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    posted a message on 2H buffs
    picture the the best 1 there is damage vise.

    the best 2h there is should have that damage as minimum damage and maximum the double. this way they are ALWAYS more powerful, but you do give up a shield that helps allot
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    posted a message on most stupid thing ever!

    next time you put up a valuable item. check the amount of 00 so it match.

    also. it takes 5 min for an item to even get onto ah after you put it up, you can see the price on the auction tab.

    this is really on you, sry man, i bet you made someone happy at least :)
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    posted a message on WD: do you think we will be dissapointed with 1.0.4?
    i loved summon necro in d2, so i can finally play something along those lines in d3

    Gargantuan is a good example of things that MIGHT be strange

    they did buff the damage to 100% normal hits, and that 130% for cleave attacks. but they didnt touch the 15% poison damage thingy around him, that rune is unchanged. and following all the buffs they made it suprises me that 15% is still there.

    and the burning dogs (2%) is just strange
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    posted a message on HELP...Legendary Plan Drop
    keep, as legendarys will get a bump in prices soon

    and that plan will be worth even more
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    posted a message on Puzzle ring in pvp
    it wont work in pvp OFC... if it does i bet hes not going to drop anything.

    its to obvious of an exploit
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    posted a message on Are you still will be playing WD after the patch?
    still? i will START :D
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    posted a message on Windforce & Hellrack in 1.0.4.
    Quote from Doez

    The random number generators for rare bows will prevent them from being best in slot, but very close to it. The benefit is that the new legendaries are going to have some sick effects on them that may trump a raw dps number on a bow anyways.

    I'm not expecting legendary weapons to be BiS, but if you are plowing through Inferno, does BiS really matter?
    in PvP it does...

    thats the main sole reason for getting perfect gear in d2
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    posted a message on Windforce & Hellrack in 1.0.4.
    windforce was never really that "fast" of a bow compared to other ones. more of an high damage one.

    and that awesome knockback, i really hope it gets to have it knockback back and some like hatred p sec, mean it did have mana steal and it was kinda important :) but imo, keep the low min damage, and insane max damage.

    hellrack? xbows was always useless in d2 (low max attack speed, only good one was buri for the piercing)

    hellrack should NOT have a high crit damage %, it gets that from the passive, same way bow gets higher damage from it. let it have 50% crit damage and chance for 2 socets instead imo. let it do a random kind of damage type from fire/ice/lightning
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    posted a message on Prove to me that your God exists.
    hello thread.
    there is no god.
    bye thread.

    //100% Atheist me
    proof? i got billions of billions of proofs. you got none.

    let's play a game...
    I choose 1 place where you can't get your arguments for proofs
    you choose 1 place where I can't get my arguments for proofs
    i choose the bible.
    your turn...
    religion is a way to keep control and order in the society for people that are more or less stupid (srsly... you dont need an IQ above 50 to be religious but maybe more then 100 to be an atheist)

    now, that we got a fairly structured society at some places (europe, america, parts of asia i mean) we living at these places can drop religion to use science and common sense. (other places might still need religion tho) ofc there is some basic ideas in religion that might still stand, but those are just because they are important for the structure of the society (treat equal... bla bla) as they are good ideas... i mean face it, its common sense :)

    our enemy nowadays are GREED.
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    posted a message on Profiles reveals obvious botting.
    i have ~5000-6000 elite kills and i played fairly active for a a while (have stoped... waiting for pathes)
    then i se this guy... 398061 elite kills.
    never gone into inferno. 230+ golf find, 45 yards pickup radius.

    whatafaack? how can he not be banned yet?
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    posted a message on The best weapon in the WORLD?


    +279 min Damage
    +316 max Damage
    +48% Damage
    +181 Strength
    +890 Life after each Hit

    +95% Critical Hit Damage

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    posted a message on Diablo 3 explained using Diablo 2's ending (Funny Video)
    lol, to bad its so true :(
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    posted a message on Weapon 2 sockets?
    legendary bow whit max 850dps. but 3 socs.

    legendary 1h whit 450dps 3 socs.

    they truly are quite legendary then!
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    posted a message on Path Of Exile or Diablo 3?
    PoE got better ambition and design, but a much worse execution...

    for f sake, you move horizontal, vertical or diagonal. the movements in that game is so outdated and feels like diablo 1.

    and Linage3, yeah it looks awesome becoes allot of random shadows that make people think *oh it looks so awesome" but its quite random.
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    posted a message on D3 or WoW
    League of Legends i say.

    WoW is outdated, filled whit old remains of an old game that tastes like mixing soft drinks

    vanilla: coca cola
    tbc: pepsi
    wotlk: fanta
    cata: vodka
    panda: sprinkle+ice

    coca cola:

    coca cola+pepsi:
    well... its okay i guess

    coca cola+pepsi+fanta:
    eww kinda strange but... well okay. feels like when you was a kid and mixed all kind of soft drinks... nostalgia but not the same...

    coca cola+pepsi+fanta+vodka:
    its all new! its grown up! its badass!... until the day after maybe we missed some steps and regerts some stuff we did yesterday.

    coca cola+pepsi+fanta+vodka+sprinkle+ice:
    sprinkle seems just to make it look better then it is else its just grose! but the ice might make it tasty... who knows.
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