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    Quote from Demonmonger»

    My personal opinion is that we are going to get an announcement at gamescom or blizzcon about a DLC pack that will tie up all lose ends of the D3 story. This new story pack will also come with two new classes, and a new act.

    The fact is that they are working on several things they have not even talked much about yet. For instance, the endless maps they showed us at blizzcon. Those were interesting, and I am curious to see what type of game mode that will be.

    Also, the new zones and monsters they are adding, at least to me, seem like a prequel to the introduction of a new demon lord/demon army. Maybe all of this will be what leads up to D4?

    It's taking them at least 8 months from announcement to release the necro. There's no way in hell they are capable of also releasing 2 more classes with another dlc, let alone a whole new act.
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    Oh no we don't we can't skip entire floors because there's no more fishing for that 'super dense' spot on one of the maps? Good.

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    Hmm, yea I think there actually is a difference.

    I played on my xb271hu for awhile, 165hz and everything absolutely was a lot smoother than my old 60hz monitor. Switched to my pg348q, which is a 100hz, and again It's been smooth for months.

    However, going back and forth between PTR and live, and it does seem that everything doesn't 'blur' as much with motion, especially noticeable on the edges of say buildings in town as you run back and forth. So yea, something has changed.

    Also, wtf, I'm just today noticing that on live AND ptr, there's very apparent 'hitching' every couple seconds. Very annoying.

    Edit; Yea, something besides an AA update is there. My guess they might have done this to relieve lag from higher Grifts, because if they did raise the cap then more dots should be able to work together.

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    Yep still not seeing 21:9 / 3440x1440 direct support, and using the work arounds is a pain in the ass.

    Surprising that the first time I boot up Path of Exile or Grim Dawn they support it and work perfectly.

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    Without ever having attended one, I can guarantee you OP that every employee is briefed in a meeting before Blizzcon to smile at every question, and never shoot anything down directly, instead be vague. "Is there going to be a D4?!", *employee smiles*, "What, are you trying to get my fired?!" doesn't actually mean anything, at all.

    If they weren't even ready to *announce* anything, and in the same breath tell us the Necro will be at least 8 months out, we AREN'T getting anything new, expansion or otherwise, for YEARS. We'll be lucky if they even talk about anything at the NEXT Blizzcon.

    Stop hyping yourself, and just play games you enjoy, it'l make everything a lot more fun.

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    Quote from melacine»

    I like where D3 is at now and I know I'm in a tiny minority.. maybe 5% if that. I like where paragon's at, although paragon does feel like it relates more to power than gear at time. Maybe there is a positive correlation between the two.

    4, The loot before wasn't balanced. People getting 10-20 legendaries per hour by certain farming routes compared to others getting 1, maybe 2 an hour. IT wasn't even necessarily based on who had the best MF gear even. I would rather see more legendaries/set pieces drop than less; however, I do think they have it right at the moment. You really need to spend a lot of time getting the right pieces of gear that let you run through Torment 10 or higher quickly. At 30+ hours in this season, I'm not there yet (mostly due to time I'm able to play but still).

    Other notes about your points- THEY WONT ADD A TRADING SYSTEM EVER! - Why? Don't you remember the ebay/bots farming for gear since they could sell it online for money? This is why they started with the AH- figuring people could only trade through their system and they'd get a cut. Well I'm guessing they found out some people were making plenty- enough to have a tax form to fill out from the money they were making. Now Blizz didn't cut out AH because other people were making money.. that'd be dumb; they did run into bugs that were ruining the system- a bug that would post your auction incorrectly and if you cancelled it, it somehow gave you way more money back (erroneously). Bugs like this plagued the auction house at time and it was down quite often... because of this they dropped it from the game and made most items that are worthwhile soulbound (aside from group members now). They won't bring trading back because then people are going back to amazon and ebay to sell digital goods. (also being able to sell digital goods like that ends in people trying to hack other accounts- See WoW).

    TLDR: Some of your ideas couldn't ever happen: Trade, loot balancing. PAragon balancing is a good idea- it was a great idea at first but after ROS, things didn't quite get back to how it was before), I do think PVP could be added back and custom games- they made this online game a lot less about playing with random diablo players as they made about- play with your friends or clan only.

    That's why I added trading in the last paragraph; something that I think could happen if done very carefully. However, yes that would bring in a whole new slew of problems, and my feelings aren't going to be hurt if it never makes it back in.
    On the topic of loot, it boils down to personal preference. I'd personally rather see less items dropping, and the more rare / powerful ones actually be rare again. I feel that having the loot hunt turned into 'find all items multiple times, and instead hope they have higher stats' isn't near as fun as 'oh man how awesome would it be to have X drop!'. Again, personal preference.
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    Quote from Glowpipe»

    Quote from HanSolo1884»

    The announcement is not what I wanted but I am not mad at what we are getting. What I don't like is the Necro pack is coming second half of 2017. The armory and mats tab are coming in 2017. Challenge rifts are not coming until 2017. All major changes to the actual game are so far out. Had they not wasted there time building the original Diablo in the game we could get real upgrades to the game in a reasonable time. Don't get me wrong I have nothing against the original game but it is a 1 play through thing. The mentioned changes are quality of life far more important than nostalgia...

    No one is mad about what we are getting, we are mad about what we are not getting. Necromancer and 2 new zones in about 6 months is not nearly enough.
    The "second half of 2017" means it's at LEAST 8 months away. I wouldn't be surprised if it's not until mid September.
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    The only core problem that's SLIGHTLY being addressed is the power cap, with challenge rifts.

    No new Diablo game (didn't think there would be one though). No new expansion (bummed about that), but, not even a big patch close down the road to look forward to. Just... an anniversary event. Which is cool! don't get me wrong! But man, when that's ALL, ya know?

