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    posted a message on Newbie and I hit P833 in 10min wtf....?
    Quote from Pawzz»

    The highest Paragon level is like 3000, or is it insanely different on consoles.

    Pretty sure there is no current cap on paragon.
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    posted a message on Revitalizing Diablo III.
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    TBH, this game needs a complete rework to be fun for a longer period of time. Usually it goes like: Season start -> players hop in -> they get bored after 4 weeks.

    There's literally nothing to do after you get your sets and a few ancients. You just wipe rifts all day and finetune your build a bit, but that's all. Every outstanding and fun build variation gets nerfed into oblivion, leaving the player no choice but sticking to either LoN or sets.

    Well, i'm off playing PoE in the meanwhile, hit me up if you wanna join me on euro servers :)

    PoE sucks. i understand its f2p but those prices just to make your character half way decent looking is ridiculous. Not to mention that act 4 was so rushed, worse bosses in a bunched up room. And a lot of builds you just run around spam one ability (firestorm witch is a good example of that) and make sure your auras are on.

    I've played PoE for a long time and it's just pretty much the same thing. Yeah it has trading but still one feature is not enough for redemption for it's lack of content.

    TBH all that PoE offer is variations to builds that are mostly not even atziri viable.. and if you're truly playing end game (maps) HC groups only want a HANDFUL of builds. I will admit the season challenges are fun.. but PoE is so over-hyped, it's mostly for people who can't move on from an outdated game (d2). D2 was amazing for it's time and d3 has improved on a lot since launch mind you.

    Anyway d3 in it's current state offers more things to do than PoE.
    Players get bored because they have no attention span.

    There is way more than that to d3... pushing solo grifts, farm bounties, tx farming, keywarden farming, ubers, group grifts, seasonal journey, conquests, set dungeons, leveling gems, using cube to improve your character.

    And if you're wiping all day you just suck. BTW there is A LOT of builds you can use to farm torment level difficulty. And a few sets that ARE NOT required to have set pieces.

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    posted a message on I think I've hit the wall with my Monk.

    Lbtmia has your answer.

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    posted a message on <dfans> recruiting

    you should play on PC; it's much, much better.

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    posted a message on all the glorious scam posts on diablofans

    LOL, have you guys seen all the scam posts that have been on the forums?

    Wtf is this? lmao

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    posted a message on Season has been out for 312 hours, top ranked players have over 300 hours played in this season, explain ?
    Quote from Metatronxxx»

    Quote from chadwx»

    Quote from Archsage»

    lets examine that: People BOTting ...ok cool

    why people bot? for GR keys and Mats.

    OK then:

    Remove retard GR keys and even more boring & waste of time Bounties.
    Problem solved! nothing to bot anymore.

    i've won even without a bot (check season HC leaderboard) but already quitted coz of them.Even dedicated player like me can't keep up. Whatever.

    +1botter -1nonbotter = zero. noone gain

    ehhh Blizzard wake up, cya season 6 for another 2 weeks.

    How are bounties a waste of time? they're used to farm mats... and grift keys are stupid easy to farm. I think the main issue comes down to not wanting to play the game. Diablo 3 is a dungeon crawler where the main focus is... guess what? GRINDING. Just like d2 just like the original diablo. Go figure right?
    Bounties and grift keys are not a issue. They removed trials which were quite honestly very unnecessary, and that solved the issue period (concerning a very annoying mechanic to do end game grifts).
    I think the type of posts that players like you make, belong in the thoughtless think tank known as the d3 official forums. Plenty of threads there you will enjoy.

    Honestly they need to come up with an automated system that little to no information is released to the public and when someone bots it's an auto permaban to d3 servers.
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