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    Yeah, this is completely made up BS as the OP decided to flame me via message instead of responding.

    Just wanted to inform everyone of that."

    what? Proof of this? Please screenshot for everyone . Mods please prove this is a lie, as he is direct trolling/lying.

    lol bro are you on crack? I've never messaged anyone on this thread. Are you this bad of a troll?

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    Afternoon Guys,

    Wanted to give you some thoughts I had from Blizzcon with my 3 friends who are all HUGE Diablo fans,

    1st. Disappointment- This being the 3rd Blizzcon we've attending we had HIGH hopes for Diablo since it was the 20th anniversary and literally had no showing the past 2 years. Instead of the minimum we'd thought we get which was a D3 expansion we received a character pack. All signs point to this all being from a scraped expansion, that being said the Necro felt so crappy its like this was developed 2 months ago.

    2nd. Shock- During the opening ceremony we all were counting down till they spoke about Diablo, and when they did we thought they were trolling us the entire time. Recreating Diablo 1 in a rift...pixelation...old movement...? No way was this real but it was...

    3rd. Hope- Speaking with the Developers I asked them directly if they knew this was a slap in the face to their fans by selling us a character pack that seemed to be from a scrapped expansion. The developers all had a response that seemed like they knew, but a the same time something big was happening behind the scenes, This gives me hope they they understand in D3's state it was to broken and they've moved onto D4.

    Questions we asked.

    1. So it looks like their was a scrapped expansion, does this mean D4 is being worked on? A. In a very sarcastic tone "Whyyy would you think this new content is from a scrapped expansion..small smile ?"

    2. How big is the Diablo team? A. "Dont think I could answer that without getting fired..smile."

    3. Great, you gave us an armory that can hold 5 builds, does that mean we will have more than 2 viable builds? A. "We are working on more combinations of builds that dont rely on sets, but they all wont be high GR viable"

    4. So we are assuming big things are happening behind the scenes, does that mean Diablo 4 is in the works since there is a new game director who has not been announced? A. "uhhhhh,,.pause...are you trying to get me fired!..laugh..smile"

    5. Blizz employees asked us how we were enjoying Blizzcon. Our answer "We're not, Diablo got screwed again" . Their response " Yay..we are not a fan on how long it will take to get the character pack either. Our response " Character pack is a slap in the face to us fans, we wanted at least an expansion or D2 remastered. Their response " We agree! "

    So take it as you will, but all the developers basically all felt the same way, they knew this announcement was not going to make us happy. They all seemed to feel the same way, but it seems there is something big in the works which would explain no HUGE announcements as my guess is D4 probably was not even ready to be announced since it seemed they scraped a D3 expansion.

    I won't be attending blizzcon next year as it seems they're making way to big of a deal about esports and less about their games.

    Hoping things change, but I would not expect anything Diablo related for a few more years.

    Let me know if you guys have any questions!

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    Im over exaggerating? Are you kidding? I was there, these were the exact responses I got. Because im not a youtuber that wants your views I am lying?

    Stop being a sheep to Blizzard. You can see that I was there at my twitter @RealMuscleGamer

    Also no one agrees with me? Any real DIABLO fan is extremely disappointed with the showing Diablo got..

    I use to be a very big diablo streamer but work took over.

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    I've worked with a few in the past on story, character design, game play design.

    Message me on here or twitter @RealMuscleGamer I'd be happy to help, my backround is in System Engineering so if you're interested in building online functionality as well ;)

    First opinion do you want to stick with the Title Warfront? The title and Logo (on your site) really dont fit the gameplay/style of the demo you have on youtube IMO.

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