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    posted a message on RoS Beta It has a worse end-game than D3 Vanilla, loot 2.0 is a joke.

    I can honestly say that I am very excited for the expansion. It takes a lot of what I disliked about the game, and gave me what I wanted to see.

    Can't say I'm really bothered about the "social" side of the game. I play it with my friends. We jump in and out of games and trade items as we find them, that is my social side concerning Diablo. However, I thought the fact that Blizzard will be adding clans to the game would be a good addition to the social side of things. They haven't revealed everything about it yet, so it is difficult for me to say whether it will be good or not, but I think it has lots of promise.

    Also, I'm not going to go into the economy gripe people seem to have. No items can be seen as waste in the game, not as long as you can salvage stuff. With the addition of the mystic and the fact that the AH is leaving, the game is going to be very different, so I'd like to wait and see how it goes. But like I said, I played with my friends and my gear is self found, so I doubt my playstyle is going to be affected a whole lot.

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    posted a message on As a nostalgic fan... A question for those who get it...

    From what I've seen, I can definitely say I am very excited. This is about the same level of excitement I got when details of LoD came out, and if impressions can be trusted, then I do believe RoS will be D3's LoD.

    However, it will most certainly not be the peak of D3. I think RoS will make a lot of mistakes. But just as D2 had its 1.10, I think D3 will also have that one defining patch that will make it truly shine.

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    posted a message on END GAME FAILS AGAIN?
    D2 had an endgame? Are you being serious? There were basically only the three difficulties, and all you had at the end to keep yourself busy with were boss runs to get runes or sets. How is that an endgame?

    And your gargle of a post is a bit incoherent. Statements end with question marks, and you're asking for a ladder, meanwhile they're already working on the ladder system. Perhaps you should bring more to the table, like adding some thoughtful and discussion worthy ideas, like a lot of players are doing these days. Just have a look at the diablofans front page.

    But you're only throwing words together in an effort to make sentences. Sorry if I am being overcritical, but lately the quality of post pertaining to endgame have become really solid, so seeing a post like this is just saddening. I do agree that D3 could do with some more elements to add varying challenges to the game, but at least add some actual substance when you make a post, and if you can't then why not jump into one of the myriad of existing "useful" posts to add your thoughts in there.
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    posted a message on Rewriting Diablo III
    The worst part is how we can easily point out the parts in D3's unfolding story where they went wrong. It's not one of those "I can't quite put my finger on it, it's just plain bad" cases, this is a matter of us knowing exactly where they got it wrong. What makes it bad is the fact that they could have easily avoided it, had they paid closer attention.

    Anyways, here's my main gripe:

    The villains
    As others have pointed out, the whole 'twisting of the mustache while divulging the evil plot, then the whole shacking of fist because they could have gotten away with it if your Scooby gang hadn't interfered' schtick is just terrible writing. Remember in D2 when we were on the trail of the Wandered, and as we were preparing to face Baal Duriel popped out. Now that was a an epic twist. And I remember when I first got to Mephisto, I crapped myself because his reputation preceded him, his presence was felt all throughout the act without him constantly trying to convince me how bad ass he is.

    The point was for Blizzard to let you feel the strength of the bosses. As they say in literature: show, don't tell. D3 was an excruciating exercise in telling.

    The Butcher was fine, but from there it fell apart.

    Belial is supposed to be a liar and manipulator, but his entire act was paper thin. I don't know if Blizzard imagines that they're making games for kids who'll be put off by complex plots, or if they just think we are dumb, but come on. If your hero couldn't point at Prince Hakan by the time you went into the sewers, then Sanctuary must be filled with gullible idiots if this eluded them. Act 2 should have been a complex "whodunit" story, where you couldn't trust anyone, and even started suspecting your own allies.

    Azmodan, as everyone else point out by now, must be hell's most incompetent general. His best strategy seems to be a zerg rush, throw as many demons at said keep and look on in dumbfounded idiocy as you hope the walls crumble under the sheer weight of the army's numbers and the weight of his own stupidity. Act 3 should have been about tactics and trying to outsmart him, but failing, not you having to mop up wherever you're needed. No, it should have been you fighting the best way you can, but Azmodan always being a step ahead. By the end of the act you should have been Bastion Keep at the end of its ropes. Then you make a mad dash towards Azmodan, hoping to sever the head off the beast because you realize you can't outmaneuver Azmodan and as such only a mad, all-out rush is the only way to win.

