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    posted a message on Quick question about stash in Season.
    I have a question about the stash in seasons, patch 2.1. How will it work when you create a new character for the season? From what I understand it will be like you get everything resetted. The Paragon and the gold. But is the stash included in that aswell?
    Then what happens when the season is over and you have tons of items on your season character. Won't that interfere with the items you already have?
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    posted a message on Tanky Hammer Build. Strike torment with glorious lightning. [Cleaned]
    So I'd thought I would share my Crusader build wich has worked for me really well through out the adventures of RoS.
    I'd like to start by pointing out that this there are some things with this build that are up for discussion but so far this has worked out the best for me.

    The build itself is centered around beeing tanky, surviving even the thoughest of champion packs but also dishing out damage enough to feel that you actually do something.

    I will make a video for this soon aswell, when I'm not sick and actually am able to sound like a proper human :P

    Skill calculator.


    Blessed Hammer - Thunderstruck

    The reason this is great is simply because it has great range, it is cheap to cast and has great aoe abilities. There are some things, like treasure goblins who can be hard to kill cause you have to be close to it and it takes a while for the hammers to start dishing damage. Thunderstruck does the most damage since it constantly shoots lightning. Limitless rune is also a option if you have increased holy damage on your gear. But keep in mind the hammers seem only able to damage targets once. (That's why lightning is better, keeps doing damage)

    Punish - Celerity

    This works great with the passive Renewal. Increased block chance = more healing. Since with this build you will be using a shield you will get around 30-50% block chance wich usually keeps the rune (15%AS) up almost all the time. You should make sure that you always have the block buff up while fighting since it recovers a lot of hp.

    Akarat's champion - Rally

    This is what makes this build really strong versus packs of mobs, not only do you get attack speed and great wrath regen, with spamming hammers in packs you almost remove the cooldown on all other abilities wich makes them spammable. Also it can save you a lot of times since when you "die" you get healed to full hp while Akarat's is active. You can also break freeze if you activate the ability while frozen.

    Laws of Valor - Critical

    8% passive AS ain't much but when you use it, you get 15% AS added with the 100% crit bonus damage, you get to dish out quite a lot of damage fast.

    Provoke - Cleanse

    This is a great ability since for each enemy taunted you get a lot of Wrath back so you can keep hammering away. Also with the Cleanse rune you get a lot of HP back if you manage to taunt a few enemies. This ability works very well with Akarat's since you can almost spam this and keep at high levels of wrath and LoH

    Judgement - Resolved

    Judgement with resolved is a really good skill since you pretty much will always crit your hammers and with Laws of Valor - Critical you deal A LOT of damage. But the more critical strike chance you have on your gear the less effective this skill becomes. But it's still very effective even when you have 50% critical chance yourself. Specially in groups, since everyone in your group get's the crit chance. Packs get annihilated with this when you're in a group


    Heavenly Strength

    One of the best passives for crusader since it gives you a lot of increased DPS since 2handers usually have more dps than 1handers . How ever it can become quite a annoyence chasing treasure goblins and alike with the -15% movement speed.


    This heals for A LOT of health when spamming hammers. This is what keeps you alive. Even with no additional health globe bonus it heals for increadible amounts. This is what keeps you alive most of the time. It Synergises very well with hammer spamming.


    Since this is a Hammer focused build this increased your dps by A lot. More than any of the other passives. It's way too god to pass up.


    This heals for some, not the best, but it has great synergy with Punish.

    Gearing for this build.

    You want to aim for some Crit chance, atleast 20% but don't take it too far over 50% then you should change Judgement into something else.
    Then crit damage, and lots of it. Even though you get less dps on your character sheet with more crit damage than chance it's better with damage since you have Judgement.Then it's good to have some LoH, not too much but around 3-5k is a good amount.
    But you also have to survive, it's always hard to balance toughness to damage. Since you're in the middle of everything trying to survive toughness helps a lot. All res, str, vit, arm(not the best stat),
    Something to keep in mind is that affixes with +% damage to a certain spell always increases your damage more than anything else (in most cases) and you really should aim for lightning damage or blessed hammer damage.
    Boots, wrist, neck are enough with +% dmg.

    How to play this build.

    You really just want to head into the biggest group of enemies you can find. Use akkarat's and just spam all you're abilities all the time except for Punish wich u just make sure to keep the block buff up. When you have akkarat on cooldown I suggest you don't stand in too much stuff, frozen can always be a pain in the arse. And for 2packs or more you generally want Akkarat up.

    Paragon points.

