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    posted a message on I'm giving away a beta key *updated* Oct 11
    Here's hoping
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    posted a message on The F&F Beta Testing Has Begun, With No NDA.
    Awesome stuff , lets hope they hand out some beta keys to us aussies so we can join in the beta fun .
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    Yes Please Sixen
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    Quote from bigtpsychoboy

    Quote from zelictic

    Hope you make it interesting, instead of the basic "post here for keys"

    I hope i get one lol, that game looks awesome. It's something to play and test before diablo 3. I feel that the D3 beta will be even harder to get in to than PoE.

    Yeah D3 beta will definately be harder to get into due to the i expect millions of players wanting in.

    Lets hope POE is easier to get a key
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    I must admit when i started reading your post i thought it was just another rant about i hate blizzard/RMAH/Skills debate and was pleasently surprised " Good post ".

    With the beta coming soon " i hope " i have been reading a lot of forums and quite frankly got very frustrated myself at the amount of complaints for a product which only a privelidged few have played.

    It seem a lot of people are apparently psychic and know these changes to the game have been detrimental without playing it.

    I mean why dont they just trust blizzard to give players a great game as they have done in the past.

    I just hope dialbo 3 is a very fun and engrossing game like D1 & D2 " which can only be known by playing it ".

    Personal Opinions Below ;-)
    As for the RMAH i like the idea and just dont understand the complaints about it.

    Eg:Most complaints about it
    A player buys all the best gear on the Ah

    1/Wont affect me in pve , infact he might be buying gear i put up there " woohoo "

    2/Will only affect me if i am miraculously matched against him in pvp and then if he beats me the matchmaking system will adjust it .

    3/It has already been stated that blizz havent balanced the characters for pvp

    4/He wont be able to wear it till the approprite lvl " no point buying lvl 60 gear at lvl 1 "

    And for those that say what if he buys a fully geared character " if they allow character sales " well for one i doubt he will have the skill to play it properly " ala wow "

    And finally as been stated by Blizzard its a pve cooperative game with a small element of pvp .
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    Well in my opinion they stated they still aimed for a 2011 release , so using that time frame a december release is possible.

    So closed beta is 15th august to 15th septmber , server stress test " open beta " 16th september to 22nd september.

    Late september to late october crunch numbers and statistics from beta tests and anounce release date for Diablo 3 " at blizzcon " im guessing december 4th for some reason ".

    Late october through november polish final product and ship to retailers.

    Finish patch for release day problems and the usual bugs that pop up at release.

    Here's hoping ;)
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    Quote from palathos

    I've seen one too many "If you don't like it, don't use it, simple!" posts. If only it were that simple we might not have anything to debate about. The problem with this line of reasoning is that even if people do not want anything to do with the cash AH it will have an impact on every aspect of the game's economy. If gold can turn into cash and vice versa then inevitably they will have an impact each others values regardless of whether or not someone chooses to not participate in the cash AH.

    If there was a way for those of us who don't want the cash AH to avoid it altogether, I suspect we would have nothing to argue about to begin with.

    There is a way for those who dont want to use the cash ah , dont use it " simple " whichever way the games economy goes wont affect those who dont use it.
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    posted a message on The Auction House Explained
    Great Article thank you .

    As for the hate debate over the auction house i just dont get the complaints , if you dont like it dont use it " simple " just look at it as an optional extra " like all the radio stations you dont listen too in you car ".

    Most people are overeacting to a single game feature " thats completely optional " when they havent even played the game.

    I loved D1 and D2 and lan play with friends on a drunken friday night " lan play isnt in D3 " we gamed and pick up loot exchanged loot etc and played to the early hours of the morning awesome fun , at no time did i feel the need to buy any items to increase the pleasure i got from the game so little johnny rottencrotch buying his gear from websites made no difference to me ,if he got enjoyment from it good for him as thats what games are for FUN .
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