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    posted a message on <MOB> 2 Year old Clan looking to Recruit Active 450+ Paragon Players ( Seasonal Only )

    MoB was founded by, Flawless#1652 on May 25th 2014. Along with the help of Machine96#1814 as Co-Leader, we reach for new ways to improve the game and community. This is only achieved through leadership, dedication, communication, and team work. Which is why we expect the same from our members. MoB strives to achieve all members goals as team and individually. We have members that play all forms of the game, Seasons, Non-Seasons, etc. Just please understand that people have lives to attend to sometimes I.E. wife aggro, baby aggro, nicotine aggro, etc. We are a mature group of players, and by no means will tolerate anything else. The goal of MoB is to provide a platform for members to continually develop and expand their gaming experience by creating a friendly atmosphere through teamwork, dedication, and communication.


    Leader backup:



    Current Top Clan Clears:

    Morph 4 Player Greater Rift Level 90




    Morph 3 Player Greater Rift Level 88



    GrindnLoot Solo Greater Rift Level 80 (Cru)

    Bluddshed Solo Greater Rift Level 76 (Wiz)

    Planbe Solo Greater Rift Level 75 (Wiz)

    Morph Solo Greater Rift Level 73 (wiz)

    Please contact any of the Officers to talk, and ask any questions you may have.

    Some of the member benefits are:
    - Dedicated Member Team speak 3 Server
    - Clan Website
    - Fun, mature atmosphere

    *** MoB Code of Conduct ***
    I) No flaming or trolling
    II) Respectful of each and every member of MoB
    III) No BOTTING, CHEATING, or EXPLOITING!!!! - Zero tolerance on this!!!
    IV) Contact an officer directly if you have a complaint. Complaining about the MoB or individuals in the clan chat just isn't cool. We are here to help, and encourage an open door policy with each and every member.
    V) As a member you don't just represent yourself as an individual but also the MoB clan, keep this in mind when dealing with others and in communities.

    Membership requirements are based on, but not limited to, how much you actively play, skill set, character played, personality, helpfulness, and initiative to help improve the clan. We do have a private TeamSpeak 3 voice server. Being an active member of the MoB community is very important. If you are not active within the game, do not apply. We have a 90 day inactive policy and you will be kicked, there are very limited exceptions to this.

    MoB Officers are always experimenting and searching for exciting innovative ways to keep not only MoB fun, but Diablo fun as well for everyone. Some fun events we host include, but are not limited to, speed rifts, power levels, gem lvling, vault runs, bounties, pushing GRs, friendly clan competition, and more.
    Last but not least, we at MoB value teamwork and friendship. We are always looking for active members who give constructive feedback on how to improve the clan as a whole. Myself, nor any of the other officials, would have been able to make the MoB what it is today, without the help of many great members/players.

    If MoB looks like something you are interested in joining. Add Morph#1849 or any Leaders Listed At the Top.

    Not sure if you want to apply? come speak with some of our officers on TeamSpeak at voice.d3mob.com / Port 9987 / No Pass

    “Perfection is our goal, Excellence is Expected.”

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