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    posted a message on This is Joke (Drop-Craft-Kadala-Botters) S10

    i never found any single primal ancient, beaten GR 70 a week ago. farming for a couple of hours everyday. no such luck, i suspect if something went wrong, if something is bugged etc etc...

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    posted a message on Useless stuff all over the place.
    Quote from Kissmyaxe»

    you can steamroll in normal difficulty too, will it be as fun as it was?

    changing skills, items, making new builds and things like that should not come at a cost of reverse progress. while i was able to do GR 70 with the first set i had on my hand(zunimassa, the one who i got free with headrigs gifts) somehow i am expected to be happy with gr 30 after i gather all those loots? do you see whats wrong with your suggestion? more time and more loot investment just for some terrible performing items/builds/synergy. thats exactly what i call "unrewarding", and steals every bits of excitement left for me to play game for more time. if i am not able to continue my progress, i am not gonna be able to make alternate builds to change the way i play the game every once in a while, then whats the point of playing it anymore? the build i started at the beginning of season is still by far the strongest one... so why would i even care unrelated item drops? wheres the exciting item grinding, adaptation, challenge in that?

    and by the why, one must mention the long forgotten issue; we all are using the exact same skills/items so our characters are exactly, identically same as other. if skills/items are the only way that can offer any uniquness to my hero, than please let me be able to do so. offer some interesting alternate paths so i can make a different WD.

    by the way, im not targeting some random builds, there are special legendaries for certain use. i just posted 2 of them, please look at them and say they are "random" if you can. they are not. they are constructed for a grasp of the dead oriented build.. tell me, is there any grasp of the dead in use now? did you ever even see anyone using grasp of the dead, let alone a unique build made for it? answer is no. no one uses that.
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    posted a message on Useless stuff all over the place.


    interesting suggestion, i may try that with my friends (:

    so whats your saying is, come with your own rules instead of waiting for blizzard.. smart way of thinking dude.

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    posted a message on Useless stuff all over the place.

    i've played many games throughout many years, most of them are/were RPG's and Strategy games. while i understand what you mean, and i agree to a degree, i think this isnt the issue here.

    main issue is "supposedly meta builds" are not "meta builds". they were inteded to be such, they were designed to be a part of the existing beta.

    in other words, designers goals are not met, therefore, what we encounter is a bad, unintended result of a bad design.

    i know im making bold statements here, but i invite you to look at a couple of things together... lets go;

    Deadly Rebirth, a legendary ceremonial weapon, is specifically designed for you to use Grasp of the dead:

    +Increases Grasp of the Dead Damage by 45–60% (Witch Doctor Only)

    this affix is to grant damage. you use this item, you expect to see good damage. pretty self explanatory.

    +Grasp of the Dead gains the effect of the Rain of Corpses rune.

    what this rune does, it adds a second damage source. with Rain of Corpses, corpses also rains down to the sky and falls on enemies. so, even more and more damage is provided.

    also another thing to be noted, it gives you furthermore control over enemies, because corpses can fall anywere on screen, not only targeted area of grasp of the dead.

    moving on, we even see more items for grasp of the dead.

    wilken's reach, a legendary off hand, a mojo:

    first affix you see, is just like Deadly Rebirth, is a bonus damage specifically granted for Grasp of the Dead. designer clearly wants you to deal damage.

    +Increases Grasp of the Dead Damage by 45–60% (Witch Doctor Only)

    also, again, just like Deadly Rebirth, a second affix is there for grasp of the dead.

    +Grasp of the Dead no longer has a cooldown.


    if those 2 items are not enough and you are looking for more, you can combine them in a set, hellthooth set.

    more damage multipliers for grasp of the dead.

    an alternate path also exists, LoN.


    and STILL ITS NOT ENOUGH. even if you have all those items, grasp of the dead will not do any noticible damage to a monster from GR 30 or higher. it cant kill anything at all.

    see, thats why i say graps of the dead were aimed to be part of the existing meta but it isnt. this is clearly result of a terrible design.

    this is just one single but i can go on and on. for example, look at the skill corpse spiders, and items designed for it. same things happens there too. special affixes and bonus damages and even a set that includes that skill in it(arachyr set). result? just like grasp of the dead, intended as a part of meta but fails so bad to become one. some terrible design which even devs do not want to see.

    there are many terrible designed things existing for WD. and from what i heard, WD isnt the only one suffers from those. all classes have many terrible designed things for them.

    meta cant become meta!

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    posted a message on Useless stuff all over the place.

    "why are you playing that one build? because it's stronger, so you play it, to progress faster, to gain more paragon levels, but for what? do you want to push leaderboards?"

    i dont really aim anything,
    1-i just love the progression feel, the feel of getting stronger,
    and 2- i love trying new ways to play.

    ofcourse enojoyment will not last forever, but i dont really set my demands high.

    enjoyment should at least last until current season end a new season starts. isnt it a realistic and reasonable wish?

