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    "Checking into blizz hq!"
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    Quote from lolle_b

    Hi, I'm new here so don't know if this question has been up before.

    They've said that one of the artistans will be able to remove sockets, have they said anything about if you get to keep the gems inside the item or will the gems be destroyed in the process?

    what do you think would be best for the game and what would you prefer?

    I just finished Blizzcon 2010 D3 Q&A and some other video from there..

    From what I did understand you will keep the gem when you remove it from a socket item!
    It will cost you to remove it, how much? Anyones guess

    (Last part here just me thinking)
    The reason you keep the gem is that you could only find a fixed tier and would have to make the highest one..
    this would take quite some time I guess

    Just checked the video again as I had it in history!
    The Jeweler can de-sockets gems for a small fee
    and you would keep both the gem and item!
    So they really like how you would collect and upgrade gems in d2
    but they want you to use them instead of saving them for later!
    14 gem levels but only first 5 drops
    higher level needs to be combined by the jeweler..
    (as of blizzcon 2010) things may have changed
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