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    posted a message on WTS Inna's Vast Expanse 193Dex 267Vit
    Hey there im looking for gold offers for this Inna's Vast Expanse.

    Armor: 441
    Dex: 193
    Vit: 267
    Life%: 10
    Reduced Dmg ... : 5%
    3 Sockets
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    posted a message on High end WD disscussion ACID/Bears mana manegement
    Well to be honest changing out pierce the veil would help a lot already.

    Running with Pierce the Veil needs a very high mana reg as well as some skills to support it. So Skorn (missing out on up to 28 mp per sec plus over 200 extra mana) and Pierce the Veil do not fit well together.
    The other thing is that your pick up radius is simply to small so often you are not getting the extra 2% mana from Grave Injustice (items with maximum mana help here a little as well).
    Finally together with high Mana Spirit Walk Honored guest does a great job getting your mana back.
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    posted a message on DH or Barb for speed farming Act 3 MP0?
    Hey actually most classes can do mp0 quiet fast if skilled/geared correctly.
    I just felt like noting that, like everyone agrees "run speed" is very important.
    However the time you need to take down champs/elite/bosses is important as well.
    The second is for example a weakness of WW barbs.
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    posted a message on 80k unbuffed dps respectable for WW barb?
    Sorry i misstook cleave for bash.

    Yes you should use bash, it's a better fury generator and it has more dmg then cleave.
    If you still run into problems killing gobs with bash, you could always go frenzy and see if you can play without the fast fury generation.

    In general i'm a fan of low level mp farming. For me the increased kill speed gives me more at the end of the day. So you could always play a lower mp lvl. 80k is allright for mp5 but not much
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    posted a message on 80k unbuffed dps respectable for WW barb?
    With your build your dps is obviously to low if you run into the problem of killing gobs. There can be plenty of reasons though that can lie in your playstyle as well.
    If you use only bash to kill gobs you probably want to try a more dps orientated skill and loose the fury gain.

    However you should read up a bit more on your build.
    Your Tornado dmg is generated out of your weapon dmg + str etc. it will only take the dmg from your mainhand. So you want the high dmg weapon in your mainhand. So change them and you should already see an improvement in your kill speed.
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    posted a message on Returning witch doctor with questions
    The Poison dmg will always be added no matter what kind of dmg is on your skill or weapon.

    Well, i would not skip bears if i was you but anyways...
    If you want to play with acid cloud i would suggest some things.

    Many people use Rain of Toads together with Acid Cloud, since both skills have a nice chance to proc LoH.
    LoH is quiet viable with those skills, so id suggest to try it out (especially with your low HP)

    One "problem" of acid cloud and your passives is that you will kill mobs on regular basis wich are outside of your 20+8 pick up radius (from TotD and GI). So you will often not get the bonus from Grave Injustice...for optimal play i would get more pick up radius as well. (I personally play a Bears Build with 27+8 pick up and my Mass Confusion Paranoia is ready almost every pack wich gives me a nice 20% dmg boost).

    As for gearing in general, if you're on a budget i would suggest to stick with mostly yellow items unless it offers something special that you can not get on a yellow item (e.G. Lacuni's). Most of the time you will be able to find great yellows for a lot less then a legendary. Especially on slots such as Neck/Pants. So spend some time on the AH.

    Once you obtain some Gold i would strongly suggest to get a full Zuni Set since both the items and the extra mana regen are really nice. Also you want another item with movement speed.

    Another thing that helps is to try out some different approaches to gearing compared to what most players do. That way you get the most dmg out of your Gold

    Let's take your gloves. They have Int/AR/CC/CDmg/MF
    Now that's not to bad you are "only" missing Vitality. However all your "dmg stats" are kinda low. In EU gloves like that are usually overpriced just because they have crit dmg and critchance on them. With your overall stats i'm quiet sure a high Int high CC glove would actually give you more dmg while beeing cheaper (since less people search for it).
    This has been a general rule of thumb for me, if you don't have gold get high int + one "dmg stat" items. (CD is usually the cheapest.)
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    posted a message on high end wd vs reflect damage
    My "strategy" has been to run a MP lvl that is low enough to make them start dropping health globes while spirit walk is still active (i have +13k extra Health from Health Globes).
    So usually i pop Mass Confusion Paranoia start spamming bears until im low on health, then use Spirit Walk, once it expires i move and pick up health globes -> finish them off. Often there are white mobs around or you get a lucky illusionist affix that allows you to use Spirit Walk more often.
    As i see it, a Life Leach one hand weapons will expand this window and enable us in that way to farm higher mp lvls (i'm not using one since a decent one hand with LL is quiet expensive).

    For me this works fine since in my opinion the Bears build is not really meant to farm "high" mp lvls. It's synergies just work so much better if everything dies fast.
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    posted a message on Need some advice on Gear. How to get 100k Damage?
    Hey, i think what you need is more crit chance. Especially with the 309% crit dmg of yours.
    More Int won't hurt as well ofc.
    I think the two slots where you can get the cheapest benefit are your amulet and your Gloves.
    Especially the gloves are quiet bad in my opinion. So depending on your budget i would suggest to get high Crit Chance (9+) high Int (200+) items for both slots (you can get those quiet cheap if you get lucky). Those should be nice dmg upgrade for you.
    If you have some Gold to spend add crit dmg again while maintaining crit chance.

    The expensive slots would be a zuni head with crit, zuni ring with crit and a comparable weapon without mf and 90+ Crit dmg +socket (get a ceremonial knife for more mana reg).
    Oh and you should really get Grave injustice to reduce your cooldowns. If you run into mana issues i would rather use Soul Harvest Vengefull Spirit (wich has a nice up time due to Grave Injustice). Another nice thing about Grave Injustice is that you can use Mass Confusion Paranoia on almost every pack. Wich is another thing i would suggest.
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    posted a message on FASTEST Paragon Farming Act 2 Route
    Actually there is a very simple way and you are almost there.
    Get the checkpoint of VoA so that you start at VoA every game (i usually create a kill kulle game).
    Now all you need to do is use the entrance of VoA (you enter the game next to it) to get back to Desolated Sands.
    That way you have discovered VoA on the DS map. Now get back into VoA port out and do whatever you want (i would build up a view quick NV stacks) and get back to VoA later. So that way you can still use TP

    The only thing to keep in mind is to not kill Kulle/Bellial since it will make you loose your Checkpoint
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    posted a message on Will D3 Closed Beta to start 9/13/11?
    There is one very simple reason why i don't think it will start.

    The Press/Fansite "Beta" didn't start yet
    Usually it's Family and Friends, Press/Fansites and then the first closed beta invites.
    Considering that they had to take the game offline today makes it even more unlikely since it's in there interest to have an overall strong performance for the Press and Fansites.
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