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    Quote from robotwars2

    Yawn. They're using a bunch of wordy responses in hopes to confuse the reader's actual issues with the game. Straw man, deflection, camouflaging. Whatever. The game is flawed, it's lazy, and it's cheap. I don't die because I'm bad, I die because the game mechanics are cheap. There's no skill, there's no intense moments where I have to use a correct sequence to survive a given situation (unless you consider trap, kite, run,shoot "skill"). And now I'm just about out of hell and feel like I accomplished nothing. Why? Because when I died I just went back to the mobs and unloaded and died again and repeat. There were no tactics, nothing other than kiting and shooting and dying. Obviously you want this to be a gear check.. great. Guess what? I didn't get a single rare item in Hell for my class. I didn't get a single upgrade in hell. The harder the game got, the worse the drops got. This is a fact. Sure, involve luck, but should lucky keep me completely out of balancing my character when I'm putting more time and effort into the game? This makes no sense. But hey, I got a bunch of other classes upgrades and rares. What a coincidence, I can now use the auction house to sell these items and buy item that anther class got that would have benefited me. Why is this not shocking? Why, it's the RMAH. Obviously it hasn't been released, but that completely irrelevant considering it was meant to be released shortly after launch.

    So now I've purchased my gear in the AH. Fantastic. Wait, no it isn't. It completely contradicts the ARPG genre. Instead of being rewarded for my time and effort into killing those shiny yellow and bold blue mobs with an upgrade, I receive a golden ticket to log out of the game and reward myself with a hefty burden of browsing the auction house. Oh fun. Now that I've put the effort into killing these mobs I get to put even more time into rummaging through this annoying storefront. Just fantastic.

    Or you could have the willpower to actually farm. Pretty sure you didn't just play through the highest difficulty once in other ARPGs and end up with TEH GUD GEER!

    Good god, none of you have any will power whatsoever.

    I've purchased like 3 items off of the AH and I'm on the last quest of A3 Inferno, playing legit, by myself. (As in I didn't abuse that stupid ass SS/prep shit)
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    Quote from Mahoney

    Quote from Svoumeister

    I fucking hate blizzard after Diablo 3. What a fucking joke of a company.


    Trolls don't possess skills of elaboration.
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    Quote from Findulidas

    Well if you spent +150 hours on a game it cant be that bad.

    I think Lee was attempting to say that he's tired of these mother fucking snakes in this mother fucking game.
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    Quote from Crysto37

    The stats are crap as expected, Windforce IAS 14%-15% whats this ? thats not variation, that 1% doesnt even get noticed when playing, Venomhusk Increases Damage Against Elites by 7-8% so many variations i will shit my pants, they really don`t have a clue about numbers now i know why i didnt buy this game.

    Somebody missed the +1-3 random affixes for various items :hehe:
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    Quote from Hardkoar

    Cool story bro, but why should we give a fuck?
    Dunno bout the rest of the guys around here but I come to this forum to read DIABLO 3 related posts, not some guy getting dumped or writing a love letter to his GF.

    If you don't care, why post here? The world doesn't revolve around you ;]
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    Quote from ansl

    Quote from mootwizz

    Some ppl r eediots... if this guys wants to thank his gamer GF and she looks at these threads at all it will be up there with RL pressies...

    Hmm.. have you ever been so far even as decided to use go want to look more like?

    Sorry if my post sounded negative OP, but this is a gaming forum...
    Saw some ridiculous self-pity post about a guy getting dumped recently and I know I shouldn't (mods should) but I felt the need to point out what these forums are for.

    P.S. I think it's cool that you have a GF who games - the best of luck to you both.

    I always thought DiabloFans was a site for finding love. They lied when they promised I could meet females who were interested in Diablo, I guess :(.
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    Quote from Shinjed

    In my case I won't be able to play until a bit after 10 AM on the 15th so I won't be able to start right at midnight but it's nothing major in my case, atleast I'll be enjoying my CE of D3 xD

    Sucks about your PC though, what happened to it?

    It got tired of waiting :hehe:
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    Quote from wishedhehadbeta

    im sorry to tell you that none of those things increase like they did in D2.

    the ONLY thing that changes from solo to co-op is monster HP and monster Damage. that is all. the drops, chance of drops, amount of monsters and gold do not increase at all. it was made this way to avoid making co-op the end-all for item hunting.

    also unless you have a group of friends to play with, playing solo will yield better farming because your MF/GF isnt averaged out between the group and you'd be able to kill faster since monster hp is increased by 110% PER person who joins in Inferno

    With a 15% damage increase per person added onto this in Inferno...(As he mentioned generally in his entry paragraph)...The person would have to be able to bring something to the team defensively.

    Like he said; if you don't know the person and you can't corroborate with them....then you may as well not play with them. They need to not only pull their own weight, but find ways to bring synergy to the table to reduce the impact of an increase in damage.

    Mantras, are an example.
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    Typical Metzen plot.

    Kerrigan is corrupted and then saved.

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    What on earth is that garbage of a youtube video?
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