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    Lvl 60 raiding was hard, though most of that can be attributed to the fact that only one class could REALLY tank (yeah we had some lols with rogues or paladins/druids at points in time) but when you had to get 40+ people online at a specific time several weeknights... It's rough. Especially if you were on an established server with established guilds (which I was) and were to try and start up your own, the top teir players at that time were already in guilds and server transfers which were kinda nonexistent plus you could only have one faction per server.

    In MC it was whatever, you really didn't need much coordination outside of a few tanks and a handful of healers, Blackwing lair it got much harder because now it was one person skrews up and everyone dies in quite a few situations, when 15 members of a 40 person raid were basically afk auto shooting anyways, people can disconnect and there was a gear requirement- pots only took you so far- and the gear was actually really hard to get, it took a lot of time to get good stuff. This only got harder for 2.5 and especially for the original Naxx which few guilds even got halfway through in before the first wow expansion, which I really feel is where the game started to get dumbed down hardcore.

    It was around the time that only the top guild or so per server had a chance in Naxx and BC was coming out that blizzard started dumbing down and nerfing the content routinely. It got old fast. I personally burnt out because managing a 40 person raiding guild and dealing with all the drama and work that went into that, at the time, was a load of bullshit. It occupied ALL of my time, as if it were a job I was paying to keep, but not getting paid for completing.

    Now things are extremely easy. Blizz quickly learned how to trick players into being addicted by rewarding them every step of the way, such is the nature of both an RPG and MMO. People will log into wow and just jump around for hours waiting for their auctions to sell or something, let alone show up to raids in which they have a good shot at gear, and easily but annoying grind gear that any idiot can get if he puts in the hours required and logs in and shows up to a raid.

    The instance queue system, which was awesome while leveling up new characters btw, kind of in turn also factored into dumbing down content. If you have the option to pug deathwing, the fact is deathwing is actually going to be made pug-able if he wasn't somehow at first.

    After my experiences with WoW, and then reliving them very briefly in another MMO in LOTRO, I can very confidently say that while an MMO may kick ass, it's hard to play without being a total loser in life, and then if it's so easy that anyone can do it, it's not even fun or worth playing. I'm still very excited for diablo 3's release, but it isn't a game that tricks/forces the players into thinking they have a virtual social life and you can take it at your own pace.

    That's why I am currently so in love with starcraft 2. I can pick it up and an hour later put it down, then tune into my favorite tournament events for a few hours a few days every month or so, and it's a game of skill, not grind. Yeah the more time you invest the more your skill will increase, but if you have more natural talent or are smarter than other players you can get away with not doing that as much and still get every bit as much out of the game.
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    The problem with mmo's and particularly mmo rpg's is you feel like you are committed into logging in so you don't fall behind or hold back your buddies. It almost becomes a really easy fun job, but time consuming as anything. However on the same token these things are the same characteristics of a "great game". I was completely blown away when I switched to wow, even from diablo 2. I had never seen anything even close to as immersing and detailed. There was a social aspect of the game which meets psychological social requirements in the brain, as well as instant gratification and also elements for more hardcore players like world (eventually rated arena) pvp.

    The game kicks ass. Unfortunately I think the game kicks so much ass that it kicks your ass while you play it.

    I think there's going to be some of that present in any RPG, but once you're interacting with tons of people like you do in everyday life it's hard not to get hooked, cause it's a lot easier to sit there and type/click your mouse than to be employed, date, and hold up other normal social functions/hobbies that would actually help you improve your actual self.

    That said, I don't care. I'm playing diablo 3. I've written off mmo's because of my experience in lotro, wow, and warhammer and I know how time consuming and addictive they are. If diablo makes me feel that way I'll drop it too and get back on a healthier game genre like fps or rts where the game starts, 15-30 minutes later the game ends and you put the game down and move on.
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    Let us unite...
    Let Us pray....

    That all this means is...

    You now identify the rune to reveal a random affix, and the rest is as the old system was.

    Cause we (almost)all know deep in our hearts that locking rank 7 runes as things we obviously don't want a hundred times would be frustrating as freaking hell.
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    I was never a part of trying to beat an easy script in diablo, I spent my time duking it out with the best pvpers on d2jsp. I've been there and done that in wow. In fact I lead a server best raiding guild for about a year beating scripts and it was quite soul crushing. You ever played a d2 mod called median xl? It's harder than diablo 2 and people level up in it every day without dying, without twinking.

