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    Quote from stevenatyou

    hey i was kind of late signing up for the beta and i would like to get a beta test asap please... can you please send me info on how to get a beta key or just send me a beta keys please and thankyou

    Enter your phone number in the upper right of the linked site below. Your welcome:
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    Quote from DerfOnTurf

    Seems terrible and exploitable to me. Nothing was wrong with only being able to change in town.

    This is how i feel. Not long enough.

    What bugs me is the commitment. When i play a class i want to at least have the illusion i'm playing a "poison witchdoctor", not play a game of "oh here's these guys, i need to switch skills".

    Sometimes, at least for me, a lot of the fun is picking a build and going with it and making it work in places maybe it shouldn't but if i'm able to swap any time, i'm playing the all skill weilding multiclass extrordinare. Personally i hope they change it back, or extend the time.
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    Quote from napobm43

    I wait because Blizzard sets its own deadlines for its products including this one and can't manage to meet them.
    I wait because "when it's done" has somehow turned into a freedom for Blizzard to (1) develop a game without ever committing to any game mechanics even those most core to the game and (2) change these core mechanics at the last minute at a time after Blizzard once told us the game would be released.
    I wait because years of development resources have been wasted on game mechanics that have failed because Blizzard employees weren't able to forecast these failures in advance and get it right the first time so that Blizzard could make more money off the game and we could all enjoy it sooner.
    I wait because Blizzard thinks it's best to delay this game repeatedly under the guise of delivering the best game possible when the truth is that the reasons for the delays are poor development decisions that (apparently) constantly need revision.
    I wait because the beta pool is so small that my chances of getting in are next nothing.

    This pretty much echoes my sentiments. As a dedicated fan since Diablo 1 when i was 12 years old playing it at my moms house, now here i am 28 out of college with a job etc. i can't help but feel like the excuse of "making it the best game possible!" is beginning to reek of not knowing what they're doing, and wasting time on countless bad decisions, and abusing the fact that they have infinite time and resources.

    I was talking with a pal tonight about it, and he rung true when he said that it's almost as if they keep adding and taking stuff out not so much for the sake of good design; But instead because they've been in development, working on the game for 10+ years, and they get excited about something not because it's a needed addition or because it adds to the game, but because they've been working on it so long they're all sick of it and when they add something they're just excited cause it's something new. They just need to release it already, it's getting to the point where it's ridiculous.

    Dont get me wrong, i'm excited for the game, but i was extremely lucky to be in beta extremely early. I've been in beta for quite awhile now, and yeah some people will argue otherwise, but when beta first opened up in august or september to the public, that was a shippable game. Sure, there was some UI stuff, and some issues with skill swapping, but for a beta...that game was extremely polished, now they're still screwing around moving things around, changing stats from less complex to now more complex again. Someone needs to kick them in the ass and make them release it.
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    Quote from Creepsville

    No They're giving people who play WoW or SC incentive to try out Diablo 3 and buy the CE no less. It gives them money which helps pay for their games and gives you something nice to add to your other games.

    Ah, I see. They are whoring one of their franchises for extra dollars. Because dollars are the bottom line. Sounds reasonably souless to me. Go Blizz.

    Quote from Enkeria

    So in theory. I can sell my USB Diablo statue as long as I dont install the D2 from it :) But USB is way too cool in the CE.

    No way is that huge demon skull to hold a single USB a "cool" thing. Think about it. Imagine a female, a HUMAN female, in your room. And you're about to leave and you say, "Oh hold on, let me get my USB."

    You walk over to a giant demon/Danzig's wettest dream skull sitting next to your computer and reach to a stone within it. She watches as your draw the stone from the demon's skull. It should be an act of epic madness, but instead she sees that you've pulled only: A 4GB USB.

    "Why would a grown man store a puny 4GB USB in a giant demon skull?", She'll ask herself as her nether regions dry out like a chicken bone tossed into a bucket of sand, "The USB on my keychain is 16GB."

