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    Hello Diablo players

    Please can you help me? I have a problem, i dont know what stat reroll on my new daibo. Do you have any tip? I think vit or damage against elites to 10%dmg,

    I try add img but i cant so:

    Incense torch of the grand temple
    Damage per second

    2682-3949 Damage
    1.15 Attacks per second

    +1688-2104 Lightning Damage

    +1368 Dexterity

    +1338 Vitality

    Increase damage against elites by 10.0%

    Increase Wave of Light damage by 26% (Monk only)


    +28 Maximum spirit (Monk only)

    Reduces the Spirit cost of Wave of Light by 47%

    Edit: I have socket from ramalandi.

    Thanks for help.

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