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    I know because I just got in! So go check your accounts! :)

    Edit: A few posts down someone posted a screenshot of my beta-flagged post on the diablo forums for anyone who wants any sort of confirmation.

    But I swear to you this is NOT a troll! :)
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    don't forget 20000 barbarian females named 'DeathBySnooSnoo'
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    Blizzard has said SEVERAL times now they're designing around the assumption that people will NOT be hotswapping. And they do NOT expect a lot of people to do it regularly. Okay? Can we get that out of the way now? Thank you. Quit assuming the game will be balanced around you swapping skills because it WON'T. Blizzard wants the game to be balanced assuming people DON'T do that.

    Now that that is out of way, let's get on to the real points.

    The runes are what determine how many charged bolts to use your skill, a level 7 rune does more than a leve l rune. So yes, you will see more scaling of effects beyond just damage through rune levels. And rune types.

    I'm pretty sure Blizzard isn't planning to put macros in place to change your abilities. You have to stop killing, open your menu, find the skill, drag it to where you want it. Long process - doesn't seem very fun to me. So I won't.

    What's better is MEANINGFUL customization. Skill points have NEVER proven themselves to be that. Remember, I am a game reviewer(admittedly fairly recently starting out as one), I play a ton of games. I've never seen a skill customization system that encouraged me to do anything other than max as many skills as I could to be as powerful as possible. Skills get increasingly more powerful the more points you put in them, not literally, but scalingly. So 1 point may do 1-2 damage, 5 will do 20-22, and 10 will do 100-102. There's no reason to only put 5 in, because I'll be really really weak. So you max out as many skills as the skill point system allows you to, then use whatever few skill points you have left to get utility abilities or in rare cases synergistic abilities. This is a fact. It was this way in D2, it was this way in Dungeon Siege 3, it was this way in dozens of other games which had skill trees. It is ALWAYS this way.

    Stat points I will give you in some games HAVE been meaningful and well done. But usually they result in one person finding the optimum and 99.999% of people copying him. In d2 the optimum was as many vitality points as you could after getting youjr strength for items, for one example.

    Meaningful customization will be in the choices you make, and I truly expect this game to end up with most people doing what I'll be doing: Designing their character to be a specific character. Ie. I'm going to have Venra the melee Wizardress. She will be that, and unless BLizzard makes it completely 100% useless, that is what she will be. It doesn't matter if I fight enemies that isn't ideal as, she will do what she needs to. Most gamers I've talked to play like that in games like this.

    Sure there will be 'professional farmers' who do otherwise, but that's fine too - it's their choice. And that's the beauty of this system, it allows you the choice to play how you most want to. IF you want to build a character and make it a real character there is NOTHING stopping you from doing so. If you want to min max and swap abilities on the fly, there's also nothing stopping you from doing that. And that is truly a beautiful thing in a game - true choice.
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    If the companions are invisible to other players, I think an scv or a drone would be a cool bonus for people who buy the Collector's Edition of sc2:HotS.
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    ... what is so odd about there being rabbits in Sanctuary? I still can't fathom why people are so shocked that there are rabbits...

    When you see a cow grazing in town are you going to have a heart attack?

    Normal animals exist... sheesh.....
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    Quote from papaz12

    Quote from BrokenTomato

    I think a lot of cool and not to mention HARD achievements will for me fulfill this role perfectly. I am sure you will need to use a lot of time in order to do the really cool achievments and get the banner icons that are awesome!

    This is also something I have thought about. I think this might be the "new endgame thing". Try to get the really hard achivements.

    I can't stand playing only for the sake of loot.

    But that's what Diablo is. Playing for the sake of loot. That's ALL Diablo has ever been. People tried to superimpose other meaning onto it... but in the end it really is just playing for the sake of loot.
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    No, diablo has never had a guessing game. Nothing in it has EVER been a guessing game. There's a lot of randomness but never GUESSING. You always knew what you were getting before you equipped it - that was the point. The stats might vary somewhat after it drops, but you could tell what it was once you'd looked at it. You don't have to guess whether it's useful to you and then have it locked in where you put it, where it might be useless.

    To compare the randomness of the gear with the new rune system...

    Imagine if in stead of a "Rare Great Axe" dropping you'd in stead get a "Rare Item" - it's stats are already assigned but you can't see them. Once you equip it to a slot, those stats appear and it LOCKS to that slot. So you could be a wizard and this "Rare item" drops. So you equip it to your offhand slot and it becomes a "Rare bloody orb" which has all sorts of barbarian stats like healing on fury use and increased fury regeneration but it's locked to being an orb so barbarians can't use it and it's completely useless to you.

    With the new rune system you don't KNOW where you want to PUT the rune until you put it somewhere. With Diablo gear you always know WHERE it should go and what you wnat to use it as, but it still has a ton of randomness associated with it. So until you put it somewhere and make a huge mistake, you don't know where you really wanted to put it.

    Let's take a real world example. Say 'Golden rune of magic missile' sucks. It's completely useless - no builds use it(and you know as well as I do there WILL be some rune/skill combos that will be like this - with 110 of them per class, it's impossible to make them ALL good). But you REALLY need a crimson rune of magic missile. And say you use Arcane Orb and the rune you want most of all for your current build for Arcane orb is Golden.

    You get 5 level 7 runes, and you socket them one after another into your Magic Missile. They all turn out golden by fluke. You've now COMPLETELY wasted 5 LEGENDARY quality drops(ie. 5 one in ten thousand drops) and they're completely useless. So you now quit playing becuase you're so frustrated at having five really rare drops and none of them were even the SLIGHTEST bit good for you even in terms of selling them because the rune itself is undesirable for all builds.

    Under the system I'm hoping for(runes drop coloured, attune when you put them into a skill, and roll random affixes). You get 5 runes, and by fluke they all roll Golden. You can now put one into your arcane orb, roll your random affixes, and now you have 4 level 7 golden runes you can either use to try to get a better affix on your Arcane orb, try rolling them into other skills that golden runes are good for to try to get an elusive 'perfect' rune to sell for a ton on the AH, or you can sell them as unattuned golden runes so people can buy them for the skill they need.
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    As I said in another thread - as long as they don't make me play a guessing game about which skill I want to attune my rune to, I'm fine with it. Tell me the rune is a crimson rune before I attune it to my skill and I'll be happy with the attunement and the random stats.
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    I really hope the 'unattuned' rune idea fails. REALLY hope that. I don't like the concept that I have to not only get lucky enough to HAVE a high level rune drop, but I also have to win at a guessing game as to which skill I should put it in AND still have the randomness of which stat it has to min/max. I hope they do one of the two following though:


    Use the old rune system, but have runes drop with random stat bonuses on them to help you still have that element of min/max.


    Have runes drop as 'Unattuned Crimson Rune' in stead and then when you put it into a skill it attunes itself to that skill and rolls the random stats.

    Overall: The random stats are an AWESOME idea. The 'attuning' to a skill is a mediocre idea that could be fun, but having you not able to tell what TYPE of rune it is before doing so is just horrific. I do not like guessing games in my video games. Luck I'm all for, but don't make me guess what type of rune it is so I can know what skill to put it in please.
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