    "if not, why not just try to find fun builds ("play it your way") and see how far you can push them. sure, maybe you can't push 80+ with most of those builds, but you can challenge yourself, beat your best GR with that build."

    i already tried nearly every possible skill & item combination which seems reasonable. grabbing +120% damage bonus for grasp of the dead with 2 ancient items that gives those, combined with helltooth and LoN, none of them does any considerable damage. obivously devs wanted me to use this combination to have best use of grasp of the dead, because no other item gives such focused bonuses to GoTD. best outcome was GR 30.

    comparing to my zuni pet, its reaaly way too low. that 30 should have been at least 50 to be considered acceptable. noone can achieve perfectness in balance but current balance between those two are incredibly bad.

    "eventually your only going to have 1-2 builds that are the "best". "

    this perfectly sums up the current situation imho, but is that number is really the limit? after so many hours of theorycrafting, i am very sure that number can be at least 6 for each class if a proper balance is applied. sure there will always be a meta, there will be always one "strongest" build but this isnt a big problem. having 6 builds to be able to clear at least GR 70 will do enough. and with all that diversity im sure there will be exciting multiplayer sessions in every season where creativity of interesting comboes will shine. there wont be some few obvious meta that people know before even a new season. seeing meta shapes slowly in every season, creates an excitement factor.. at least player slike me would be way more excited thats what im sure.

    "all you actually do is complaining. The solution seems obvious still just making suggestions like you guys do just wont cut it and it would be even worse than it is now. It's like that over and over again..."

    umm well not really?? why? because they can acctually do it and im not making blind guesses or wishes. look at how things changed for spirit barrage. it were long forgotten and useless but with some tunings and a couple of new affixes/items it became something interesting now. people can work with it now... and even, theres a real deal good meta LoN build for it.

    so why not making such tunings for other skills/items aswell? its completely possible if blizz & fans really want it.

    "Unrelated to OP: For gods sake, can we do something about the need to stare at the UI for FnR/CoE/similar short buffs/cooldowns. I want to play the game, not stare at icons."

    thats a brilliant idea!

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    posted a message on Useless stuff all over the place.

    Hi. Lately i feel very disapointed about d3 after having played season 10 with my WD for a quite time.

    my wd is 560 paragon levels, and beaten GR 71 as of now. i was really enjoying the game, feeling of progression and experimenting stuff.. but it stopped.

    my problem at this point is.. not about lack of endgame content or atmosphere(.now of course those are issues, but they are already spoken a lot and i see no reason to discuss endgame or atmosphere of d3.) it is.. the lack of diversity, illusion of diversity in this game.

    grasp of the dead... sacrifice... zombie bears.. all those skills... primary skills... lots of passive skills... there are tons of useless skills that drives me angry when i try to make builds for them, because simply, they DONT WORK!

    and even worse, there are lots of cool looking items ---which are acctually not cool enough--- make one believe that you can do something if you use them... WRONG! apparently thats just an illusion. when you really put them on, and try to slay some demons, you see you just suck! you deal no damage or die instantly or both!

    this game is very unbalanced and this really disturbs me. more then half a content for wd is just in the game to create an illusion of choice... i suspect same thing goes on with other heroes too. after all these years of developement AND even moving on to design another hero(necro) one expects core game to be in a good position allready... but im not seeing that at all!

    i think devs should inspect closer and test every single item, tweak numbers here and there, and if necessary, even add some new items to make some combinations possible to work as they should. i ve only seen such change for spirit barrage, only 1 skill in whole wd skillset. its not useless anymore thankfully but.. saying again, its only 1 skill among all those useless pile of skills/items.

    and theres also another issue, some usefull skills have wierd problems to be solved... for example soul harvest skill.. its very problematic when you enter boss fight, especcialy againts boss who are far, far away from white mobs... like the way to cydea. how am i supposed to use and stack this skill in cydea fight? frustrating...

    to cut it short, i think there is a big unthouched sad pile of useless stuff in d3 still which are still not adressed/fixed.

    whats your thoughts on this ?

    btw, im sorry if my english is too bad and if makes it difficult to understand.

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    posted a message on Diablo 4 delayed by 5 years!

    lost ark is a flashy anime game.

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    posted a message on I was lurking on the US forums, and found this....

    game sold a lot. and thats enough to know. now take that extra payment suggestion elsewhere please. blizzard is a rich and growing company. we are short of content but this has nothing to do with money.

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    posted a message on I was lurking on the US forums, and found this....

    this game is one of the best sellers of all times. no extra payment needed. stop promoting this bullshit. they dont need more money for diablo to acctualy do something. they already had enough. so, stop. k?

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    posted a message on What Diablo 4 can learn from the series

    atmosphere... fix the frigging atmosphere which d3 ruined in series first.

    what do i mean?

