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    posted a message on Diablo Hack Causes over $10,000 worth of damages
    Lol, any1 still believes in those tales about hacking AH?
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    posted a message on Nerfing gear swapping will have unintended consequences on Act 2/3/4 farming
    The font is terrible. I understand you copypaste that, but have some respect and at least adjust the font.
    Onthe topic, this:
    Quote from mistapickles

    Magic find is not working as intended. When it is no longer viable to swap out gear, magic find will be working as intended.
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    posted a message on where is everyone?
    Quote from foladar

    Tons of people quit after 1.0.3, whether it be the repair costs, the IAS nerf, or (for me) the drop rates in the latter acts.
    Or because Inferno became too easy... I didn't expect the nerf so soon, makes me sad.
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    posted a message on Kripparrian and Krippi Hardcore Diablo Inferno World First Kill
    Quote from F8L_Fool

    Quote from Fitsu

    So, the game is doable without a single death.... Why is it being nerfed again? :S

    Ya, because having an entire guild of people feeding you gear to the point that it trivializes the game is what everyone is doing, right?

    Because one group of people is a sufficient sample in order to dictate/justify the balance of an entire game, played by millions of people across the planet, right?

    By that logic the next time a guild in WoW manages to full clear an entire expansion in like a week, be sure to make said content exponentially more difficult in a hotfix. Despite the fact that 99% of the players won't even see it for months. See where I am going with this?

    His gear was pretty mediocre, FAR FAR away from being perfect.
    They said they gonna make Normal easy for those casuals who can't make decent progress coz of lack of time or skill. Inferno Diablo was killed in a wekk on SC, in 5 weeks on HC - that's when they claimed before release it would take ~2months.
    Long story short - end-game content is supposed to be hard and long-term, and there's absolutely no need to make it easier now for the sake of all the casuals with self-esteem problems to make Inferno beatable by everyone.
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    posted a message on Formula for DR from Resists
    Quote from Haakkon

    This is correct. Don't forget though that in your details page it will always show the value against your level enemy. So even though Act III/IV are level 63 (I think? maybe 64) your character sheet will still show the resist against a level 60.
    Erm, what is correct? That formula is wrong. Either that or i've got a brain fart.

    127/(5*45+127) = 0,36079... ~ 36,08%
    The actual number is different by 0,04%.

    Though formula for armor works great:

    5101/(50*60+5101) = 0,62967... ~ 62,97%

    So all those eHP calculators you guys make, what formula do you use? Anyone knows the correct one?
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    posted a message on The reason we're mad.
    Overall i liked the game. Though ofc it's not up to the expectations i had. So far mostly because of the skill system... It made the game fail in 2 aspects:
    1) No replayability turned out to be a bad idea... Leveling new characters to try-out new builds was way more fun than what we have now.
    2) The amount of viable skills is even lower atm than it was in D2. Those small differents on 1-2 skill and ~1 passive on builds most people use just look the same as Lightning Ama with Valkyre vs Lightning Ama w/o Valk. Not major at all.
    And overall skills/classes are way too imbalanced.

    And there's coming 3rd fail with nerfing Inferno. They said it's gonna take around 2 months to beat Inferno, now 3 weeks passed and people on HC already in act3 (that means w/o bug/death exploits which let softcore people kill Inferno Diablo in 1 week or smth). I mean the pace is kinda ok now. May be it should be even harder, though it would've been - w/o shitty Treasure Goblins and Azmodan/ZK/etc powerleveling. Now you really have to farm some rare gear to progress through acts 2-4 and give some thought on build and stats on gear. But after nerf there probably won't be any "end-game" at all.

    PS On a side note all complainers should try HC if they haven't yet. Lots of problems you guys complain about simly don't exist on HC so far. For example - GAH. There are no hundreds of Stormshields,etc. It's still hard to find decent gear, and much harder for decent prices. And you still can make some good gold with finding mediocre rare/legendary.
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    posted a message on Formula for DR from Resists
    Anyone knows formula for damage reduction with resists? I've found one, where
    Elemental damage reduction = Resistance / (5 × Monster Level + Resistance),
    but it seems inaccurate, since numbers ingame are different for about 0.02% or smth.
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    posted a message on This Game Feels too Easy, But in a Bad Way
    Quote from Ghost_Sanguis

    I remember them saying that it would take about the same time to get to level 60 in Diablo 3 as it did to get to level 99 in Diablo 2.
    They have never said anythin like that. They only claimed that length of playthrough 1-4 act is approximately the same, therefore you beat hell in d3 in the same time you do it in d2 - and it's far from 99lvl.
    About difficulty - you are probably too skilled. I played HC from day 1 in pretty fast pace, so i couldn't find any item upgrades for my lvl on AH. And it wasn't easy on Hell. Normal is pretty easy, NM lets you taste some challenge, Hell is painfull, and now i'm stuck on 2nd act Inferno. That's exactly what they said before release...
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    posted a message on Loggin in/out what am I doing wrong?
    Don't press "Resume game", be sure to Change Quest to safe point.
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    posted a message on Looking for Guild
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    posted a message on D3: Unfinished. Blizzard dropped the ball.
    Quote from PizzaSHARK

    Quote from Serpenth

    I wouldn't say unfinished. I would say unbalanced. It many, many forms.

    1.) Champion/Elites are harder than Bosses (Belial, Azmodan, etc)
    2.) Auction House is dramatically effecting character progression. Items Lvl 50 are selling for 10-12k and are instant upgrades. No need to farm gear just go to the AH.
    3.) No real difference between Magical and Rare items.

    #1 is completely intentional. Blizzard's said they want the focus to be on the champions and elites, not the act bosses, which is why the act bosses don't even provide very good rewards compared to champs and elites.

    He isn't talking about drop i assume. This and magic find overall has been discussed a lot before release, nothing new.
    What feels wrong is the lack of difficulty in bossfights compared to elite/champ packs. I agree that the main bosses of acts should bring more challenge.
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    posted a message on World first 60 lvl Hardcore WitchDoctor?
    Quote from haXudon

    screens? also EU has 9 hours advantage. so grats on being first in your region.
    Why do you name your thread "World first.." and then when someone else, not you, is idd first one in the world you start to point out on time difference (which doesn't matter since it's only 9 hrs, and i've got 60lvl 26hrs earlier) and call it just region first? Just curious.
    I didn't take screenshot with timestamp on achievement, so will post it later when servers are up.
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    posted a message on World first 60 lvl Hardcore WitchDoctor?
    I got one at 2am May 18. First in Eu/US, don't know about Kor
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    posted a message on Community's HC progression
    Quote from TPFLegionaire

    Looking good...well done you guys...hope you survive till inferno...Any good drops?
    i've only got 1 legendary - wizards wand for 26lvl or smth, and book with Cain's set recipes... that's ridiculous for 54lvls
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