    Diablo, proved so sad in the end, it just mad heaven look pathetic. Iskatu, Rakanoth, Izual, these were the guys responsible for bringing the angelic host to its knees. Now I know the PC is a Nephalem, but come on. You single-handedly take out the force that beat the angels? How did the High Heavens wage the eternal war, exactly? There should have been more camaraderie between you and the sympathizing angels. Why didn't Act 4 get its own town? That was just lazy, real lazy, Blizzard. How about a High Heaven outpost where they could have clued you in and created a sense of resistance to the player. Iskatu, Rakanoth and Izual should also have been given a bit more of a presence, make them "worthy" of being hell's champions berating Heaven's best. And Diablo was just ... meh. The breaking the seals part in D2 had a great impact in setting up the magnitude of Diablo. In D3 they should have had a similar opening. Many you having to activate angelic braziers that would have blocked some of Diablo's influence in Heaven, which in turn anger him enough to turn his ire onto you. And less talking! Why pause mid fight to give an speech about his feelings and explain how angry he is. Again, show, don't tell.

    Now as for the minor players that annoyed me:

    Zoltan Kulle did not phase me the first play through. However, after consecutive play throughs it saddened me more and more just how they missed a great opportunity here. The idea was simple, take a character with a sense of purpose, who knows his Nephalem heritage and wants to claim his right. He basically mirrors the PC in a startling way, which is supposed to let the players reflect on their own choices and what defines them and makes them worthy heroes. Instead we get a guy who is just an a-hole with a maniacal laugh, you can practically envision Kulle rubbing his hands together with an evil Jafar grin. It seems that Blizzard wanted a deep character to show how Nephalem power can lure you, but instead they just gave us a corny loon.

    Maghda is just perplexing, she doesn't even feel like a natural fit in a Daiblo game. The insect concept could have worked, but the moth headress and wings was just an odd design. What feel were they going for? Was she supposed to look timid, thereby giving you a false sense of security? When she killed Cain it just felt desperate. They had one of the most rediculous characters kill the cornerstone character of the Diablo series, probably in a bid to convince the player that she may look silly, but actually she is vicious. And when players lashed out they were probably confused. No, she just doesn't make sense, and it made Cain's death feel invalidated and unworthy. If they wanted Cain to have impact, then the killer should have been a force to be reckoned with. And when Maghda was supposed to have an insect design, they should have chosen more threatening qualities and made her feel like more of a threat than an annoyance.
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    posted a message on New Datamined Patch - Class Changes, Passive Effects, Item Graphics and MUCH more
    Looks good, all round. I must say, each of these datamine threads makes me even more excited than the last. Can't wait for Blizzcon.

    Quote from maka

    WoW can blow me.
    WoW's so desperate, it will probably try.
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    posted a message on Diablo 3 Announced for PlayStation
    Now an entirely different gaming market can share in our disappointment.
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    posted a message on Diablo III is dead.
    I actually stopped playing D3 a while back. *gasp* Yes, I did. Well, I paid for the game so I guess I have the right not to play it. I still come to this site though, checking up on details.

    At present I'm waiting for GW2, and I'm going to play the living hell out of it. Saying 'blah, it's a dumb game', or 'enjoy your fail game' is just ignorant babbling. The BWEs are brilliant, and I plan on playing for a long time to come.

    However, there will be a day when I'll want something different, need a break from that game. Then, when D3 1.1.5 (or whatever) is out, I will return. I plan on keeping my D3 version up to date, and I can't wait for the day when I come back and find an improved game. I might even start a new character, just to see how much has changed, and the thought of it really excites me.

    If you read this and shake your head, wondering, it's true, a person can enjoy and like two games, even at the same time. I plan on enjoying GW2 and D3 for many years to come, and try some other games in between.

    I quit D2 the same way, because I saw the strong game underneath, and just like D3, I know and trust that on that solid foundation a brilliant game will one day attest to this fact.
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    posted a message on guild wars 2
    The game is just beyond amazing, it truly has everything for everyone. From insanely casual to hardcore competitive content. I really don't see how anyone cannot want to play this game.

    Firstly there is the the personal story. I did a thorough run through of the charr and asura starter stories, and wow! There is so much variation and well presented storytelling going on, at times I was so enthralled that I had to remind myself that the game is actually an MMO as well.

    Then there are the hearts and events. I'm amazed how well they go hand in hand. Hearts are little things that are happening around the zone, like the charr are building in an area, so you can detonate tree stumps, or grenade wasp nests out of trees, or just drive away the local fire legion trouble makers.
    Then there are events that happen all around, for instance, while I was cleaning up around the charr camp, a large group of flame legion attacked the encampment. We drove them off, but the structures suffered a bit of damage. So, the lead engineer at the camp went off looking for scrap metal to fix the damage. You can pickup pieces lying around to give him a hand, after which he will repair the camp. taking part in this event actually fills your renown heart as well.

    Then there are mini games. I joined in the keg brawl and it was so much fun. There are two teams on a frozen lake, and two brewers on opposite ends. Kegs keep appearing in the middle of the lake, and you need to get them to your brewer. Players without kegs can knock players over, or kick them, or stomp to trip opponents. Meanwhile, when you have a keg you can spill some on the ground to slip pursuers, or bash them over the head with the keg, or punt it, or take a sip for a speed boost.