    -everything explodes and flies away. TOO much epic that it doesnt look even a bit realistic. goatman flying 100 meters and stuff..
    -hero destroys everthing with such a big force and impact, that nothing holds a fearful effect on player psychology, not even bosses.
    -talking about bosses, they really talk too much and game itself is explaining every single detail which leaves no room for mystery. yeah we want to learn more and more lore, but not like this. it shouldnt be like this.
    -no darkness whatsoever. light radius was acctually a brilliant idea, both in mechanical use and atmosphere. i come to realise that now, i wasnt a fan of this back then but more i think over it more i love it. im writing my own imaginary diablo game, and nearly half of my monster ideas are associated with darkness mechanic. it feels holy/unholy, it gives a nice touch to creater, it creates an unknown fear.. the list of reasons goes on... this kind of game needs different levels of dark & light in it. no doubt.
    -some armors and weapons looks way over the top. im playing barbarian and i absoloutly dislike the end game item looks. it all looks giant, feels like im in a some kind of anime-game. this is wrong. previous diablo games never did such a thing. epicness is not about how big an item is. half of d3 items look totally out of place.
    -for the most part, music is terrible. esspecially in vanilla. who the heck thought ambient sound effects are good for diablo? diablo music is not a background music that fades away, on the contrary it pulls you in with its strong sound. guitars, drums and strong orchestral music which is almost wagnerlike(like in d2 LoD, act 5).
    -enviroment looks like a painting, it focuses on being beutiful.. it kinda achieves being beutiful but objects look like plastic and baby proof rounded corners are everywhere lol. no grim sights of realistic torture/corpses and stuff.. enviroment has a wierd fog on them. probably for good causes such as not causing any visual cluster... but it also destroys realism. backgrounds is.. too much background.
    -color themes are horrible. i still cant understand why they thought this was a good idea. act 5 is all blue, from leoric to butcher, all the way is colored heavy red. i mean if you are going to use lots of colors in diablo at least do it the right way. color themed enviroments are horrible.
    -too much politically correct. no nudity, no dead child or women. reused zombies as corpses. gender equality concerns all round the game.
    -d1 & d2 mythos was heavily influenced by christianity, but d3 has like.. none. again, pollitical correctness. they redifined mythos for no real reason and know it doesnt seem sanctuary but looks like a new fantasy setting.
    -serious mood ruined by jokes all the time. just why?
    -gameplay evolved around being superfast. it shouldnt be like this. we shouldnt be rushing everything, from rifts to killing monsters. this may look like what we want, but its acctually devs mistake. they caused this desire to emerge.

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    posted a message on Is possible to add PvP to the game? YES!

    when you talk about effort to make something happen, you become to think like a game dev rather then a game player(user). we are users, so think as a user. dev problems are for devs and we may never really know hard or easy will it be for them to handle those problems. user may only "assume" things about developing but not acctually "know". same applies for the dev side.

    i think d3 has an awesome camera view, hit feel etc etc, and i guess pvp would feel very satisfying and unique if implemented well in it.

    d2 had no dev supported deep pvp as you say, yeah, it was mostly created by community effort. but also when you think of it, this was a completely okay thing for its time. in 2017, we are far from that point now with internet/multiplayer being much more accessable. gaming is much more global and social. doing same thing today is not okay anymore. devs are responsible for those social interaction between players. its not something luxury anymore. its fundemental.

    josh may have said those words, but it doesnt mean pvp discussion should be a closed case. after all its the users who play the game. this topic is alive as long as considerable number of players keep demanding and voicing opinions about it. as you see, its not forgotten, and if its not forgotten then its not dead.


    pvp is not the reason why some games are crap. real reason is, the way how todays devs deliver it. its very wrong to cut everything in sake of pvp. so that "big fat no" is acctually not fat at all. if you are looking for whats wrong, then i advise you to look for details instead of existence of the pvp concept.

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    posted a message on Is possible to add PvP to the game? YES!

    lol what are you people are on?


    and dont forget blizzard scammed players with a pvp promise.

    "pvp will kill diablo"
    now, why would it kill? any reason? its hard to balance things for pvp i get it yeah its true but its only a matter of difficulty not about atmosphere or anything like that. pvp isnt something alien to diablo.

    everyone is crying about how end game is boring, but also, somehow doesnt want pvp in diablo?! pvp can deliver all time fun and you really dont want it?

    i really have some hard time understanding this. you should be either happy with games current state, or simply want modes like op suggest to have some more things to do so you can be happy after that.


    just brainstorming.. how about winner stealing loot from loser? tears of joy and rage may very well fuel the desire of more and more loothunt in other game mods :P one random item of losing side drops.. imagine you enter an intense pvp but you die and your awesome weapon is looted by enemy hero. such a tempting gamble!

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    posted a message on Expansion, possibly new game in the works...

    hahahah. passion for d3.

    nice joke.

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    posted a message on Expansion, possibly new game in the works...

    why the hell people think we should pay more for more diablo? they allready earned millions and millions. we allready made them super rich.

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    posted a message on Expansion, possibly new game in the works...

    yes i was. damn fool i am to expect something intelligent from activision blizzard.

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