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    Begin Date: February 8th, 2015

    End Date: February 21st, 2015

    Sponsored by: OverUsedChewToy From Twitch.tv

    1st Place Takes All: $100 Cash Prize via Paypal

    In order to be a participant you must contact me @ http://tinyurl.com/jw4xr4g,http://www.twitch.tv/L0rdRage, http://www.twitter.com/L0rdRage or Skype @ LordRage.

    Rules: Solo Lock-Ironman% Freshmeat Blog Rules @ http://tinyurl.com/q9u7ctl (Stairway Trapping Technique is allowed & players MUST Kill the Butcher/King Leoric)

    Add On: *Every player is indentured to record their ENTIRE run from the beginning of character creation. This INCLUDES training time and time in Tristram.
    Note: Your full run must be available to review online. (Twitch.tv and Youtube are both good options for this). You may post your link of your best recording here on the forum ON or BEFORE the end date of this tournament.

    *Every character name MUST be tagged with a PREFIX that will be given out ONCE THE TOURNAMENT BEGINS. This is to ensure that all runs have been performed during the tournament lifespan. (The Special Tag will be displayed on this post, twitter, and twitch.tv on February 8th @ 7 a.m. CST.)

    Example: If the tournament tag is given out as [EG] then all player names must start with [EG]xxxx. If a character is named LordRage then they must be named [EG]LordRage.

    *The winner will be judged first on the DEEPEST DUNGEON LEVEL achieved. If there is a tie in dungeon levels then the FIRST player to arrive at that level will be the winner (This is specifically the exact moment you finish loading into the deepest level). If by some miracle two or more players complete Hell/Hell then the FIRST player to land the killing blow on Diablo will be declared the winner.

    Example: Player 1 arrives at level 9 Caves in Normal difficulty but dies against the first monster: Their final entry is Level 9 and the time that they loaded into the level. Player 2 arrives at level 9 caves LATER than player 1 but clears most of the level before dying. Player 1 is still the winner in this case.

    Note: The TIME of a run begins the moment you finish loading into the first dungeon level. Both Training time and time spent in Tristram on any difficulty do NOT count towards the the total time.

    There are MANY variants in which to play Lock-In Ironman therefore many questions may arise. We are strictly doing this for FUN to try and revive the Ironman Tournaments in the Diablo 1 Community. These rules were put together by a team of avid Ironman players and if you have any questions we will try our best to address them. Special Thanks to FreshMeat Blogs for the Foundation of the Rule Set & OverUsedChewToy for sponsoring this Tournament! Good Luck and may the RNG be with you!

    Legit PLAYERS ONLY! NO Trainers, Cheats, Hacks, Dupes, ETC... If you are caught you will be blacklisted across all Diablo 1 Community Forums affiliated with this tournament.
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    I'm a new member of this community diablo and I'm looking for committed players who would like to start up a strong Ironman team. I play on a private server IPX and if anyone is interested please contact me.I've been relentlessly grinding Basic / Advanced Ironman using the rules from Fresh Meat blogs Diablo.Most success I've had in Ironman what Caves reaching lvl 10 NIGHTMARE as a Rogue Warrior with a partner. The game play is cringing and intensifying! Looking forward to hearing from avid Ironman players to play with! You can find me @ http://www.twitch.tv/L0rdRage with Daily Diablo 1 Live Streams from 7:30 am - 4:30 pm CST (US)
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    Diablo 3 FTW!
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