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    posted a message on Diablo Patch 2.5 - A wishlist

    A lot of good stuff been posted already, but what I really miss from D2 are Rune Words.

    Also what Id really like to see is more DPS classes in higher gr, right now its not just that wizz is a bit better and its more efficient to go with him as dps. Its almost(?) impossible for other class to do 90+ in group as DPS.

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    Hi, Iv come to the point with my ET Wizz where I dont really know what I can upgrade, besides better augments.
    My sheet stats:
    DPS: 2,37kk
    Toughness: 61,4kk

    Int: 14,947

    Atk/s: 1,71
    Crit chance; 58%
    Crit damage 428%
    Area dmg: 127%
    % Arcane dmg: 59%
    % ET dmg: 28%
    bonus dmg to elite 79%

    With current setup Iv done gr92 and almost 93 (few seconds late, mostly because monk was running wrong skill)

    What can I do to improve my gear? Ofcourse, finding ancient belt and rings (probably can just dream of finding better SoJ), put better augments to all pieces cus current ones are pretty low.

    But what about stats above? Are there any breakpoints for them? For example maybe trading few % of Area dmg for something else would be better (source AD -> ET dmg?). Or any other changes around my build, maybe stacking too much % arcane isnt viable and getting more int on amu will be better?

    Here is current link to my gear

    Really appriciate your help

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    Hi, I just got new Traveler Pledge from Kadala (first attempt on amulet :D )

    On the left, new one ofcourse, should I roll int into crit chance? Or change this low crit damage to crit chance? At least its ancient so I can augment it but will it be much better than my old one? Sheet DPS probably will go a bit lower but this 19% should be huge right? Ah, ofcourse Im playing ET Wizz so arcane is my only source of dmg

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    Looking for Witching Hour for my ET Wizz (need ancient to put Caldessan's into)

    Spent like 20k shards and wasted around 2,5k DB/5k viled crystals to get it from cube, not a single Witching Hour... Around week ago when I was playing DH I got like 4 of them dropped from mobs, salvaged almost all of them, left just the best with 6AS/50CD/480vit, so I can roll main stat from dex to int, depends which champion Im playing. Too bad its not ancient and I wouldnt dare to reforge it with such a cute stats ;/

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