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    You got ice water poured on you. Hah!
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    Never really thought of it that way but I never really do the farming runs like everyone else. I just derp around whatever act I feel like at the time, although admittedly at lower exp/drop chances than farming certain areas.

    It would be nice for it to be completely equal but at a point that does become a bit harder and near impossible. Blizzard knows this though, they aren't shooting for absolute equality as they've said recently about Mira runs, they just want it to be comparable to normal leveling. So I imagine once the rest of the game is comparable to these farming areas then they'll stop nerfing more and more of them. That way people like me who just fight where they like the scenery and spawnrate will still get near the same results as someone farming a specific area repeatedly because it's faster runs or some such.
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    I'm just going to link my post from the last metacritic thread we had.


    Rating systems are garbage because often the media ratings are bloated a little and the "user ratings" are filled with sock puppets and just generally displeased people placing completely uneducated ratings on something because they're angry.

    Is the game the greatest game ever made? No. Is it Diablo 1? No. Is it Diablo 2? No. Were those games even really that similar? Not really but that's a little debatable. For better or worse the franchise was picked up many many years after the last and the series sort of rebooted.

    It sort of reminds me of the newest Devil May Cry game, DmC. Older fans screamed and through a fit about it because it was so drastically different from the previous games. I personally liked it but that's beside the point. The fact is Capcom was NOT going to make a Devil May Cry 5 using the same developers. So we're left with the choice would we rather have Devil May cry just die at number 4 or would we at least like a chance for the series through the Ninja Theory reboot DmC? Personally I hate to see any popular series die off completely so for better or worse we ended up with DmC.

    Now if we draw some parallels here, this wasn't even a matter of Blizzard not allowing the old development team to make D3, the old development team is disperesed and scattered about different companies. So again we face the decision would you rather never have had Diablo 3, or would you have rather gave a chance to the new development team? I'd rather give the chance. Some of you may not be happy with the outcome and you say it's not like Diablo 2, that's fine. That's perfectly valid, it's not like Diablo 2. It was made by a different team that tried to breathe life into the series, and despite some of the flaws I personally feel that they did a pretty good job. Not all die hard fans of the previous games are going to like Diablo 3, and that's natural because it does differ a good bit, it's also been a pretty large gap of time since the previous titles.

    To everyone who is still sticking around for the game, whether you like it or you hope it will improve, we're all here for the same reason. We WANT to see it succeed, we enjoy at least some aspect of it.

    If you hate Diablo 3 and no longer have any hope or interest for it anymore, why are you in the Diablo 3 section? Please do not come into threads just to nay say and cause controversy.

    At any rate, we're all reasonable folks and I imagine we can keep this thread civil and not tear at eachother's throats. Right? Don't make me get the hose.

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    IP banning isn't helping they just use a different proxy, that's why it's taking more time to fix. If it were that simple it'd be done and over. :P
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    posted a message on This spam is getting a little out of hand.
    I know its a pain, please bare with us for a while longer. We've been flagging the posts as spam to help with automated removal and I've notified the people who handle the spam module as well. Apparently it's something to do with football season that makes sports spam bots flare up.

    We're aware of it, and I'll be pushing to get it handled the best way it can be.
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    They're not legit and all contain viruses, keyloggers, malware and other nasty crap you don't want on your computer. I strongle encourage you to never download anything from a youtube video.
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    I agree with ballon on the helmet, you definitely need crit on it, a socket would be amazing as well.

    You'd also be surprised on the weapons you can snag for an okay price. Also don't underestimate the value of pure dex. over dps on a weapon. I'm not sure on the exact trade off but I was using a 900 dps fist weapon with int and str at one point and downgraded to a 690dps with some dex and it was actually near the same if not better.

    I ended up winning a bid on this for right at 1 million. Would have been 800k but someone tried to outbid be a minute before the auction ended.

    That may seem like a little much and it's not the GREATEST weapon but I only spent 1 million, you could spend 3 million and as long as you're careful probably get a nice deal. Bid prices are pretty easy to win. Just remember if someone tries to outbid you at the last moment you can throw as much money as you want at the item, you'll never overpay what their last offer was. So if they bid 700 and you bid 1000, you'll get your 299 back (not exact but you get the idea.).

    Best of luck and gear is looking pretty nice so far. :)
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    Quote from gabbiz

    Quote from Daemaro

    I still can't "comfortably" farm in Act 2, maybe its my gear or class, or spec though.

    I'm not satisfied until I can run a act multiple times and not die.

    Well u obviously got really, really bad gear. Or you are a really bad player period. I think both tbh but i cant be sure until i see you play ofc or see ur char :) its not ur class since every class can faceroll this game atm,

    You can't accurately make either of those statements without me providing any information about my character. It's cool of you to try to take a potshot at a staff member though because of your personal qualms with the game. Not everyone plays to be the best, or has the time to devote to it. The comment that any class can faceroll the game right now is pretty pretentious too considering gear is more than half of why anyone can faceroll the game.

    After I tried out the patch a bit more though I'm farming act 2 fine and if you read up just a little I'm a little bit into Act 3 with a couple upgrades.
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    Or maybe donate to www.water.org and save whole villages.

    Or just spend your money and don't feel too guilty because although it's nice to help you can't save everyone. Spending money on things you want doesn't make you a bad person.

    I do feel for these people that need charity though.
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    Quote from Sikk

    Quote from Daemaro

    I will apologize

    What is this? Apology day??? :hehe:

    I was apologizing before it was cool. Fuck that loser.

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