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    I'd rather have a polished game later in the year than one full of bugs/balancing issues now. I was trying to hold onto SWTOR until D3 got released but I couldn't deal with the lack of content @ 50 and the imbalance of pvp - unsubbed. Give me quality over rushed beta-stage software any day of the year.
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    Quote from Sabvre

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    Quote from Sabvre

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    give the guy a break :) this will be lots of peoples first Diablo experience considering the last one came out over ten years ago.

    Yeah.... I'm still one of the elitists that get annoyed at how blizzard lets anyone with a battle net account get beta. I really think you should have to have diablo 2 tied to your account for beta access (or at least a preorder).

    I'm even more annoyed at all the forum noobs that came on this site just to gloat about getting beta (and have < 10 posts).

    Because no of posts = being uber pro... right?

    If you have Less than 25 posts and you come to this site within the last 3 days and mention that you got beta... get the fuck off this site. You do't ned to salt in our wounds. Alot of us having been checking this site daily... checking the oldtime blizzard.com site daily for diablo 3 news ... yet we don't get in because blizzard lets people that have never played diablo 3 opt in and get randomly selected (diluting the pool for thoe of use that have been truely obsessed with the game).

    Its 3 seperate factors:
    1.) You (not you specifically) never played diablo 1 or 2.
    2.) You get beta and suddently you are on here talking about.
    3.) All these beta wave noobs are spamming the forum with new threads asking the questions that have been answered repeatedly for the last 3 years.

    I laugh at people like you.

    I barely post, mostly browse to see whats going on every now and then. And YES, I finally got my copy of Beta today and I will rub it in your face. Does it mean since I barely post that I haven't played since Diablo 1? I've been gaming over 25 years - if anyone is a noob - it is you. I've been there since day one with Diablo 1, Hellfire, Diablo 2, and LoD - does that make me any better than the OP? No. Grow up, take a walk outside and calm down and show people common courtesy.

    Oh and BTW, I am Loving Diablo 3 beta so far - just wish I didn't have to work 14 hours today but glad I got some time in before the maint. Even more glad knowing that you are raging that other people who you feel don't deserve to test beta have it and you don't. I'll name my next character after your forum name.
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