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    posted a message on Cutoff date for the ptr/post-ptr(live) Builds suggestion

    There should not be, since it is the same patch. Season 7 builds are just as effective or ineffective as season 8

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    posted a message on Cutoff date for the ptr/post-ptr(live) Builds suggestion

    I don't understand what you're saying, man. Season7 is the same patch as season 8. All season7 builds will work in season 8. No new tweaks to skills or items will be introduced.

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    posted a message on [4/9/15] Widespread crashes being reported - loss of life!

    Yep, just logged in and lost my bad-ass DH :(

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    posted a message on can kadala drop gyrfalcon foote (1h-flail)?
    Yes; I received mine with my first gamble for a 1h on my Crusader. My friend shortly there-after quit the game.
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    posted a message on What to Enchant? Windforce, Danetta's Revenge
    My knowledge of the DemonHunter is limited. I guess my basic question is... which stat is better to keep or discard on the Windforce... Increased Attack Speed or Hatred Regen?
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    posted a message on What to Enchant? Windforce, Danetta's Revenge
    Just as the title says, need help deciding what stat I should enchant on these or salvage. For the Windforce, which stat is better - IAS or Hatred Regen? These items dropped within the same rift (a few minutes within each other). I'd like to keep the Windforce, unless someone thinks the Danetta's is better.

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    posted a message on PKers Trapping Rift Entrances in Torment 2+
    I am providing this as a friendly notice to the Hardcore community:

    <Frands> is out in force booby-trapping rifts in Torment 2 and above. I fell for their trap the first time late last night and jumped into a game right after someone fell victim to them tonight.

    ** BE AWARE **
    - Never trust a rift entrance you don't see opened yourself
    - Never trust someone who says "portal safe, come in"
    - Never trust a game with the clan tag <Frands>. They are not your friends or your frands!

    What are they doing? Dragging nearly every mob in the zone/area to the zone entrance/exits. Picking a corner of a zone and trapping themselves in a corner with tons of mobs around them so that you are nearly insta-gibbed when you port onto them.

    How are they doing it? They are stacking as much defensive (block/stam/resist) and liferegen as possible and letting the mobs beat on them. They don't ever lose any health, but you will most likely die before you load in.
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    posted a message on Diablo III Players Banned for Botting, Battle.net Authenticators Temporarily Unavailable, Blue Posts, Heart of the Swarm Beta Ke
    I agree with many others; the banning of "thousands of accounts" for reasons of botting is too little too late. The time it took to create a list of accounts that large, monitor for patterns and then flag the accounts for banning and finally take action against the accounts... the damage had already been done to the game, community and economic infrastructure within the game. Thanks, Blizzard.
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    posted a message on What am I doing wrong? Full Act1 Inferno runs net me @200k
    Thanks for the tips! I like that quiver a lot!I will go find a happy medium and try act 2
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    posted a message on What am I doing wrong? Full Act1 Inferno runs net me @200k
    My MF gear set has over 260mf, and a decent amount of dex, but it has 0 vitality. 0 vitality means I run around with 5k life...

    I will agree that Act 1 is easily steamrolled, but I spend a lot of time dying thanks to a LOT of reflect dmg mobs, leapers and fast attribute mobs that are already fast! I can try switching back to pure MF again, but I like my more efficient runs without.

    Is it really true that MF affects the number of attributes on items? I thought it affected the quality, not the item level or the tier of attributes rolled.
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    posted a message on What am I doing wrong? Full Act1 Inferno runs net me @200k
    Is it really normal? I was making much more than 200k per run before 1.0.3 when I stopped playing.
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    posted a message on What am I doing wrong? Full Act1 Inferno runs net me @200k
    I've made quite a few Act1 runs since 1.0.4 and I have seen a dramatic loss in income I've gained per run. Am I doing something wrong?

    At first I was running with 268 base MF and vendoring everything that dropped. I found that was too time-consuming and now I run with (my best) gear and pick up only rares, finding only two so far that would sell for 1.5 million gold. Above and beyond that, everything else I find is crap, so I vendor the rares.

    What am I missing? Is it truly RNG that gives me sub-par stat rolls on EVERYTHING? Should I be salvaging the rares?

    To date, I have found three legendaries since launch, only one since 1.0.4 (dagger named Kill).

    I will continue the endless grind, but I feel that only making 200k per Act1 clear is pretty horrible.
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    posted a message on Where should I go from here?
    Quote from G0ldmember

    hi there,
    really nice gear you got there! much better than mine.
    the shield is a bit weak you can get 30%+ block
    i dont see any reason for a monk to collect all resist (one of the most expensive stats) and your resistance is low btw.
    maybe mix up your build a bit.


    Actually, contrary to what Goldmember says, it Monks benefit in that they can double-stack resists on each item piece. IE, with One With Everything passive, we can stack +all resists as well as another resist (I like arcane, personally). Doing so will be VERY expensive, but your resists will skyrocket.

    I would venture to say that your hitpoints should be in the 40-50k range in Act 3/4. And as you mentioned in your original post (OP), you should definitely reach for "life on hit" stat. Aim for 1000+ for Acts 3/4.
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    posted a message on Monks in Hardcore
    I have learned, after gearing up my monk for Inferno on softcore, that there isn't a huge difference between dualweilding and 1hand+shield. I have found that usually, there is a DPS decrease with dualweilding. Who knew?! I saw a formula somewhere that tried to explain that, but I just couldn't grasp why it would be less DPS.

    So with that, I will walk you through my gear and set-up.

