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    And that's it. I'm too tired to continue, so I'll just give you that. Note that the final panel is a new, unseen person speaking. Sorry about not having anything last week too, I'm getting increasingly busier.

    PS. Critiques are welcome.

    Episodes: Volume I:
    Episode I A
    Episode I B
    Episode II A
    Episode II B
    Episode II C
    Episode III A
    Episode III B
    Episode III C
    Episode III D
    Episode III E
    For Whom the Bell Tolls
    Episode IV A
    Episode IV B
    Episode IV C
    Episode IV D
    Episode IV E
    Episode IV F
    Episode IV G
    Episode IV H
    Episode IV I
    Episode IV J
    Episode IV K
    Episode IV L

    Volume II:
    Episode V
    Episode VI
    Episode VII
    Episode VIII


    Deeha'Blothri Map:
    Stage 1

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    Episode I: 17
    Episode II: 12
    Episode III: 22
    For Whom The Bell Tolls: 4
    Glimmering: 6

    Lord of Satire:
    Duriel (<- thanks Jetrall for the colour)
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    Zubin, sure thing! You're third on my list lol.

    Actually, LinkX's right. Well, I half made mine, then I made his and gave it to him, then I finished making mine and gave it to myself. I finished his first before I finished mine, so he counts as being the first lol. Crazy.

    EDIT: well it depends. I finished the design of mine before his, the only thing I did after I finished LinkX's was the colour and position of the text, which isn't really doing much. I dunno lol, depends if you could mine as first cause it started first or his cause it was completed and put as his actual sig first. I didn't upload mine until after his.

    EDIT2: oohh, I really like your quote Zubin, I'm gonna have fun with yours!
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    I think Belial should have two heads/faces. You know, like because he's the Lord of Lies, and people that are 'two-faced' are liers. Tricky, eh? I wanna have a go at drawing him...

    And Azmodan the Lord of Sin? yeah, bad-ass sounds good, except mvm199's description sounds too much like Diablo. I do like the 4 arms idea though. But yeah, considering he's the Lord of Sin, he represents all things bad, so being kind of stereotypical demon suits him, except for the fact that Diablo already fits that description. Maybe if he was thinner and taller? With wings? Maybe if he's more like a vampire/drug lord? You know, like someone who's modest and takes care of their appearance, but then they have all this power and have done a lot of bad things and will keep doing bad things. He'd definitely be full of vanity and greed and lust and everything lol.
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