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    I think the concept of disintegrate is really cool, and looks cool as well. The concept of the mage being so in control of his/her power that she can create a beam that follows her will exactly is just amazing. It's just the type of fantastic power display that is so Diablo in my opinion.

    Edit: Also we haven't seen how it looks with runes, so that's another huge thing to consider.

    That double beam is a rune.

    As far as OP goes, I think it should be usable, but not OP. Along with Ray of Frost it makes up the aimed DoT. You'll only be able to get monsters in straight lines, and some could move out of it (unless snared). Also recall that the damage of the beam decreases (by 20%) along the line after it passes through each consecutive monster. A monster at the end of a beam that had already passed through 3 monsters would only be taking 40% damage.

    Just a quick bit on the % less per monster, it won't technically be 40% damage on that last monster, because each reduction is of the whole. So the math would be say 100 damage, the next monster takes -20% which would be 80, but minus another 20% for another monster would actually be 20% from the last target, or 20% of 80, or about 64 dmg. then take 20% of 64 off, to be about 51 damage.

    Edit: This of course occurring if blizzard is using the same math I've seen them use on pretty much all their other games.
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