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    posted a message on Starting A Wizard - Weapons?
    Just started playing a wizard, and had a really simple question. Are the best weapons just wands and a good off hand, or can you use things like 1handed maces etc. They all have different attack speeds so I was wondering if that mattered or just pick the weapon with the best stats.
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    posted a message on Master Crafter Hex, All Bows +6 Prop, All Emerald Gem Cuts
    If we get you to make multiple items in a row, will you charge 50K per bow/xbow or 50k in total + required mats
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    posted a message on Game Achievements
    I know I'm fairly knew here but my big thing in any video game is honestly purely achievements. So as an achievement whore, one thing that becomes very useful and I know many other achievement go getters like to have is pictures. But for this game specifically, some of the most tedious grinding can be the lore books and world books.

    What I know would be helpful for anyone using a wiki to find achievements is to have pictures of the map for each book marked with the spawn points. Best example I can think of is the Hanging Tree book in Act 1 before the cemetery. There are I believe 3-4 different spawn locations, that can easily be marked on a picture of a map.

    Just my input, hope im not stepping over any lines here :)
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    posted a message on Glass Cannon VS Survivability
    So just a quick question to throw out here to other demon hunters. Currently im a level 60 Demon Hunter with 24K damage (without ss) and 53.6K damage (with SS). Currently im progressing through act 2 inferno, right around the dahglur oasis stage.

    What im debating on trying is I know with demon hunters there is basically 2 builds of gear, pure damage, or damage and survivability. Is it truly that much better to be a straight out damage with a lack of survivablity, aka no resistance, not prioritizing vitality etc.

    Im finding it difficult at the moment to try and raise my damage and vitality as well as resistance in buying gear.

    If indeed it is better go for survivablity, what kind of resistance should I be aiming for?

    Also, this is the skill build I am using http://d3db.com/tool/calculator/demon-hunter/28688

    Heres my gear set that im using

    thanks for the help
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    posted a message on Getting Started
    Hey all, still new to the site and to the interest in diablo but I am insanely stocked to play Diablo 3...

    Just a quick question, from the minds of either the old time diablo players or newer and varying, what would you say my best bet is to start me off. What should I do if anything, play, research, look up, and investigate if I want to play Diablo 3 when it comes out.

    In other words, what should I do to start off. should i just go in not quite knowing and just wing it. I am a hardcore gamer, so I always like to be prepared. Advice would be great, and I'll give clarification if needed
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    posted a message on New To Diablo - Old Time Gamer
    Hey all,

    looks like imma gunna be sucked into yet again another online community to watch for countless hours. I am an old time gamer, counting back all the way to the beginning of ever quest, and quite a few of the original PC platform games. Currently, I am an avid player of WoW, which most likely wont change... but here is my major question...

    I have never truly played any of the original diablo games, though I am highly considering it. My question is, even if I opted not to play the original diablo's, would that in a major way impact me if i chose to play Diablo 3 which is looking amazing and I am defintely wanting to play.

    ... I understand from a lore perspective I will behind, but in terms of game play, enjoyment (as Diablo 3 is the kind of gameplay im all about).

    Looking forward to hearing from you, if you have questions just throw them at me.
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