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    posted a message on [Win7 32bit graphics resolution problem] Diablo 1 is in fullscreen mode, but the graphics are not filling the screen?

    hey guys

    I'm running Diablo 1 on a notebook and I'm having problems.

    Windows 7 32bit (all important updates installed, I think)

    Ati Radeon x2300 (notebook graphics card)

    I'm trying to get a Diablo 1 game starting, because I want to play a multiplayer game with my brother (either over Hamachi or standard wrapped IPX..there's a guide out there). I don't have the graphical color glitch issue anymore (because installed the official fix by Blizzard) and I installed the Diablo v1.09 patch , but the game looks like this:

    So the whole game (Blizzard intro, starting screen, in-game screen) is in fullscreen mode, but it's very small.

    What can I do?

    How can I increase the size of the screen to fullscreen?

    PS: I'm running the game in Windows XP (SP 3) compatibility mode.

    Any help is appreciated!

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