're more likely to continue playing.
    And onto the conspiracy theories:

    Patch 1.0.3 looks great on the surface, but it was really a huge nerf - obviously damage control in an attempt to repair D3’s economy. Many players who have been stuck farming act 1 and 2 inferno have no idea what really happened. I’ll break it down from the beginning for you.

    Originally (pre 1.0.3), Inferno was designed to be a huge grind where it was very difficult to progress. The gear that dropped in act 1 was mostly garbage. It was designed to take a while farming act 1 in order to get geared to the point where you could start farming act 2. And so on for act 2, and 3, etc. Each act was significantly harder, and there was a “wall” in difficulty between acts. You had to really, really farm one act, get the best possible loot from that act, before you had any chance (or reason) to play the next act.

    However, a number of things happened that caused this to backfire and players were able to progress through acts faster than blizzard had anticipated:
    • Bots were crushing jars and looting dead adventurers making 500k + gold / hour
    • Players were skipping into later acts using bugs – no legitimate progression required
    • Certain class / build combinations (namely, glass cannon DH / wiz) were able to farm high end gear efficiently
    • Treasure goblin farming
    • Clever use of checkpoints to farm the same elites over and over very quickly and efficiently
    • Insert [easy way to farm gear better than you're supposed to be farming] here
    Gold and high end items were being brought into the game economy faster than blizzard had anticipated. On top of that, the vast majority of people were stuck in act 1 (as intended), but Blizzard realized many people were getting sick of the gear check / “wall” between acts. Many people don’t want to grind act 1 inferno over and over for a month just to tackle act 2 inferno. They’re seeing a lot of players leaving the game, and they need people farming inferno so they can continue make money from the RMAH.

    So, people are sick of inferno and dropping like flies. Blizzard has to keep people interested and playing, so they make a big beautiful promise in the form of patch 1.0.3. On the surface, patch 1.0.3 looks like this:
    • Nephalem Valor guarantees rare drops! Players are able to loot rare items consistently! High end items will now drop from lower acts! You can farm the best gear in the game in act 1!
    • Slight fix to attack speed! Don’t worry, it’s cool guys! We’ll figure something out! We are going to listen to your input!
    The announcement of 1.0.3 was like Blizzard shining some light of hope down the dark tunnel at us. It made us feel reassured – the game was a little rough around the edges, but it has a lot of potential. We’ll wait it out and keep playing, because 1.0.3 is going to make things way better.

    1.0.3 rolls over like a [email protected]#$ storm. What did 1.0.3 REALLY do? What is the TRUTH behind 1.0.3? I’ll tell you:
    • Instead of going directly after bots and banning botters via anti-cheat measures (Warden), they figured out what botters were doing and put an end to it by nerfing it to the ground. Presto. You can’t loot valuable items from jars, vases, dead adventurers anymore. They got rid of gold find bots, which is great, but at the same time those bots ruined it for everyone and now you can’t loot anything valuable from jars, vases, etc anymore.
    • They made it possible for higher level gear to drop from lower acts in inferno, BUT they ninja nerfed the drop rate of high end gear in later acts. Prior to 1.0.3 a small minority of players were able to farm acts 3 and 4 very effectively – too effectively. Players were farming the best high end items in the game at a rate that was causing the economy to tank. Nothing you could farm in act 1 or 2 was really worth anything, because blues from acts 3 and 4 were so common and significantly better. Blizzard ninja nerfed drop rates of high iLvl items in acts 3/4 order to make high-end loot more valuable.
    The majority of players think 1.0.3 is a good thing, and they have no idea. They were stuck in act 1 looting a bunch of level 50-59 garbage and they weren’t getting anywhere. Now we can kill elites in act 1 and get fill our inventory with rares easy as pie!

    A number of players who were farming acts 3 and 4 prior to 1.0.3 have made threads regarding this issue. I understand that random loot is random – sometimes you get lucky, a lot of times you don’t get lucky. I realize the patch has only been out a day. But if you’ve been farming act 3 for the last month, you’re kind of used to it and have a good idea of what kind of loot you’ll typically get.

    You don’t have to believe me, I mean you can keep farming and farming and get there and see for yourself, but the rate at which high end (high iLvl) loot drops has been severely nerfed overall. This has been done to make these items more valuable and hold over the end game of diablo 3 (and the RMAH) for a while longer.