    There was so much to do. At one stage I was just standing around, not sure what to do next. Then, an area announcement stated that the lionguard are prepping to invade a norn battle camp. It was a two-pronged attack to first take the towers, then we cleared the center and had to occupy it for a minute. Then a large norn beast appeared, and about twenty of us fought for almost ten minutes to kill the thing.
    That's one example of how small events kept building into large scale fun-fests.

    Unfortunately I didn't get to try WvW. I really, really wanted to, but had a bad stomach bug which had me out of commission half the weekend. It looks great to, and I've heard great things.
    Likewise, I didn't get to level 30, so I couldn't try out the Ascalonian Catacombs, the first dungeon in the game. The videos looked great though, and I'm really bummed that I wouldn't try out these two aspects of the game.

    What I can say is, the combat is smooth, fast, and frenetic. You need to stay aware of the battlefield, and know what your skills do. just standing on one spot, spamming the no.1 key will get you killing. The skills are varied, and the professions are so diverse. Even a single profession can be played so differently between two players.

    Everything about this game is so polished. It's so natural to play, and insanely easy to work with other players. I formed a lot of groups, because the game wants you to work with players, even will just questing.

    Every person should give GW2 a try. Best of all is, pay once and play forever. There was even a developer video not long ago where they stated that due to the natural flow of content, they will be adding more after release and keep the game building for years to come.

    Quote from Serpenth

    I'll be honest I'm not enjoying it. Way too RP for me. There's other little things too, but eh I don't feel like going back and forth. It's just not for me. Just a personal thing really.
    RP? I don't understand what you mean by it's 'too RP'. I can only assume that you are referring to the personal story. If so then I think your making a mistake to base your entire opinion of the game on a mode that represents less than a quarter of the entire product. Like I said above, you can play the entire game, and not even do the personal story past the ten minute introduction.

    You can jump between events, level through crafting, stick to renown hearts, try mini games, just explore, focus on dungeons (each dungeon has two modes: story (easy) and explorable (hard), and has multiple paths and outcomes), or you can solely PvP by just doing WvW, or you can jump straight into structured pvp and play competitively.

    This game has so much variation, and doesn't even force any of it on you. The developers have even stated that you can level a character to 80 by just crafting and never even set a foot outside the city.
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    posted a message on No Longer a Fan
    Quote from DUNCAN99

    Dude relax. By the way. They were making diablo 3 an action rpg still playing like a hack n slash but with mmo features. i'm quite sure it wouldn't be anything like WoW. More Diablo 2 LoD with more players. Actually sounds pretty darn awesome to me.
    Umm, no. This is from a recent interview:

    "You know, when I was working at Blizzard a million years ago we were working on Diablo 3 and it was an MMO. We were going to do the Diablo version of World of Warcraft. Blizzard obviously changed that pretty quickly, so we left to start Flagship Studios and we brought in a lot of the guys, so they rebooted with their own team."

    Let me rephrase the critical part "We were going to do the Diablo version of World of Warcraft." Blizzard North was effectively turning Diablo into World of Diablo, they were making it an MMO. I always laugh when people start praising the North team as this infallible pillar of gaming excellence. In effect, they were destroying Diablo behind the scenes, and most people didn't even know about it. The D3 we have today is far closer to the Diablo franchise than the World of Diablo they were making, and Shaefer even applauded the current effort Blizzard has put into the game. I think that says a lot.
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    posted a message on D3 taken apart.
    It just feels like such a waste, really, it does. I know there's this whole discussion going on about maturity levels and creative rage outlets and all that, but I don't really care to involve myself in any of that.

    I've bought games I felt disappointed in, likewise with film dvds and music cds. In those cases I just store it away, or give it to someone else who might enjoy it. Its just upbringing I guess. My dad went a long way to instil a sense of value and respect in me, and when I saw this, it was the first thing that came to my mind. Yes, its his property, but what you do with your things and how you behave in your spare time reflects on who you are as a human being.

    Taking an item, especially something with high cost and meticulously 'taking it apart' is just so damaged, and I'm not talking about the item in question. What must go through your mind, to take some of your time (a valued commodity) and just wreak havoc on a lifeless tool meant for entertainment. While it might be deemed as 'worthy entertainment' by some, just take a moment and reflect what the actual act entailed. He destroyed something, taking his time and mentally planned out how he could ruin it to the best of his capabilities.

    Afterwards he dedicated more of his time to actually photograph it and display it on the internet for the world to see. For what purpose? Recognition? Acceptance? Praise? And the final photograph ... what was the point of that, to display Cain in such a manner...?

    I know some of you are miffed at this game, and by all means, be if you must. But just take a step back, forget what the game was, and see it as a nameless item. Think how you would react if you find a friend, or sibling, or even your own child doing something like this. Perhaps it might even be a present you bought him or her. Is this a constructive way for a person to act? You may think that this must have been a cathartic experience for this individual, but let me ask one last thing: when has it ever been good practice to commit senseless destruction for no other reason than to feel good about it?
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