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    wow. those are some lazy answers.

    - the paragon system is fine? the first iteration with a new portrait every ten levels meant something. now you hit 70 after a few hours in a new season and a few hours later you are already 150+ and don't even get a new frame after that. after 800 levels you just level on and on and on.. is that rewarding? is that some sort of progress? back then i could say "i try to reach paragon 30 tonight, only seven levels to go!" and it helped to motivate. now? not so much.

    - they even speak about the "next rift". you just rift rift grift grift bounty bounty your way through lots of tall grass. going side by side through a dark dungeon whilst slaying mobs is dead anyway. sprinting barbs, vaulting demon hunters and blinking monks took all the danger of a dungeon.

    - looking through to the bones of the game, they are implementing some items which set some flags. as TrueColdkil said: they manage. they don't add really meaningful stuff and add safe things like items and cosmetic rewards. it is sad.

    so, the three follow-up answers aren't much better than the real Q&A. pity.

    "they even speak about the "next rift". you just rift rift grift grift bounty bounty your way through lots of tall grass"
    Have you played the other iterations of Diablo? in Diablo 1 there were a total of 16 levels that you could farm on 3 difficulties. total. For the msot part, unless you were looking for a specific item that only dropped on a certain lvl, you farmed 3 of these levels repeatedly on hell farming EXP and gold to buy items from Griz and Wirt.
    In diablo 2, originally, you farmed Chaos sanctuary over and over again. Then we did cows over and over and over again. Then we did bloody foothill runs over and over again. Then Baal runs. Later they added UBERS and Diablo Clone.
    MF runs in D2 used to consist of running Mephisto over and over again as fast as possible.
    My point is, the nature of all Diablo games has been repeatedly grinding and killing the exact same shit over and over again in the hopes of getting some loot to make your character more powerful so that you could do the exact same thing, only a littler faster.
    Although D3 is similar in this regard, it actually has more to do than any of its predecessors. I still feel that beyond HC Seasonal, the long term playability isn't there for me personally.

    No, we're not getting anything for free. We paid for the game, we will pay for the Necro DLC, what we got is what we paid for.

    Hmm, I don't know about you, but I still remember what this game was like when it was first released, and it is NOTHING close to that in its current form. When Reaper of souls first came out, Greater Rifts didn't exist, The cube didn't exist, most legendary items and sets have been overhauled, New rift maps, bounties have been added. Total cost to you for this continued development of the game? $0. Unless of course you are playing on XBox 360 or something...

    People need to understand that this is not a subscription based game... if there isnt enough content flowing into this game for you or at an appropriate rate, go play WoW or something. As a casual player, you can't even keep up to the pace they are plowing content into that game, yet the hardcore players still complain about being bored and having nothing to do... People are just never happy and they always want MORE MORE MORE.

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    Pretty much what LordOfTerror said.

    I'm always grateful for free content (although the necro isn't free), what I'm complaining about is the lack thereof. It's been years since RoS came out, and it'l be a minimum of two years IF we ever see an expansion again, which I don't think we will. They wouldn't split up content, over a year, if they could package it all and sell it at the end of the year as a 40$ expansion.

    D3 is in maintenance mode. We're getting a cool new class in 6+ months, two new zones (wooooo) at another time, and some QoL changes at another time. Challenge rifts are just a simple tiny band-aid to try to even out a playing field, but you don't even get to use your own gear. Or your own build. I've pointed out over and over again WHY Grifts are broken (mainly because they are infinite in difficulty), so I won't go into it now. If Blizzard is fine with the state of the game, then there's really nothing I can do.

    So, ya a tiny bit of content, with nothing meaningful for the rest of the year besides one class you have to pay for. Not very encouraging.

    Sorry, I jsut don't get it. This is not a subscription based game, the fact that we are getting any new free content at all is something I personally think we should be greatful for. This isn't WOW where you get new content every few weeks these days, its Diablo, Free to play hack and slash. Its also a game that you can play for a season, not play for a year, then come back and aside from a few item changes which led to new build possibilities, you can pick the game up and start playing again without having to relearn everything. You stop playing wow for a year, and upon your return, next to nothing will be the same due to the constantly evolving nature of the game. Personally, I feel if I want a constantly evolving ecosystem with constant content, there has to be a subscription based system in place. I would be fine with that if they chose to impliment it, but im also happy with the way things are and don't expect to constantly be given things for nothing.
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    Quote from HanSolo1884»

    The Rise of the Necromancer pack will be a Band-Aid. There is so much more this game needs to get people coming back more regularly. This year they appear to be trying to keep the interest up. Maybe they are building up something for 2018. The Necromancer is going to be a character with all the same stuff as the other 6 characters. They will add new class specific items and tweak other items and maybe add some other items. That is all this pack is another character and nothing else. I feel like they have made it clear that this is what it is. Oh yea cosmetics...

    They are also releasing the armory feature, New zones for adventure mode, Challenge Rifts, adding seasons to consoles. Mind you, all of this is likely to come as a future content patch for free, completely seperate from the Necro pack.
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    Quote from UncleDan2017»

    Quote from Fearlack»

    I'm curious to see what you guys think about what the Necromancer should have and what items they should bring back.

    I'm wondering if they will bring back Runewords. Fortitude, Heart of the Oak, Call To Arms, Enigma, Exile, Etc...

    It would be interesting to how they work. Of course they would have to be normal items with many sockets. They can be socketed with 6 gems. Though that would give them a max amount of 1680 of any stat gem you put in there, and a max of 468 All Resist, but it wouldn't have any ability for anything else. So I think that would balance it out.

    As near as I can figure out from what I have read all they are doing is adding another class. No runewords or any other major changes, although I would've loved to see a major change like that. They've been careful to refer to it as a pack rather than an expansion to the game.

    They appear to be just running a new class through the same existing content. So, some new skills and passives. I'm sure it will be strong enough of a class to have either 1 or 2 Necs Meta- Mandatory so they can sell as many Necs as possible.

    I believe there is going to be a couple new zones as well, though I am not sure how that is supposed to work? perhaps the new zones will be released to everyone in a content patch, and then unlocking the Necro requries the pack purchase?
    In anycase, Runewords would be a HORRIBLE idea. They are what ruined diablo 2 honestly. They took what I enjoyed most, which was magic finding, and made it worthless. Instead of stacking your character with Magic find and hunting down bosses for loot, you were left mindlessly grinding the pit and other shitty areas for socketed items and runes. basically all Unique items became worthless. Whats the point in having all these fancy unique armor, when everyone wanted Enigma or CoH?
    I am all for them adding new Legendary items that open up new builds and new options, but for god sake, leave runewords out of this....
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    Little more PG than yesterday's build. I'll be putting it to work tonight on HC Season. The DB struggle is real!

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    Quote from bigworm79»


    Perhaps, if you have no sense of humor.... It is a game, get over it.
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