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    OP asked for Diablo 2 item database =/ please learn to read before you call him names...

    No, he said that he kept getting D2 item database. You should follow what you preach.
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    Quote from CherubDown

    Quote from Athene_Wins

    Quote from Apoc

    Yes, the "beta forum" is certainly "open" but the beta itself I still believe will be "closed" ;)

    Obviously this.

    The FORUM is in open beta, not the beta itself
    Reading skills and common sense are cool. Not required to be wealthy and powerful in developed countries though so rejoice.
    I'm sorry, but obvious is not the word I would use to describe the phrase "the Diablo III open beta forum".

    There's an implication that "open beta" is a single phrase that describes the forum. And thus if it is a phrase, it's not two individual words that describe 'forum' individually, but as a phrase.

    As Athene_Wins points out, as it reads, "the Diablo III open beta forum" refers to the forum. If there was punctuation, such as "the Diablo III open beta, forum", it would mean something else.
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