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    Question 1: At what point does Gold become irrelevant in the game when items are selling for billions of gold each?

    Question 2: Why are dropped rares worse than legendaries and worse than crafted items? Shouldn't found rares be the potentially best items in game, the crafted rares be about equal with legendary items?

    Question 3: Why not have soft/hard caps on attributes (crit chance, crit damage, resists, etc.) for people to strive for to ensure varied loot, and so people can gear their characters differently once they hit a cap?

    Question 4: When will all items drop and be socketed automatically with the most sockets possible? If an item can have a socket, and doesn't it is worthless to the player who found it and everyone else.

    Question 5: Why is every ability tied to primary/weapon DPS? This means that your hero is utterly weak even at 60/100 if no gear is equipped. Why not give abilities a base damage that scales (due to your lack of skill trees) with your level and has a coefficient of damage based on weapon DPS/main stat? That way even if a player doesn't have 400% crit damage, 50% crit and 80% IAS they can still not feel ridiculously weak?

    Question 6: When does power creep get to be too much? 500K DPS? Really?

    Question 7: Will PvP ever be balanced separately? If not, why didn't you put the tech in place to do so? WoW PvP has been plagued by this for years, it should have been pretty obvious that D3 would be in the same boat.

    Question 8: When will all skills/runes be balanced? With over 50% of skills and runes being so under performing that they may as well be removed, what plans are in place to make them competitive without having to rely on the RNG gods to drop items which could bolster their effects?

    Question 9: Why not allow all items (end game) to be found in Hell, and leave inferno for a bragging rights/achievement/banner changer/cosmetic item bonus area? Giving people Paragon levels, MP levels, Neph Valor and other benefits for running Inferno just ensures that there are the people who can, and everyone else. The game should be about finding loot, not having to find loot to get a better chance to find the same loot. I guess the real question is, now that people are 60/100 and can farm MP10 with no problems and are asking for MP11+, at what point do you have to step back and consider that farming gear for the sake of farming the same gear more efficiently is not compelling gameplay?
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    Quote from Zeyk23

    Quote from Highborne_D2

    That is it for the answers? Talk about a failure. I highly doubt that there were that many high upvoted questions about "brawling" at all; instead they picked it because it was new and shit and as such needed to justify their idiocy to their followers. While the actual hard questions were ignored like usual since they cannot answer them because it is so glaringly obvious that the game if flawed in its' two core aspects: Character Inherent Power and Itemization.

    The theme for the Q&A was 1.0.7.

    Which means nothing to players. We know why 1.0.7 is trash, why "brawling" is trash, and why anything new they add doesn't actually enhance the game (Paragon did nothing, buffed legendaries did nothing, and buffing damage of skills does nothing). Because the core game is broken. As such, unless they actually answer the tough questions, then why even bother doing a Q&A? All it is is a PR stunt for the loyal fanbase, but quickly disenfranchises the on fencers to go try other games or just ditch the failure that is D3.
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    Quote from Benegesserit

    the logical option would be to wait and see how it plays out before deciding if you will be getting it or not

    Translation: "LOL @ you suckers who bought D3 at launch because you had reasonable faith that it would be good considering the previous Diablo games."

    Can I like your post more than once?
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    Were amazing for rares, and for LLD stuff.

    Would like to see them come back.
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