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    Hello users, first that quite I do not speak English, like that that they forgive

    It does little I decided to programme a chronometer to know the time that we are in the fissure and the time that exceeds us in minutes and seconds to have a control etc..
    The program manages of the following way.
    On having pulsated F2 it is activated as soon as you pulsated F2 if you touch it returned one gives pause and returns to initiate.
    On having pulsated F3 they put on the values in 0.

    It is added to the program by a cabin that allows to change the transparency of the same one, so that it can be almost transparent or that one sees without transparency.
    Also the program is going to be over all the programs to be mas comfortably the use of the same one.

    This serves to know if there is virus in the file, since they see does not have any, this 3 that he identifies are for the programming that has the file that takes it as a virus but it it is not.


    Hace poco decidí programar un cronometro para saber el tiempo que estamos en la fisura y el tiempo que nos sobra en minutos y segundos para tener un control etc..
    El programa se maneja de la siguiente manera.
    Al pulsar F2 se activa una vez que pulsaste F2 si lo pulsas devuelta se da pausa y se vuelve a iniciar.
    Al pulsar F3 se ponen los valores en 0.

    Lo agregue al programa una casilla que permite cambiar la transparencia del mismo, de forma que puede estar casi transparente o que se vea sin transparencia.
    También el programa va a estar por encima de todos los programas para ser mas comodo el uso del mismo.

    Esto sirve para saber si hay virus en el archivo, como ven no tiene ninguno, esos 3 que identifica son por la programación que tiene el archivo que lo toma como virus pero no lo es.



    Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/l2srxjp1zfl09h9/Counter Farm.exe

    I hope that they have understood and serve them!
    Good-bye! By TheJucas!

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