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    Quote from trenegadeยป

    Raekors just does so much more damage than EQ esp once you get every single piece of the build thats needed.

    Unless they make adjustments to EQ build the Raekor build will always be at the top.... More dmg, more survivablity and faster

    Honestly wouldn't say survivability here.
    Raekors is the build for the push on the ladder but the hard part about Raekors is also the fact you have to get the right rift, right pylons and right guardian. Don't get that you might as well just leave.
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    Use Leap Quake to get gear for SUP Barb use SUP Barb to level gems and get gear for Raekor push with Raekors gear at the end of the season and see if you can fish the perfect rift.

    I think that's what most people are thinking currently for the BARB, averaging at the average person will be above 1K paragon this season.

    As for the Paragon soon you will be maxed in everything but base stats. Once you get there if you are playing Leap Quake I plus STR, playing Raekors I plus STR & playing a SUP Barb I would plus your VIT.

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