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    posted a message on Rob Pardo Regarding Jay Wilson, Dyes for Legendary Items, Hellfire Rings to be Salvageable in 1.0.7, Blizzard Comic Contest Entr
    They ask us to tell them what is freaking wrong with the game and how to fix it and we have been doing that even throughout the whole freaking Beta...

    They have not listened or chose to ignore the majority of it, where as on other parts they have listened...The game also relies far too heavily on items and without items the character you make is utter garbage...

    If Rob is proud of what they did then something must be seriously wrong at Blizzard... Too much iteration imo with no clear direction.

    R.I.P Cain, Last of the Horadrim to be killed by a butterfly...lol
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    posted a message on Patch 1.0.4 Class Preview: Monk
    Quote from Mayne

    Quote from Soul

    So they have a third of the page talking about SSS and then don't freaking tell us what it does lol?

    sad blizzard... very sad.

    But I bet you're dying to find out...Blizzard wins.
    Actually the opposite I haven't played a single game or even opened up D3 in over 1.5 months now... I still keep my self updated on what these new patches bring.

    Having a preview about class changes and have 1/3 the page just saying pretty much "it's changing in a big way.... see patch notes when we decide to put them up"... Is really REALLY sad.

    Monk Passive - All that was said is OWE is pretty much a needed passive and that's it besides 10% increase to some rando stupid passive no one will ever use...

    We also only got 2 skills with dmg increases compared to over 6 with the barb(not counting SSS cause no %dmg number was given)... Even though it is a preview this one is crap even compared to the Wizard one lol...
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    posted a message on And the Beta is now Over!
    So with one last look at the Beta and talking to people.

    This is my final Screenshot from the beta...

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    posted a message on New Blizzard Survey
    So yeah I opened up my email and found this survey from Blizzard, decided to try it and take pictures of each set of questions.

    Here's what was asked. Click on links to see the questions.
    It is mostly WoW Related, the D3 questions start at Question 29.

    Email | Front Page

    Question 1 | Question 2 | Question 3 | Question 4 | Question 5

    Question 6 | Question 7 | Question 8 | Question 9 | Question 10

    Question 11 | Question 12 | Question 13 | Question 14 | Question 15

    Question 16 | Question 17 | Question 18 | Question 19 | Question 20

    Question 21 | Question 22 | Question 23 | Question 24 | Question 25

    Question 26 | Question 27 | Question 28 | Question 29 | Question 30

    Question 31 | Question 32 | Question 33 | Question 34 | Question 35

    Question 36 | Question 37 | Question 38 | Question 39 | Question 40 | Question 41 | Thank You Page

    That's them all.

    What do you guys make of this and the few Diablo questions that were asked?
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    posted a message on Hardcore vs Softcore
    I first started playing softcore or softc*** <-- figure it out for your self lol... When I began playing D2, just like everyone else..

    However after my friend got me into playing Hardcore, the threat that your char only had 1 life, just like we have IRL, was too good to pass up. To be able to have a high lvl and powerful hardcore char that had yet to die always kept me on my toes. It made me feel like I accomplished something meaningful as I guided this hero through dangerous areas and lived to talk about it. Yes the occasional lagspike / internet problem / computer issues aside... Didn't damper my spirit as I never wanted to go back.

    Hardcore was just sooooo much more than the original game, always keeping you on the edge of your seat, having to react and adapt to the situation at hand. Where as in softcore you could just die, leave game get corpse back. sure u lost gold / durability / experience points... YOU CAN GET THOSE BACK EASILY...

    You die in hardcore, your inventory / stash / merc gear was all GONE, if you allowed someone to loot your corpse you could only get back the items / gear you were wearing. You knew the risks and the dangers, yet you still played. Heck even this season teleporting around on my bo Barb with 6K HP and landing next to fanatcism Death lords with the extra fast mechanic still scares the hell out of me(Others might ask well why didn't u go around? well I've chosen to not use any hacks since 1.09 NONE). I didn't need any cause I was more experienced than I was back in 1.09.

    I didn't get as good as I am today without practice. Countless hours mfing, lvling up, playing with mates, slaughtering god knows how many cows(all that beef gone to waste... damn shame) of course even I had the occasional death.

    My very first death in D2 HC was on a bowazon in 1.09, I was in the bloody foothills, those used to give decent xp back in those days. I ended up dying to a bloody catapult... Yes a stupid Catapult... What the hell I was a newbie to HC after all. I was shocked that I could of been so careless, not watching my health globe or my surroundings(I think I ran over alot of those mine things or w/e they are). This is what you DID NOT WANT TO EVER SEE!!!!

    I knew the 2 players that died, I wasn't there when this happened. They died due to how damage was calculated... FELE Lister bug.

    However my resolve was strong and I wasn't going to give up that easily, I had demons to vanquish and uber loot to obtain! My Quest continued.
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    posted a message on Ding LvL 98!

    This is just the screenshot of my Zon, my Necro is also 98.

    I finally dinged lvl 98.

    Onto the final lvl, I'm getting 75k a game, so it will take me aprox...

    3870 runs to ding lvl 99.

    In hours thats 259.

    Fun times ahead... lol
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    posted a message on Current D2 Ladder Season
    Quote from Kiserai

    Wow, very nice! Congrats.

    I'd say we should play sometime but I'm on US East.

    Any tips for a fellow HC Necro? What's your build? I'm doing standard skelliemancer. This is only my second HC character. I'd love to hit 90 before quitting D2 for good.

    I only just started the current season, only lvl 23.

    Ahh, very nice, my Necro is also skele.

    How ever its only Skeleton / Mastery then 1 into each curse and rest of my points into spirit / bone wall / bone prison, as those also provide more benefit to bone armor, with his current gear. He gets like 650 damage absorb with bone armor, and since I don't play any games without a barbs Battle Orders.

    With HC u only have one life. With the internet and how instable a DSL connection can be, taking every precaution is a must. Unless u know the game from head to toe...

    The way I'm baaling atm, I call it all legit, I run a 2:8 or 3:8 xp split for throne and 2:8 ( by myself) or 3:8 with a friend( also a nec #2 ) for Baal.

    I have my Bo barb teleport runs, zons clears then nec comes down, summons a few skeles then auto casts Lower Res ( window mode- Continuous casting) then I recently made an Assassin, she takes tp makes her own( so i keep my barbs one open). She gets BO from the barb, and lays down traps.

    ***I have 8 windows, 4 are on a proxy so I can get a FULL D2 game*** NO HACKS ARE USED. Besides a program called Sandboxie (runs d2 in its own sandbox/sandpit) - I also use a program I used for Multi-boxing in WoW that just sends mouse clicks / key strokes to multiple windows. I use that to get the extra chars into the game without having to type the game name 8 times per run...
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    posted a message on Theorycrafting Blizzard Entertainment
    Quote from "JAZZ" »
    I don't think Diablo 4 would come out one year after Starcraft MMO

    Edit: Matter of fact, None of your dates are resonable, Blizzard won't release another game so close to a brand new one.

    I agree with you, it has been a year since the first WoW Xpac was released, World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade. There will always be like a year gap, atleast... you can't produce the quality of games that Blizzard publishes in such a short time... You do remember when they started work on SC2 right?? RIGHT?!

    Since WoW is bringing in alot of money for vivendi, i believe that vivendi will do w/e it takes to support blizzard in making these huge money making games. None of that EA crap, same with hellgate, rushed and not polished coulda been an awsome game, but just completely failed...
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