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    It really depends on if Blizzard does anything at high levels to deter build switching, such as having runes destroyed when switching skills. I do not think they will do that.

    Right now, I plan on one male of each class, regular mode. Then I'll roll hardcore characters as I wish, of the female varieties. If I decide low-level pvp or just another off-build is something I want to do, I'll roll another softcore as the desire strikes me. I agree new characters are a great way to replay the game. I also think it's nice to not have to replay through three difficulty levels if you don't want to, just to try a new style.
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    If I close my eyes, and think of gaming, here are the top images that pop in my mind's eye.

    1) I have a shotgun in my hand. I am panting. There is a waterfall-like stream of poison to my left, and a high platform to my right. From it, a brown furry creature is running down some stairs to me, shooting fireballs as it comes.

    2) It is very dark, and I know that I am in a once sacred place, now fallen. Shadows and cobwebs surround me. I feel out of place, yet at peace, as I sit on a throne carved from grey stone. An elevator creaks in the distance.

    3) I feel like I am at the top of the world, and the air is thin. Thin-legged spider-like creatures jump all around. I search frantically, running around with a lit bomb, before they can overwhelm me.

    4) The city around me seems carved out of sand. I lose myself in the streets, still trying to understand how I could have ever reached this place riding the creature I did. Shaking these thoughts, I concentrate on why I'm hiding behind this crate... I am a thief now.

    5) The world is unremarkable, but seems somehow new. The grass and trees are bright green. Over-large rats and spiders, surely trivial beings, somehow seem a tremendous challenge. I slash and hack at them, still marveling at the workmanship of the enormous dwarven statues at the entrance to the underground city where I purchased this humble sword.

    6) I am amazed by the beauty that surrounds me, and enchanted by the quiet music in my ears. Still, my heart races at the constant fear of drowning, while my brain puzzles at all I've encountered, trying to uncover the secret to the way forward. All the while, her golden hair and flowing pink dress haunt the back of my mind.

    7) Stars race by. My eyes search the darkness ahead of me, fighting off the gleam from the silver wings which spread around me. Small glimmers enlarge into the black shapes of evil. My hand is sure, but the ship trembles slightly as I fire the lasers. One drops, and the other is hit, though even more appear around me. I loop around - the fight is on.

    8) I unload my pistol into a metal filing cabinet - no time to pick a lock now. Papers in hand, I exit the room, and coolly kill two agents down either side of the hall. Through the glass doors and outside, to hide behind a bunker of snow, as blue camouflaged men rush by in either direction.

    9) I am in a forest of wood, but everything is metal. The bats are made of cannonballs, and the music assaulting my ears is made of tin. I clank my arms together, and take aim at the fierce mess of of circuits and springs leaping towards me.

    10) The air seems to form symbols. I cannot tell if I stand inside a house, or hell. My own consciousness is a shell of sanity surrounded by madness incarnate. The spells which permeate this swirling wind do their best to turn me to fear. Yes, I am there. But I am also somewhere else, and she is very near...
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    Quote from Zero(pS)

    Are you kidding me? You hex others into becoming chickens, THEN you disguise yourself as one of them! AND THEN you freaking go to their faces and explode!!! It's an amazing skill!!

    This means the original skill description is also kept when runed?
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    I haven't seen it in action... but have been very skeptical of it. I'm imagining many monsters on the screen, compared to a few getting chickened for a bit? C'mon. Plus, it's random, so you can't be sure to hex the one that's actually beating on you.

    However, if the summons are proving squishy, it's possible this could reduce damage by just enough to make everything go smoother.
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    posted a message on EXACT skill number combo revealed
    Quote from CherubDown

    Quote from CJCKAR

    Quote from CherubDown

    Quote from CJCKAR

    Quote from CherubDown

    That's not what I get at all.

    Since the set is non-ordered combinations, you should get (25 choose 6) skills times (15 choose 3) passives = 177,100 x 455 = 80,580,500.

    thats not how you times it. use your calculator to do what i showed you and you'll get my number. :)
    You can't just multiply the numbers together. You have to consider the fact that these are combinations. Multiplying them together gives you overlap.

    no it doesn't. i edited my last post i sent you with exact numbers. i am making my equation BASED on the fact that you can't use any of the same skill/rune combo's twice. there will be no overlap. and regardless, the number is unfathomably high either way. making it impossible for anyone to say there not unique. the fact that i put 125 THEN 120, because i don't want the same skill/rune to overlap in the equation. otherwise id do 125 x 125 x 125 ect...
    You're still just multiplying the entire possible set (25) by 5 each time, which is wrong.

    You have to create a combination of the set choice you're interested in: IE there are 25 possible (without replacement) out of 6 choices. That means you get unordered sampling without replacement. i.e. - n Choose k - n being 25, k being 6. Multiply that by the unordered sampling without replacement for passives (15 and 3), then multiply by 30 - (6 skills times 5 rune types). You should get:

    (25 choose 6) * (15 choose 3) * 30 = 593,775*455*30 = 8,105,028,750 possible combos.

    (my previous try did not take into account runestones), but you should just have to multiply by 5 for each skill (30).

    I'm looking at this powerpoint from Stanford.

    I'd like to see Blizzard's math on that number.

    Edit: there's also this very concise (and very reliable) source: Wolfram Alpha

    Skill combos = (25 choose 6) = 177,100

    Passive combos = (15 choose 3) = 455

    Rune combos = 5^6 = 15,625

    Total (multiply those) = 1,259,070,312,500 for each class

    Of course, right now each class does not have 25 actives and 15 passives.