    Haha, interesting theory you have there. Would you like to sit down on the couch and tell us all about your problems with girls?
    I have a large number of maquettes, from both games, and places like sideshow toys, and i dont seem to have that same problem you have.
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    Quote from doe791

    Anybody else feel like the customization within the class system in D3 is going to be very weak? I feel like there are other games that came out not so long ago that have a surprisingly refreshing and intricate class systems. Class systems that I really liked were Rift or even Path of Exile looks interesting.

    Instead, Blizzard copied the already poorly designed and boring D2 class system for WoW. Now that they seem to realize either on the WoW side or the D3 side that this was the wrong approach, they decide to basically do away with the whole thing and not have a class system at all.

    The rune system is up in the air as we speak just moments ago from release and I have my doubt whether this will actually create that many different builds. I would say this is a creativity fail from Blizzard and I will feel like a critical RPG element will be missing.

    D3 a good action game but with little depth?

    I played rift, and played path of exile. Rift's class system has a bard and i'll give them that, but it's not any different from WoW. Sure there's some minor changes, but a game that copies another game isn't innovative.

    Path of exile on the other hand (aside from it's crappy art) it's character system sucks in that, while offering a lot of customization to the classes... there are no classes. Sure there's a witch, and there's a big guy, and the archer guy, but the developer's excessive obsession with customization has made it such that the character classes are merely cosmetic.

    Since my witch has no real unique spells to witch, and the only thing that separates her is a couple stats and the way she looks, every class, aside from the skills they choose, is exactly the same. There's no flavor to the witch in her skills, there's nothing unique to her that makes her feel dark and brooding as a witch should be other than her armor. There's nothing about the way that you play the witch that makes her feel like a glass cannon or like she's spreading infection or anything like that. She's instead just the one character class in Path of Exile of which you can choose 5 different skins.

    So is the class system in D3 weak? No, and the examples you used of "interesting class systems" are a terrible example.
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    posted a message on Played Diablo 3 for the first time today (beta)
    I just wanted to send a ray of hope to anyone really looking forward to this game, whom might be cautiously optimistic. I played it for the first time today (beta), and it's everything i've been looking forward to and then some. I played Diablo 2 for years and years, was a pretty hardcore player and while Diablo 3 has some things different about it from D2, the newest Diablo has definitely captured what i found fun about Diablo and expanded upon it.

    I played the witchdoctor and barbarian to about level 10 each, and had tons of fun. The treasure goblins are always exciting (though it sux when you dont kill them in time before they escape) the random dungeon events are fun; Some games you'll find a "sub-area" then the next game it won't be there but something else will but it just expands upon the "randomness" that i found really satisfying in Diablo 1 and 2, which also is something that added and i think will definitely add to the longevity of Diablo 3.

    The "randomness" element is everywhere too. Obviously the items are, and the levels, but i found some other things that people hadn't mentioned that i'd seen. For example, one time when i killed a treasure goblin he dropped several blues, a ton of gold, and a bunch of white items; then another time, he just dropped 1 blue, a few health orbs, but upon slaying him i got a buff cast on myself that gave me something like +20% to magic find for 5 minutes or something to that effect.

    Also, when i had slain a treasure goblin another time, i got the "lore" popup that told me about the treasure goblins and how they escape from the realm of the lord of greed, and if you dont kill them you'll see them jump in a oddly colored town portal type thing and escape to this "greed realm" described in the lore. I just found it interesting cause it makes me wonder if in the full version or further down in the full version of the game game, if players will be maybe able to chase them into the "greed realm" and it's something like a treasure room. I thought that might be cool.

    But yeah, the game feels really great; Also i didn't mention it looks absolutely fantastic! the environments and monsters are top notch in terms of coolness factor. Theres all kinds of interesting things to look at in the environment and things to explore and i'm sure you've all seen the characters and creatures. New Tristram from head to toe looks great and yeah, it's stylized IMO, but still Diablo. I'm going to be controversial here and say that i dont really think it looks WoWish, it's it's own thing, it's... Diablo.