    And now we know that the Necro patch is sometime 'in the second half of 2017'?

    Pretty uh, I feel pretty strange. If they're not even going to try to fix the core problems, the reasons WHY people say it doesn't feel like an actual Diablo game, I just don't know.

    At least a new class in a year.

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    So this is a quick thread I wanted to make following the opening panel at Blizzcon. I'm very excited for the necro, and new areas are always welcome. I also hope that this is a sign of a new DLC type system for the Diablo franchise, so it can bring in steady income and thus we can get more and more content.

    However, the following is a list of the deep problems myself as well as many others have with the current state of Diablo 3. I'm going to try to make it quick, so if I don't cover something please feel free to add. In only a somewhat particular order, here's my five problems with D3 that, when put together, has caused me to actually contemplate whether I'll really love this game again; (I know I know, dramatic, but still).

    1. Paragon

    A great idea of a system, it unfortunately fell to all the early changes in the game, and couldn't keep up. Originally meant to be an extra reward for slaying monsters and not getting loot, it's character specific leveling and the fact that it granted Magic Find meant no one wanted to play any alts. Fast forward to Paragon now being account wide and near infinite. Magic Find is gone, and drops dramatically increased. Alas, Paragon still rewards power, but instead of increased drops it now gives the player direct stat upgrades, and there's no cap. There's MANY ways to change paragon, and in the end the power needs a cap somewhere, or it should be completely removed. My ideal situation is that past a certain level, the only rewards are cosmetic. And instead of just filling every available stat upgrade, you only get a certain amount of points to distribute, IE a skill tree but for stats. However it's done, it needs fixing.

    2. Greater Rifts

    A good addition to the game, greater rifts present the end game for D3, it's what you strive for. However, the biggest problem with them (and there's many little ones), is that they are infinite. Their difficulty has no cap (see a theme?). Why is that a problem? Because that system inherently goes AGAINST classes having multiple builds and options. It doesn't matter that one build is only a little bit behind in damage and survivability, because the very nature of infinite rifts is that they shave off every build but the most optimal. Greater Rifts need a cap as well, a very difficult to achieve BUT obtainable cap. Why? Because if I can clear the hardest level with a build I like AND the most 'optimal' build, then I'll play the one I like, even if it's slightly slower, because I've reached the 'end game'.

    3. Sets

    At launch, sets were trash. Most likely due to Blizzard not wanting them to be overpowered, which makes sense. However, instead of slowly moving the pendulum in the direction of making them more competitive, that thing was drop kicked through the other side of the grandfather clock. Now, sets are absolutely mandatory to even touch the end game of Diablo. Not only do they take up half your equipment slots, locking you out of all the other fun and interesting stand alone legendaries, they also lock you IN to very specific skills. Man, it's fun to have your generator tickle for 50m, and your spender crit for a Trillion. Sets need to be dialed back, optional. No more of this 'increase your damage with a couple skills by 4,000%'. And while the legacy of nightmares ring set has good intentions, it's again another SET of items mandatory for players.

    4. Loot

    Loot! The friggin focus of the game since D1! Sure there's small groups of people who would argue that they liked other aspects more, but would you really have liked PVP in D2 if there wasn't any loot? D3 doesn't seem to share the same opinion however, considering just how easy it to to get every item in the game, within DAYS of a season starting. Between multiple legendary drops per Greater Rift, gambling, a free set every season, and targeted legendaries via rare upgrading, there might as well be a loot vendor in town. The focus instead has shifted to just XP farming for paragon, and maybe hoping for another ancient version of an item you've already got three of, with 1% more crit.

    The original vision for loot is what I personally think we need to go back to (after it was buffed even); About a legendary or two an hour. It should actually be somewhat rare to get them. Now I know the reaction to that; most are crap so that would suck. Right, they're crap when compared to the one that increases a single skills damage by 400%. All that insane damage increase needs to be toned down a TON.

    And speaking of loot, we desperately need something to lust after, something to hope to drop, besides just weapons and armor. Rare Runes, Charms and Jewels would be very welcome. I'd also personally go as far as to remove the leveling mechanic on legendary gems (again, at least add a cap), and just friggin call em jewels.

    5. Player interaction, and the catch-all category

    Okay so yea this last bit has a few things in it, but they are all pretty important in my opinion. I'll just write maybe a sentence or two about each.

    A. Custom games.

    That games list from D2 was genius. No matter how many filters and options you want to try to put into D3's random queue public game system, nothing beats being able to make your own game, give it a title and some options. This is something I'd love to see a return on.

    B. Difficulties.

    Holly hell we don't need 17 + difficulties! A normal / NM / hell while leveling / getting the first bit of gear for your fresh max level would do wonders, with a final, kick-your-ass Inferno mode to top it off. You'd still have a range of Greater Rifts, but like I wrote above they'd have a cap.

    C. Trading.

    Lets say by some miracle that everything written was implemented. Then there'd be no reason not to re-introduce trading. With all the new items that can drop (charms / jewels / runes) as well as the lowered drop rate, there might actually be an in-game economy.

    D. PVP.

    Not last because I hate it, but because it's actually kind of simple. Just put back in the hostile system from Diablo 2. The creator of the game can choose whether people can hostile one another, and bam, that's that.

    Alright, so, giant wall of text. Also what I listed would definitely require a LOT of work. But, hey, if I was making the next expansion, this would be the vision. Thoughts?

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    Necromancer WAS the big announcement. There's absolutely no way blizzard would release him separate from an expansion. We already got the big news; a D1 event, and the necro in some paid DLC thingy next year.

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