    Real numbers here: http://www.diablofans.com/topic/27956-number-of-different-builds/
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    posted a message on Will you use Blizzard forums or stick with Diablofans?
    Definitely sticking around here. The official forums very rarely have a great must-read post. But mostly it is a bunch of screaming and yelling... once you sift out the whining and complaining.
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    Quote from OneTwoSC

    By account name do you mean RealID? I wonder how people would feel about that. Or do we have an account on top of our characters?

    Not your RealID... Each 'CD Key' will create an account name, which I believe will share the banner, and then (up to ten) character names under that. And I was picturing whenever your name is shown it would be (Account) Character, or some similar formatting.

    Correct me if someone has more up to date info? I know there are hardcore options on the banner, yet clearly each account can have HC and non-HC chars.
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    posted a message on Unique Character Names?
    I believe that your account name will be visible to players looking to join your game / in your game, so that your identity can remain constant without needing to name all your characters the same. Plus the banners, yo.

    Unique names have great benefits, but the fact is the community is much larger then the number of good names. A friends list exists so you can find players you liked again.
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    posted a message on If Elder Scrolls: Skyrim comes out before Diablo 3
    I imagine anyone interested in both games will buy both games... even if they wait to play Skyrim a while before buying D3. I could imagine people who are just looking for 'a game', and happen across Skyrim, and so aren't in the market when D3 comes around, but those would be few.
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    Quote from morc1us

    Why does people think that inferno will be same gameplay through acts like norm night and hell , hasnt blizz stated that it will be endless randomized dungeon ? Imagine you enter in the depths of inferno with 3 friends and its molten fire blazing dungeon you fight through all the way , everything is AI randomized all the time as you progress deeper and deeper the new encounters shows up stronger faster and smarter and so on until you die because no one have survived in inferno. I would love to see that ,imagine you just started inferno and encountered a pack of pretty strong skellys and golden Boss type skelly accompany them, witch is stronger then other minions obviously you slay him get his loot and as you progress deeper in the inferno you will eventually going to fight like a PACK of BOSS skellys and so on till it gets harder and harder eventually unbeatable also add allot of traps cursed chests lava eruptions from beneath the ground spikes screams souls death etc.

    Quite the opposite... It has been clearly stated that Inferno will be the same acts as Normal, Nightmare, and Hell, and not an endless dungeon.
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    Quote from PakstraX

    Big edit coming up soon. Calculations for every class.

    New numbers are in!

    Just beat me... was too tired for big numbers last night.

    GRAND TOTAL: 2,089,314,390,625
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    posted a message on Music in D3
    Well... the massacre you're doing will provide the soundtrack for the massacre you're doing. Don't just picture the carnage with only the nice ambient music in your head. Hear all the splats, cuts, screams, grunts, armor clanks, corpse explosions, and demonic spells going off. The music seems just tense enough to keep you on edge in the small pauses between battles.
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    posted a message on Start Inferno w/ Act IV unlocked?
    Quote from Patraquashe

    It would be like finishing normal then having access to all waypoints in nightmare. Utterly pointless that is. Defeats the whole purpose of having a super-challenging difficulty.

    I was thinking it would work like this: you play through Normal, Nightmare, and Hell, increasing in difficulty as you go. At Hell Act IV (or last), you get to the highest level of difficulty.

    Without Inferno, you could go to Hell Act I, but the drops would be worse. You're forced to keep playing Hell Act IV (or last), since it is the highest difficulty. Instead, here is Inferno, the whole game boosted up to that final difficulty (plus a notch).

    It wouldn't necessarily have to be a whole new play-through. More like: completing Hell would be completing the most difficult content. Inferno then simply bumps the rest of the content up to that difficulty, so you can keep playing any part of the game all you want... but you've 'beat the game' once you complete Hell. Inferno just adds replayability.

    Probably, though, since Inferno will be more difficult than Hell, plus the addition of Inferno-only items and runes, it will end up needing a whole new play-through.
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    posted a message on Does the skill planner give away all of the rune effects?
    Quote from Herborist

    Does it really make things more interesting if the spiders are fire imbued or leech life?

    Yes. Ok, you mechanically go through the same clicking motions in each case, and the animations are similar. But play-wise... a character with a lots of life-leech skills is going to play differently and react to different scenarios differently than a character who traded that life leech for excess damage.

    Go look at the Barbarian tree in D2. A whole page of passives, and a page of shouts... there are only a few active skills you can make a build around. D3 beats D2 by a mile in that category.

    I think any more skills added to D3 would just lead to redundancy.
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    posted a message on PVP BUILDS!
    Hrm. I thought there would be problems with this at first, especially the lack of defensive passives, but I think I see what you're doing here.

    The kill bonuses from No Escape seem to make it a waste of a passive, but if you plan on spamming runed Throw, it might work. I'd recommend Juggernaut, but perhaps you think with Charge/Spear/Leap plus hopefully very high uptime on the slow effect from Throw, you can get right back in and heal up with a runed Spear. Planning on getting below 20% for Relentless sounds reckless, but that seems to be what you're going for... control and kill quickly before they can get you.

    My concern would be Fury... but the runed Stomp could be a lifesaver there.

    I think if you can manage the control you're shooting for, it will be a nice win.
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