    Getting to my point though I can't express how much i've been looking forward to Diablo 3. I just wanted to stop in and say to everyone here who is amped to get and play it, i can say with quite a bit of confidence that i highly doubt you'll be disappointed and it's been worth the wait. Its extremely fun, it feels like Diablo, the skills are fun, the game looks great, and again, in my opinion it expands on the other two Diablo games in almost every way. It hasn't been bastardized despite what naysayers have said; It's Diablo and once the full version launches... Oh, it will be glorious. My one sentence review of the game based on my beta experience, playing all day today: Its everything i wanted it to be and more. This game is friggin awesome.

    Images (witchdoctor):

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    Quote from overneathe

    Quote from Branmuffin

    Quote from eph

    I hate husky. How did he even get a beta key, its unjust! I was watching the two part cast of his last night and he didn't even know about the shared stash. The dummy couldn't figure out why he had 13k gold and health pots in his stash. /facepalm
    On top of that, he kept saying "Jump Attack" instead of leap attack, and he thought that the Skellington King was the boss of act 1...
    He might not have been following D3 development as closely as most of us do, but did you notice his D1 and D2 knowledge? Although he probably hasn't played in 3-4+ years he remembered almost instantly names like Blood Raven and Racanishu and such. And a lot of other stuff. He deserves as much as any guy.

    Yeah, all the hate and rage toward husky is pretty damn lame. Its okay not to like him, whatever, but splitting hairs on everything he gets wrong, him thinking leoric is the end of act 1, not equipping a weapon right away, calling him a terrible caster etc. is just immature and juvenile.

    Sure, someone like Force deserved a beta key more than him, but Blizzard would have almost certainly had to of gave husky the go-ahead, and i think Blizzard would be the person to be upset with in this situation. Even so, if the issue is him getting a key at all, he's as excited as the rest of us to play and really isn't the enemy.

    The only reason i say anything is because the bullcrap i've been seeing surrounding husky getting is reminiscent of the official battlenet forums level of maturity. Force is in now, everyone else is getting in, so i think we can all put the pitchforks away.
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    posted a message on Closed Beta Has Begun!
    Quote from Noa

    damn this is gonna be a looooooong night :D

    Thats what she said.
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    posted a message on Will you use Blizzard forums or stick with Diablofans?
    Quote from kahdrick

    I feel like most people only post on the official forums as a means of feedback to the developers. They want to complain or ask for changes.

    Here, however, there's a genuine desire for discussion and community.

    So I'll be posting on the blizzard forums.

    So i gotta be honest, i read through your post and really wasn't expecting the final line to say what it did. An equivalent sentence might read:

    "Honey, we've had some great times, but things arent really working out. You and i are different people, and our love is growing apart. The passion that was once there is gone forever i fear. We've talked and i know you feel the same, that this relationship is definitely winding down. I think we should get married."
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    [edited slightly from original post to match the title]

    Will you use Blizzard forums or stick with Diablofans?

    I just posted this as to show appreciation for this community. Never change guys. I just took a trip over to the official forums, and have been stopping by there lately, but after today i probably won't be going back.

    The most popular posts seem to be the most ignorant posts, very few people want to have a discussion about the game, and i just went into a thread about a game i'm looking forward to playing for months/years (not Diablo 3, but another "appetizer" game I've been anxious for) and much to my surprise, the thread wasn't excited fans, or people wanting to chat about the game, or players to meet up for multiplayer with, but it instead was was one fan (who made the thread) who was excited like i am, and the rest of the thread was haters hating, people chiming in how horrible the game was, and the kicker was one guy thought it'd be hilarious to post multiple times in the thread, the biggest spoiler in the game. Yeah it's not a huge deal, but that kind of turned me off from being a part of that "community"

    So with that said, its looking more and more like i'm going to be a lifer here. I dont like incgamers for personal reasons, but mainly because if you were to take all the posts over at incgamers and put them all in a blender, they'd be slightly the color of "whine" and "complain". Here however, there's a marked lack of whining, the mods are on top of their game, and i'd almost swear most of the people here are legitimately excited for Diablo 3 and legitimately wanna talk about it. Dont change guys and gals and mods, thanks for makin this place awesome!


    [edit] sorry...venting.
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