    But grats on those screenshots anyways :)! I'll hang onto my "achievements" though.
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    Quote from time4war

    Maybe I'm just speaking from a hardcore point of view. No decent hardcore player is going to just wing it and play the lottery, close their eyes, spam one button, and pray for a kill. Maybe these throw builds will work on softcore for some 1 hit wonder kills... but I'm willing to bet that it will not fly vs HC players.

    You know this is for pvp right? The throw costs 20 rage and hits for some ridiculous 560%+ damage while laying down a 70% snare. It's an excellent rage dump assuming it hits (we haven't seen 50%+ of the skills in action yet).

    I like how you negative ppl completely ignored my builds O.o :)?
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    Mobility-Buff-Debuff-Utility build. Long freaking shouts
    Mobility-Buff-Debuff-Utility build. Long freaking amazing shouts ver. 2.0
    Throw Damage Build (No Escape)
    Throw Survive Build (no Escape)
    High Damage Burst Build- HoTa

    High damage HoTa Build. Berserker type build. You will die
    Medium Damage stun build. Turnaround from berserker type build.

    -Frenzy/Bash are musts for any build wishing to pull significant damage from a fury generator. It's a solid all-around skill.
    -Juggernaut is pretty much a must, period.
    -War cry is already amazing enough to choose as a self buff, but it effects allies too, almost required/must
    -Seismic Slam/Hammer of the ancients/Weapon Throw are probably the most ideal fury spenders, if you're going that route. They deal massive controlled burst damage. You can make weapon throw particularly (frenzy build) so freaking strong with a max fury globe that a quick target switch (or picking up a new target after a kill) in the arena will result in a quick enemy burial even starting topped off feeling relatively safe.
    -Inspiring Presence
    is amazing for any shout build with more than one shout, with three shouts it becomes even stronger. Double the snare/Damage Debuff, Double the buff duration on allies and reduce the amount of times you have to cast battle rage on yourself by 100%. You become omni potent. With shout builds you can slow and reduce damage for multiple nearby targets for you or allies. If you even come close to crossing paths you can drop the shout without turning around and help out friends running away or in combination with sprint, a high health pool etc you can live much longer yourself while your ranged buddies blow them to kingdom come.

    Whatcha guys think? Would you like reasons for why I picked certain things? Today I may go in and consider editing in "punish" bash for a few builds, but that's all the change I'd probably make. Maybe get a little more healing instead of damage reduction from passive skills since you can actually control that, maybe not- it's hard to tell. I had someone argue a week or so ago in another topic that a build with weapon throw wouldn't be realistic in pvp because the weapon doesn't travel quickly, but I have since seen weapon throw in action and it seems like so long as you're using it right you can make it work. It's not like you're going to be standing in place forever throwing weapons, you're going to be right on top of the enemy building up fury/bash up until the point you unload a massive execute throw, or more often release normal throws one at a time as fury permits.

    I feel like the combination of Marathon Sprint, Invigorate Warcry, Intimidate Threatening Shout and Ignore pain (paired with the right passives) are sick (especially when you pick up Inspiring Presence). Imagine killing someone through that. There's almost nothing you can do to get away, (or get close) other than having these abilities yourself, they're durable, and even if you save them for last the barb is still omni potent. It's obviously more directed towards "dealing with" a melee heavy team but it still has its uses.
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    Ok, I won't know for sure until I've played with all the abilities and see how they work, and their runestones (that look interesting) work. But I have a fairly good idea of where I want to go, in a namely pvp build that could be used (with high skillcap) in pvM.

    Requires Level: 6
    Lightning arcs from the Wizard's fingertips towards an enemy, dealing Lightning damage.

    Runes: Crimson, Obsidian, or Golden
    Creates a streak of lightning that pierces targets, hitting all enemies in its path for X Lightning damage.
    Blast a cone of lightning that causes X Lightning damage to all affected targets.
    Gain some Arcane Power for every target hit by Electrocute.


    Requires Level: 12
    Emanate a beam of pure energy, dealing Arcane damage per second and disintegrating enemies it kills.

    Runes: Crimson or Indigo
    Damage increases slowly over time to inflict a maximum of X Arcane damage per second.
    Increase the width of the beam allowing it to hit more enemies for X Arcane damage per second.

    Frost Nova
    An explosion of ice freezes nearby enemies for X seconds, dealing Cold damage.
    Runes: Crimson or Golden
    Enemies take more damage while frozen or chilled by Frost Nova.
    Reduce cooldown to X seconds.

