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    From Reddit:-

    Found an Insufferable Miscreant a few moments ago.

    They function similarly to a Malevolent Tormentor, only they summon Vault Peons instead of teleporting around and have a similar lootsplosion upon death.

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    Quote from Beelzebuhb»

    There is no possible builds, so the spamm wrods coming from other " pro " player has nothing to do here. In 1 month will suposely release the patch or 2, so from there we can talk literally about the possible builds to round it. There is more better players which dnt stream or spotting on everywhere to say: checkit out, im on tip of iceberg.

    If you don't like whats being discussed you can stay out of it. Quin talks a lot of sense and actually helps the player base with his videos. And whats wrong with him saying he's on top when he really was on top at the end of season 1. You got a problem with people speaking the truth? Or maybe you're just jealous.

    Why don't you tell the guys here at Diablofans to stop posting datamined info on the front page? Cause as you said, in a month we'll have all the info and then, according to you, we can start talking "literally" about possible builds. Whatever that means.

    I didn't know i needed your permission to make threads about monks.

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    posted a message on Quin on 2.2 Monk sets and possible builds

    Quin talks about the 2.2 changes to sets and possible builds.

    2.2 Monk Sets

    1. "Monks will be Gods."

    ---Boost your attack speed through 2 piece Raiment, Flying Dragon, Miranae and Alacrity passive.

    ---Remove all CHC on your character. This is to game Broken Promise which will give you 100% CHC if you don't crit for 5 hits. With all that crazy attack speed you will have 98% uptime of that 100% buff

    ---Get perma Serenity through reworked Zodiac ring that now gives RCD to one of your skills every time you use a resource.

    ---Quin thinks this can easily take you to GR50s and was able to get his sheet dps to 10-11 million through some gear optimization.

    2. "Monk Sentries"

    ---6 piece Innas now causes your Mystic Allys to cast spenders like EP, LTK, WoL when you cast them.

    ---2 Piece Innas doubles the passive effect of your Mystic Ally and base passive effect of your Mantras.

    ---In the video he shows how you can range down mobs by casting EP through your Mystic Allys, effectively turning Monks into M6 Demon Hunters.

    ---However the effect of the rune used for the mantras is not being doubled. Also the fact that you are forced into using the Inna wep instead of a Furnace if you want the full Inna-Wuko synergy kinda holds this build back.

    3. "Raekor Monk"

    ---4 piece Raiment increases wep dmg of Dashing Strike to 5000%

    ---6 piece Raiment makes Dashing Strike cost 50 spirit and refund a charge when used.

    ---Use reworked Zodiac to have perma Epiphany : Insight. Through this you can spam Dashing Strike to your hearts content.

    ---Using un-optimized gear and a 4k Furnace he was getting 700million crits. He thinks 1 billion hits can be achieved with optimized gear.

    Edit:- Sorry for just posting the vid Baggy :beg:

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    Like the look, specially the sword.

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    "I promised Marko we'd have PvP, and now it's dead!" :QQ:
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    posted a message on 1.05 is out, whats you're farming music?
    A playlist that has a bunch of epic stuff from Two Steps From Hell, Jeremy Soule, etc.

    Usually starts out with this...


    ... which is also my fav TSFH song.
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    posted a message on New Event: The Infernal Machine
    Quote from Denethor

    New Diablo 3 patch today and I can't even pretend to care... what has happened to me?

    You've turned into a forum troll.
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    posted a message on Coming Soon to Diablo3.com
    While this is definitely a nice addition, they sure are taking their time in releasing patches. 1.04 probably got pushed back with the improved legendaries, though adding "on-hit" effects isn't going to change the fact that a shit dps weapon is a shit dps weapon(not even mentioning the random bullshit stat rolls you're surely gonna get on it)

    The loot system itself needs to be completely overhauled where Legendaries and Set items have a specified stat range and they can leave RNG to go ape shit with the Rares. Kinda like how it was in Diablo 2. Of course they will never do that, as having their player base curse them every time an unidentified item drops is far more favorable than actually letting them have fun and feel rewarded.

    Oh well, somethings better than nothing and imho the D3 armory looks way better than the WoW one.

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