    People are farming tons and tons of rares now, going back to town every 5 minutes and identifying a bunch of stuff. They’ve been stuck in act 1 and 2 for a month, and they don’t know any better. Unfortunately, they’re blind to what really happened here – blinded by all of the guaranteed rares dropping all over the place. Most of which are complete garbage.

    Blizzard hasn’t and won’t release the drop rates prior to 1.0.3 because they actually nerfed them overall. Sure, you might be getting tons of rares, but overall the high iLvl items are much more rare now and are being introduced to the economy at a lower rate - per player. EXCEPT... more players are looting them. So I guess overall, loot is probably coming into the game at the same rate, except as a player on an individual level, it's just much, much less rewarding. Basically everything is garbage.

    Thanks to lowered drop rates (not so obvious) and crazy repair bills (obvious), the price of gold has stabilized and is no longer dropping in value. The value of gold actually appears to be slightly increasing since 1.0.3 was released. Working exactly as intended. In order to alleviate the complaints about repair bills, blizzard will probably slightly reduce the rate at which durability is lost, or something along those lines. They’ll do something to make it “seem” better, but it’ll most likely remain rather expensive to repair. The repair bills, in combination with the IAS DPS nerf, and re-tooling of certain boss mechanics (reflect damage on siegebreaker, etc) make farming later acts with glass cannons no longer viable.

    I know it sounds like a conspiracy and you don’t have to believe it. There's no way to really PROVE it, because it is random. I understand that. If you were regularly farming acts 3 and 4 prior to the patch, you’ll see what’s been done here - in the form of a "gut feeling". If you were stuck in acts 1 and 2 like most people, you won’t know any better. And more power to you! I wish Diablo 3 was still fun.


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    Quote from Adon

    Quote from Trombone

    Quote from Adon

    Time to just stack up on Crit chance and Crit damage for every class. They will nerf that in 1.1 probably, so just ride the flavor of the month. Apparently this is an MMO where constant "balance" changes occur.

    No, the game is barely a month old and is a complex thing to balance. Get that sand out of your vagina boi.
    Really? They are already nerfing IAS barely a month into the game and why? Because it is used by everyone. So now everyone drops IAS and say picks up Crit chance and damage. So what will happen a month into that? Oh...IDK...maybe a nerf? They will never be satisfied with the game or how it is played because the mass majority do not play the game as Blizzard believes people should or do and when that happens, they nerf shit to try and force you to play how they want. It isn't about playing how you want in Diablo anymore, it is about playing how Jay Wilson deems right.

    "We make that as a joke. We'll say, ‘You're a bad designer if you tell your customer that you're playing the game wrong.' It's actually the customer's game. We should do our best to enable that experience. If someone is playing the game and they're not having a good time and it's because they're not playing it right, that's our fault."
    - Senior Producer Sean Reardon

    The best utility stat in the game was also the best damage stat in the game. It's that simple. Attack Speed was better than DEX. It was better than crit. It was better than stacking crit damage AND crit. It was better than EVERYTHING. Assuming you did happen to do one of those other things - stacking dex or stacking crit - and then you wanted another stat on your gear, guess what - IAS was CLEARLY the best thing to do then.
    It synergized with EVERYTHING all the time. There was no build in the game that wasn't improved with massive amounts of IAS - even the intentionally slow as hell two hander builds needed it - in fact they needed it even more because of the cast animation benefits. Nearly every single spec for every single class wanted a fuckton of IAS, or at the very least, was damn happy when their gear happened to have it.
    It has gotten to the point where if we took two identical rings, except one has IAS and the other doesn't, the IAS ring is worth ten or twenty times as much. I don't even LOOK at the stats on my gloves unless I see crit/crit damage OR IAS, and even the awesome synergy of crit + crit damage is nowhere near as good as just rolling 15% IAS.
    The problem with IAS was that it was too damn good, and we all knew it. One of the biggest sources of damage increase in the game should not also have been one of the best sources of utility for everyone, and we all knew that too.
    This has been coming since we all realized how amazing aspd was.
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    Holy shit yes we got him! Only took 6 attempts too! :D
    Just before the server shutdown too, it went down 15 mins after, so it was our last attempt. My heart was pounding so hard.

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    I tank too, so much fun. :) Still got a good ways to go with my gear.

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    This thread is garbage, and you should feel bad about it. 0/10
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    175 hours down the drain, what a thrill hardcore must be.
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