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    posted a message on Whats the deal with Energy Twister?
    it's not terrible actually. as stated above wicked wind + critical mass combo is stupid strong. Add LoH and its a melee wizards bestfriend. This spell is extremely viable if geared and your spec is there to match it.
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    posted a message on Force quit Diablo 3
    Oh no force :(
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    posted a message on No Longer a Fan
    Quote from Zero(pS)

    Quote from shaggy

    You're not allowed to suggest that Blizzard North was anything short of infalliable. They were the gods of everything. Nothing they ever did could have ever been wrong. You're also not allowed to suggest that Activision-Blizzard could have possibly done something better than Blizzard North. It's a federal offense and the lynch mob will be lighting their torches and coming for your head along with Jay Wilson's head.

    There is no place on these forums for being reasonable and calm.
    You know what's even funnier? Those of us who actually kept track of the game critics and community feedback back then know how much Diablo 2 got heavily criticized for "abandoning it's rogue roots", for "being in development for 3 years and having crappy 2D graphics/textures" and for how the "itemization game was lacking and everything was bread and butter".

    I think I still have gaming magazines with all that negative criticism and feedback in my personal archives (I keep them all :P). I did expect the gaming community to have grown slightly more mature though.

    and i remember playing diablo 1, then playing diablo 2, and having none of those criticism. My only criticism for BOTH of those games was the hacking and duping. You dont rely on magazines or game critic sites to tell you anything. most of the time they are blowing smoke. Look at all the hype around current games that have either failed, or didnt meet expectations? all praised by the major game critics.

    To get a real review, you go to the small indie reviews, because they dont give a fuck, they have nothing to lose.
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    Quote from ruksak

    Quote from Azjenco

    Quote from DUNCAN99

    Dude relax. By the way. They were making diablo 3 an action rpg still playing like a hack n slash but with mmo features. i'm quite sure it wouldn't be anything like WoW. More Diablo 2 LoD with more players. Actually sounds pretty darn awesome to me.
    Umm, no. This is from a recent interview:

    "You know, when I was working at Blizzard a million years ago we were working on Diablo 3 and it was an MMO. We were going to do the Diablo version of World of Warcraft. Blizzard obviously changed that pretty quickly, so we left to start Flagship Studios and we brought in a lot of the guys, so they rebooted with their own team."

    Let me rephrase the critical part "We were going to do the Diablo version of World of Warcraft." Blizzard North was effectively turning Diablo into World of Diablo, they were making it an MMO. I always laugh when people start praising the North team as this infallible pillar of gaming excellence. In effect, they were destroying Diablo behind the scenes, and most people didn't even know about it. The D3 we have today is far closer to the Diablo franchise than the World of Diablo they were making, and Shaefer even applauded the current effort Blizzard has put into the game. I think that says a lot.

    ouch....that's a bit I have never heard before.

    Maybe it's best things went the way they did, aye?

    Given time, I have very high hopes for D3. It needs some polish but I can see the extreme potential. Personally, I'm having a frickin blast.

    Funny how blizzard north was making D3 into WoW, when Shaefer and company left before WoW was even released. NT though. Blizzard north lost its soul on June 30th, 2003. Then it lost its heart, its brains, and its balls as more core d1/d2 team left for other studios.

    aaaaaand SCHOOLED.
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    posted a message on Inferno Farming Spots, Natalya's Set Bug, Blue Posts, and Diablo 3 Toolbox for Chrome
    Quote from Kooqu

    Quote from Gurkburk92

    Yeahh... How did the natalyas set get the change anyway ? That CAN'T be a bug. How would it happen to just a setpiece that's demonhunters only ?

    When Demonhunters gets nerfed to shit, and a setbonus gets buffed. Coincidence ? And it becomes "too good" in their eyes, and call it a bug.

    Well played Blizzard, but we're not retards. & This proves Blizzards knowledge about buffing/nerfing, they have no idea what they are doing.
    All it proves is that you have no idea how programming works.

    it all proves they cant check their work and their QA department is garbage(always has been)
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    posted a message on rare ring 17 dmg, 145 int, 5% life, 56 str ring!!!
    This needs to be put into the trade section of the forums, not general discussion, please move it to the appropriate section!
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    posted a message on 1.0.3 - Jay Wilson Effect 3
    Quote from Bleu42

    Quote from GreenWins

    Quote from masterkaran

    Wow seriously all the crying over 1.0.3 has reached this forum too? Its bad enough that the official forums are littered with a bunch of immature kids spamming threads abusing the devs for a change they dont agree with.

