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    I'd like to address some things concerning PvP you guys didn't elaborate on in your podcast.


    The items that are gonna be sold for big cash are mostly only gonna be perfect versions of items whos imperfect versions will probably only be marginally worse. Just compare the ridiculous price difference between a perfect annihilus and an imperfect annihilus. My guess is that these few points will be very negligable especially when you consider that the other person will have potentially spend a few hundred dollar to gain these few points.


    There was a small competitive scene in diablo and it regulated the use of items quite a bit. For example, knockback items weren't allowed on an amazon.
    I can see a league regulating PvP by standardizing the allowed items and making sure that everyone has a fair chance of acquiring these. Similar to what blizzard does in World of Warcraft by offering PvP sets. That would ensure a fair battlefield.

    Also, I'd like to have a Path of Exile beta key please.
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