    Aim for Strenght in the core tree.
    In Offense you should pick critical damage unless you are below 20% crit chance, then crit chance.
    In Defense you should stack in all res mostly and then armor or life.
    In Utility you should pick a few points (5 is enough) in area damage since you don't want to be at 0% since that is a complete waste of proc. After that Lite on Hit is a great stat for survival.

    Ending words.

    During the tests of my build I've come to a few this that are quite optional with the build. You can change Punish into something more of your liking but it reduces survivability by some since you would also like to remove Renewal then. Instead of Punish I'd recomend Justice - Crack since it deals quite a lot of damage with the passive Blunt. Instead of renewal you can either chose Finery wich is quite a good passive if you have a lot of gems in your gear(4-7), or Fervor since it's usually always up and gives a 15% AS.

    AS = Attack speed
    LoH = Life on Hit
    Str = Strenght
    Vit = Vitality
    Arm = Armor
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    posted a message on Diablo III - Race to the Finish Contests
    screenshots not enough? My comp cant fraps d3, too laggy.
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    posted a message on EU Softcore (skilled) player lf Group.
    Note: I do not want to watch cinematics nor do any kind of dungeon exploring seeing that hinders the fastness of clearing the game first.
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    posted a message on EU SC - Midnight release - Looking for 2 very dedicated players
    As I said, if you have a group message me or email me. Otherwise ther's no need to answer in this thread. Well unless you want to discuss anything ^^

    Complete quests
    Investigate dungeons
    Watch the cinematics and game scenes

    If your group are going to do theese three things I will never ever join you. (I can budge on some dungeons or quests, but ther's not a big point in doing them. NO CINEMATICS)

    Quests can be done while gear farming, also exploring dungeons. Cinematics can be watched afterwards, when we're done with inferno.
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    posted a message on EU Softcore (skilled) player lf Group.
    Hello, my name is Johan and I'm 21years old when diablo 3 is 5days old. From Sweden. I've got a good background of gaming with alot of experiance in both Diablo 2 and WoW raiding. (And alot of other games) I've got humor and stamina ready to set my teeth into this new adventure.

    I'm looking for a group of people that's highly dedicated and willingly bite through pain to get to 60 really fast and beat inferno. Skip all cinematics and quests if possible. Grind gear if needed. To simply do it as fast as possible. I belive that 4 players will be stronger then solo if you find the right ones. I've got time off for about 2weeks then I have to work 4hours 2days/week. So I have plenty of time avaible.

    Play ALOT of hours at release, atleast 48hours+.
    Im probobly going to play Barb. But if the group needs a Monk or a Witch Doctor I'd happly be that.
    Skype/Vent/Voicechat/Mumble don't care. I got them all.

    MY/OUR goals:
    *Beat softcore among the first in the world. Atleast EU.
    *Have fun together.
    *Play untill you bleed.

    I will not wait a hour for people to log in. So if your late I'm going solo.

    If you find me and this post intressting please send a mail to [email protected] giving me some information about your Goals and your group.
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    posted a message on Cyclone Strike Runed, Two Jay Wilson Interviews, Blue Posts
    Quote from Molster

    Quote from Bacillb

    @ 2:50 he says that people will beat diablo in normal and then be done with it.
    Confirmation that Diablo is the last boss? Or did we already know that?

    we already knew that from an interview in aug 2011

    fair enough :) news to me!
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    posted a message on Cyclone Strike Runed, Two Jay Wilson Interviews, Blue Posts
    @ 2:50 he says that people will beat diablo in normal and then be done with it.
    Confirmation that Diablo is the last boss? Or did we already know that?
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    posted a message on About Bashioks comment
    "Can I totally go back on what I said before?

    Ok, not totally, but I think there's some distinction to be made for 'legitimate' ability to beat Inferno, in that, we expect there could be ways, potentially exploits, potentially clever but cheesy mechanics, that could maybe allow a player to complete Inferno fairly quickly. The bet stands as-is, but I think if it could be revised it would be "X time before it becomes farmable", meaning someone can legitimately kill the end boss over and over and over without needing to take advantage of an exploit, or loophole, or some other thing we don't intend to be possible.

    Of course we'll try to address any such issue as quickly as possible, but it's feasible that the first Inferno clear will be through use of unintended means. Technically still valid per the wording of the bet, but I think most can agree would go against the spirit of it."

    First off, what bet? What have I missed? :(

    Secondly how huge will the bugs matter in clearing time, do you really think that ther's some huge misstake by blizzard so the game is just too easy? I have a hard time seeing blizzard making that big off a misstake?
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    posted a message on Diablo III Beta Client Leaks
    Is this the same client as EU? Or is it perhaps US only?
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