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    I don't see the point of keeping it listed as being world first after Bash said it's not. Who cares if the people that did it first didn't feel the need to flaunt it all over the internet. The point is it was said he wasn't the first and shouldn't continue being given credit for it.
    Because Blizzard says otherwise? Come on man, he's the first we know about. It's the first time Diablo dies on Inferno Hardcore! This is a big thing! We should just go "meh" because Blizzard claims it's been done? Nah man, I say this is a pretty big thing. The game is officially beaten now (officially as in we now know about it, have screens, videos and such). :)

    I guess i'm just not jaded to the point that I need to have video proof of everything. Bash say's it's not the first and that's good enough for me especially when there's no reason for him to lie about this.
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