    1.0.3 is pretty bad. I don't even have to energy to give you a full detailed reasons why, but to simply put the game isn't rewarding anymore.

    Before 1.0.3 the game was a little more challenging and fast paced and finding loot in act3/4 was fun/rewarding. Now it's just slow paced, easy and farming for loot isn't as rewarding.

    I've sold $600 worth of items and still have plenty of $250 items in stash, all found before 1.0.3. I also speed farmed 8-10 times an hour before patch. Now I have absolutely no motivation to farm. At most now I farm maybe 1-2 times an hour then just get bored. It's just isn't rewarding to farm anymore.

    lmfao, this EXACTLY sums it up; You're mad because now the rest of the more casual player base can farm, and have an extremely small chance at finding awesome items.

    Why isn't it rewarding to farm anymore? Is it because you know other people are able to farm too? This literally brings me back to people complaining about the skill system, and how they were worried about 'other players' being able to swap when they felt like it. It's a control issue, and you liked being in control, mindlessly farming 5 stacks to SB in act 3 over and over, while the majority of the player base didn't roll a class with broken (at the time) skills and therefore weren't able to progress.

    But now! Zomg! More and more people are progressing! They're finding awesome items! You're no longer unique!!!!!! aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    actually he is complaining that before it was slightly challenging and fun. but since they nerfed it, its not a challenging experience, and as a result is no longer fun.

    Way to have 0 fucking reading comprehension.
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    posted a message on people keep saying diablo 3 is going to die, but i dont think so
    PoE is play how you want to play. If you want to build YOUR ENTIRE character around 1 skill spam, you can do that. You want to spread it out? you can do that too. The game already has more viable combos at the higher level than d3 does right now... which is kind of sad... but meh? Also has a real economy lol. Sad for a little indie f2p title to take down the AAA Juggernaut in so many areas :S

    You also forgot, Grim Dawn, Krater, Dungeonland.

    the vast majority wont quit, but i can guarantee that their play time will go down. No one will play pissed off or bored for long. That seems to be the problem, lots of people are pissed, or bored, or both.
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    posted a message on Stealth nerf to farm route 1.0.3
    add to the list if you have noticed any nerfs to any of your farm routes!

    So in the halls of Agony in Act 1 inferno, there were 3 dark summoners that formed a triangle, and a mob called a dark vessel that was in the middle. If you left them alone for about 10 seconds but stayed within aggro proximity the dark vessel would morph into a champion unholy thrall. This no longer occurs, the dark vessel just morphs into a normal mob. This was a great little farming extra as it only spawned 1 champion, and would drop as if you killed a pack. I would get around 3 avg per run. This was a great addition to my Exquisite Essence/tear farming route.

    Now it's dust in the wind!
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    posted a message on WTB Caster MF ring
    WTB Caster ring, offerin up to 6.5 mill if the ring is good enough

    Base requirements, if it doesnt have this, dont bother
    Int 80 <
    MF 10 <
    Crit DMG 20 <

    Other things im looking for

    Vit, socket, crit chance, CC rreduc

    things im not looking for

    AR, AS
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    posted a message on Hit detection broken, dodging impossible
    it's not an issue of working as intended, It's an issue of, its a bad fucking design, and as such people are pissed about it. The people upset about it dont honestly give a fuck if blizzard says it's working as intended, because that response means nothing to them. These people kind of dont want the game to feel like a laggy piece of shit, sitting at 40ms getting hit by shit they clearly dodged.

    That's the problem.

    Further blizzard has been torn apart time and time again on their own forums, these forums, reddit, about this very issue. Apparently you didnt know BLIZZARD COMES HERE TO READ...
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    posted a message on Hit detection broken, dodging impossible
    It's already been talked over, time and time again.

    Hit detection in this game is GARBAGE. Worse than its predecessor. This is either by blizzards 'design intent' or by their pure laziness and thus just called it design intent. Regardless, the game does not promote skilled play as much as a should, and rather promotes a skill choice (see smoke screen, teleport, diamond skin, warcry etc) + gear check.

    Depending on what class you are, the gear check is either high or low, regardless, it is what is. Half the skills aren't even viable in inferno unless you overgear the living shit out of the content you're doing. So you either accept this, or you dont.