    Acts 1-2
    - You can use whatever you find through these acts. Almost everything you encounter through the end of Act 2 is an easy pushover. You can experiment with new skills you unlock and different gear loadouts as well!
    - Stats and gear don't matter that much through this point of the game.
    Acts 3-4
    - I have found the later parts of Act 3 and all of Act 4 to be a little challenging as a melee character. At this point of the game you want to focus on +vitality and dexterity items. Watch out for mobs that stun, blow up or pull you in.
    - By now you should get a hang of your playstyle. You can play offensively very safely if you are on softcore, but since this is Hardcore you should start thinking about defensive abilities

    - Resistances don't start playing a huge role in your playstyle yet.
    - Vitality should start to be on all of your gear
    - Consider going sword/board

    - Resistances are very important
    - Sword/board is almost required at this point of the game
    - Huge pools of health and +armor are starting to look really good
    - Pull packs of mobs individually. Watch where you run or kite mobs... don't run into areas you haven't discovered as you can find yourself swarmed by 20+ demons.
    - Later acts will be easier with +life on hit. Strive for 300-400 to help even out the incoming damage.

    - LOTS of resistances (150-300 is good for Act1, 500ish for Act2, 650+ for Acts 3/4)
    - LOTS of armor (4500-5000 is good for Act1, 6000-6500 for Act2, 7500+ for Acts 3/4)
    - LOTS of health (30,000 is good for Act1, 45k-50k is good for Act2, 65k+ is good for Acts 3/4)
    - DO NOT attempt the Butcher until you are certain you can defeat him within 2.5 minutes. I can't remember, but I think his soft enrage timer is between 2-2.5 minutes. Been a minute since I've attempted him. Don't be afraid to pull in some help, but remember that for each person in the game, his damage and health go WAY UP!
    - Look for weapons and armor with life per hit. You will probably want 600+ (try 1000 as a number to strive for safety!)

    My gear setup is as described above per difficulty/act.

    Here is the skills and passives I use that work for my playstyle:

    Skill breakdown:
    Crippling Wave - Concussion Rune
    - I have used quite a few spirit generators and find that this one is AMAZING. When you don't 1-shot everything, the mobs will encircle and you can hit everything.
    - Concussion rune is normally used as an attempt to normalize incoming damage. If you feel that you don't need to lower the incoming damage, you can swap out this rune for Mangle to hit harder.
    - Concussion Rune and Resolve do stack, but only multiplicatively. It means that the incoming damage is further reduced by using both, but not to that exact percentage. The reduced damage is definitely noticeable, and I vote that it is a great choice for hardcore.
    Lashing Tail Kick - Vulture Claw Kick
    - I use this only when I am surrounded and I need to get out of the way of an imminent explosion. I hate getting blown up!
    - I will only use this in later difficulties (Acts 3/4 Hell and Inferno)
    Breath of Heaven - Blazing Wrath
    - I like using Blazing Wrath rune, as it increases my damage and I kill stuff faster. Using the rune to increase heals doesn't scale as well as I would like it to... Blazing Wrath fills that gap
    Blinding Flash - Searing Light
    - I utilize this to increase the chance of not being hit by elites. And it definitely works in Inferno! It also helps when I am being surrounded by mobs or want to stop some mobs where they are.
    Sweeping Wind - Firestorm
    - This increases the radius of Sweeping Wind. Using this will help me widdle away at mobs health even though I can't reach them with crippling wave.
    - Using the increased radius of Sweeping Wind in conjunction with the passive Resolve, I can more effectively reduce incoming damage
    Mantra of Evasion - Hard Target
    - I always find myself short on armor but with plenty of resists. You can swap this out for the resist aura if you have plenty of armor but are short on resists.
    - You can also spam this if you have excess spirit while being swarmed or attacked by a powerful demon. The added +dodge definitely helps!
    - Makes a noticeable difference to incoming damage. Coupled with Sweeping Wind, I can normalize more incoming damage so I have more time to react.
    Seize the Initiative
    - your total dexterity is added to your armor.
    - If you ever find yourself with too much armor, you can swap this out. Good luck finding too much armor!
    One with Everything
    - This takes your highest resistance and brings the rest of your resistances up to that level. AMAZING PASSIVE!

    - Using this in Acts 3/4 of any or all difficulties will greatly increase your chance of survival. I can't tell you how many times I've died from being stuck in a corner, frozen and then pummeled to death. This helps you cheese the cheese.

    And this is my setup for the early game until I hit Acts 3/4 in Hell:

    Good luck, have fun and good hunting!

    In-game Experience thus far:
    - Level 60 Monk, currently being 1shot by bugs in Act2 Inferno
    - Level 60 Demonhunter, currently farming Act4 Inferno
    Hardcore (0 deaths)
    - Level 34 Monk, currently progressing slowly in Act 1 Nightmare
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    posted a message on Seeking Advice on Multi-Boxing
    Quote from ContentsMayVary

    Isn't the problem with D3 that the client will only run one copy at once (unlike WoW)?
    Or did they change that?

    No, you are right.

    Everyone above is suggesting the use of a program that will mirror anything you click between all windows of the game that are currently open on your computer. Ie, if I hit the "1" key, it will transfer to both characters that I have up and running on my computer, not just the window I have open at the time.

    The problem isn't "What program should I use." The problem is that running more than one D3 program on your computer isn't currently supported. So, if you were to download some software or change game files to make it work that way... what you are doing is against the TOS. However, if you get 2 computers and have them side by side and dualbox that way, then that is not against the TOS.

    Something to think about.
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