    Ice Armor

    Surrounds the Wizard in a barrier of ice that increases armor by a percentage, freezes attackers, and causes Cold damage. You can only be affected by one armor spell at a time.

    Runes: Crimson or Indigo
    Attackers take Cold damage and are chilled for X seconds.
    Lower the temperature of the air around you. Nearby enemies are chilled, slowing their movement and attack speed, for X seconds.

    Requires Level: 18
    Teleport instantly to the selected location.Teleport instantly to the selected location.

    Runes: All
    Casts a low power Wave of Force on arrival dealing physical damage to all enemies nearby.
    Summon X mirror images for Y seconds on arrival.
    For X seconds after you appear you will take Y% less damage.
    Casting Teleport again within X seconds will instantly bring you back to your original location.
    After casting Teleport there is a X second delay before the cooldown begins.


    Requires Level: 29
    Transform into a being of pure arcane energy for 15 seconds. While in archon form your normal abilities are replaced by powerful archon abilities and your armor and resistances are increased by 40%. Every enemy killed while in archon form adds 1 second to the duration.

    Runes: Crimson, Indigo, Obsidian, Golden
    Increase damage of all Archon abilities by X%.
    Archon form can now cast a Slow Time that lasts for X seconds.
    Archon form can now cast Teleport with a cooldown of X seconds.
    Decrease the cooldown of Archon to X seconds.

    Passive Ideas, needs testing:

    **Temporal Shift
    Required level: 26
    Reduces cooldowns of skills by 10%.

    **Piercing Attacks

    Required level: 25
    Reduces the magical resistances of enemies by 20%.

    Required level: 10
    Increase casting speed by 10%

    Required level: 15
    Increases attack by 20%.
    (though if this doesn't increase spell power damage, nevermind)

    Astral Presence
    Required level: 20
    Increases maximum Arcane Power by 20%.

    Required level: 10
    Reduces melee damage taken by 20%.

    or even
    Black Ice

    Required level: 20
    Damage dealt to frozen targets is increased by 20%.
    (archon-> frost nova-> pew pew?)

    However I think going with passive that will *always* help you would be the best idea, unless the build has specific weaknesses that you'd need to tailor specifically to. Faster cast, ignore resistance and lower cooldowns all sound amazing to me, initially

    Will note however that some of these are subject to change.
    Instead of one offensive ability I might be picking up frozen meteor, or diamond skin in place of a utility like say frost nova. No idea how archon works, or hydra and it's different types and many other abilities as well, but this seems like a pretty sick pvp build to me right now. I think electrocute would be used as an aoe and the mobility/utility spells would allow you to maximize damage of disintegrate. I chose the offensive/spam skills I did for AOE and reliability in pvp purposes. I don't think it's realistic to run up and start spamming close ranged attacks with a long ranged cooldown build, so I chose attacks that travel far distances quickly and are guaranteed to hit so long as I do them properly. I was kinda missing a ranged snare in here, admittedly, but with frost nova and ice armor a ranged snare seems almost redundant considering it'd eat up a damage or arcane power granting skill, or another utility. Meteor with Obsidian rune looks like it'd fit well in this build if there were a 7th active skill, or with testing it could replace another ability, but I dunno. However I think playing with a build tailored to pvp in PvM would make one a better player anyways, though it may not be optional. I think you'd get quicker on the draw, have to think more, and do more than smash the hardest hitting AOE's.

    Thoughts, Opinions?
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    Thx for uploading these :)

    I guess the question I feel I have to pose now is... How does the Tristram theme of new compare to the old.

    I'm not going to lie, I feel like there may be a serious lack of actual "music". It's fine that the riffs in the ambiance are extremely simplistic background noise, but when you're just chilling in a town it seems like the music should carry more weight, as if it were telling a story(partially muted when you're talking with townsfolk for the actual story).

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining as much as I am making an observation as a fellow guitarist/musician. I have nothing but respect and nostalgia for the old pieces, while feeling I have to make excuses for the newer ones. I'm sure there are some epic scores for boss encounters we have yet to hear, but I still feel they should have stayed even more towards home for tristram than they did. I understand that we won't be in town, as long or as often as we used to be (on average) but I still feel it is somewhat lackluster compared to tracks of the past that really knocked the players into the mode "this game kicks ass" right from the get-go by means of said scores.

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