    If you don't, as a fan of Diablo, yes you're more than welcome to voice your opinion about it, and to do so here, because this is DIABLOFANS, not DIABLO3FANS. There are plenty of alternatives to Diablo 3 that actually provide skill systems to let you play however you want, and that promote skill play, and not gear play. GO PLAY THOSE GAMES. If you feel this is diablocraft and a bastardization to the series, GO PLAY THOSE GAMES. If you feel that this game is just a cashcow with the RMAH, GO PLAY THOSE GAMES.

    No one is stopping you from playing other games that do better than what blizzard has done in certain categories.

    So if you dont like broken laggy hit detection, which makes dodging near impossible, here you go.


    I play all dungeon grinders, including diablo 3. Yes diablo 3 has pathetic hit detection, if it pisses you off that much, go play PoE, or Grimdawn, or wait for Dungeonlands, or go play TQ, or better yet, play D2 and D1 etc.

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    posted a message on Refuses to make offline version; justifies "pay-to-win" model to fund server costs.
    Quote from Asmodias

    Quote from Riesza

    Quote from Radalek

    You had pay to win in Diablo 2 as well it was just done on shady sites.
    That is such, such bullshit.

    But it was true.

    I watched as friends used those sites, or eBay for that matter, to buy gear so they too could have a hammerdin for Power Leveling, a smiter for Ubers and so on... Hell, even I bought gear to pimp out my thrown barb... The only difference between then and now? Now, it's done in house and Blizzard is okay with it.

    actually I've played D2 for a decade and never used d2jsp, or FG, and ive had the best gear in the game every ladder season. It's quite easy you see, it's called playing the game, and playing trade chat channel. I could turn 40 chip gems into any item in the game with enough trades. l2barter.
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    posted a message on I really wish that they would make servers that didn't have an RMAH.
    Quote from Harmonica39

    i dont consider map packs and expansion packs equal at all. although you could argue wether the BF3 expansions are just map packs or expansions, they are really more of a hybrid things, whereas you get a lot more content via Blizz expansions opposed to CoD map packs.
    but you have to realize that companies need a steady income to be able to further support a game, be it through map packs, monthly fees, microtransactions or in this case the RMAH. its not just the servers, also employees who are continuously working on the game or server stability. i guess you think that all this is way easier than it actually is.
    and of course they want to make some money out of this also. which will be, to a great extend, be used to make new games. i see nothing wrong with that. blizz is a company after all and not some charity for ppl who dont know what to do with themselves.

    Quote from Mac_an_tSaoir

    Go right now and look at Path of Exiles.

    f2p, and unlimited stash space. You can either pay to have more stash space using microtrans, OR you can make mule accounts. Stop being so ignorant please.

    Indie and f2p games are putting the big companies (like blizz) to fucking shame.

    and now i ask you where is the difference? both the microtransactions and the RMAH are completely optional and a way to pay for servers, patches, ect.

    and you cant really compare D2 to modern games.

    Because you can play the entire game without paying? Its F2P, there is NO pricetag. It is NOT a pay to win model.

    current AAA (joke rating now) start with a 55-60$ pricepoint. Ive spent 20$ on PoE and I have a huge stash, and i still have 10$ of my 20$ i spent for when they roll out appearance based microtrans.

    Same thing with DotA 2, F2P, and they have EVERY Esport feature you could want. There is a huge difference between F2P and a AAA price tag.

    1.D3 = 60$ to start, could net $ off you from using the RMAH
    2.D2 = 60$ to start (I think thats what I payed for it years ago), no additional $$$
    3.PoE = 0$ to start, could net $ of you from using the microtrans

    All 3 live online, but... server costs and maintenance right?! WRONG.
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    posted a message on I really wish that they would make servers that didn't have an RMAH.
    Quote from Bodycount1

    We either pay a monthly fee like in Warcraft....

    or they get their money from the RMAH.

    Server uptime isn't free. Bandwidth isn't free either. Electricity to run those servers isn't free. Blizzard made a shitload from selling the game but to keep the game going for five or ten years when hardly anyone buys it anymore, they need a steady source of income.

    Path of Exiles, and D2 would like to have a word with you. Fail logic is fail. The cost of the server maintenace and upkeep goes into the original 60+ you payed for the game. People like you only contribute to EA/Activision bullshit they think they can get away with.

    Go right now and look at Path of Exiles.

    f2p, and unlimited stash space. You can either pay to have more stash space using microtrans, OR you can make mule accounts. Stop being so ignorant please.

    Indie and f2p games are putting the big companies (like blizz) to fucking shame.
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