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    Here's a tip:

    In real life, whenever you go to pick up an object or open a door, imagine you're using telekinesis to do it. Keep up the habit, and you will end up doing the same thing in your dreams - only in your dreams the telekinesis will actually work!

    I have done this, and now I always use telekinesis in my dreams. Soooo fun. I haven't tried this with other powers though.

    PS. Teleporting is a very difficult ability. I have yet to achieve it, but I have tried many times.
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    See you then, Meph.
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    Quote from name="-Mephisto"s Lament-" »
    20 year old, borderline serial killer/arsonist with a love for black, and that "fuck off, I don't like anyone" look.

    Oh I see, I see. Funny, people have told me in the past that I look like a serial killer. I actually do like people though (well, okay, depends on the person), and I swear I would have smiled at that camera if I knew it was there :P
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    Uh thanks Doppel. Haha, I'm still not completely sure what this 'atru-look' thing is, but I'm glad I have it.
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    Yeah, it was posted as news a little while ago. Thanks for the reminder anyway, it is a pretty cool game.
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    Okay guys, that's enough. We don't want none of this pointless arguing here. We know you're all passionate about the game, but come on, no need to insult each other.

    Thread locked.
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    You know me well.
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    Okay, I finally found a photo of me that I'm happy with, so here it is!

    I'm the one on the right, looking away from the camera. That's at the guild bar at uni where we were watching a few student bands play, including my friend's band Lizard Queen (consisting of the two other guys with dark hair in the picture and the girl).

    I didn't even notice the camera there at all. I was too busy trying to concentrate on the band (hard thing to do with double vision).

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    Pretty cool. Reminds me a lot of Dragonball Z.
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    Triple J is a popular nation-wide radio station in Australia, and right now they are about to finish counting down the top 100 songs of all time as voted by listeners all over the country. Its very exciting! A nation wide pure celebration of music. The last time they did this was in 1998.

    10. Stairway To Heaven - Led Zeppelin
    9. Everlong - Foo Fighters
    8. Under The Bridge - Red Hot Chili Peppers
    7. Last Goodbye - Jeff Buckley
    6. Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen
    5. Paranoid Android - Radiohead
    4. Love Will Tear Us Apart - Joy Division
    3. Hallelujah - Jeff Buckley
    2. Killing In The Name - Rage Against The Machine
    1. Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana

    For the entire 100 list, see here.

    What do you guys think? What would you vote for your top ten favourite songs of all time?

    My [approximate] top ten:

    1. Life In A Glass House - Radiohead
    2. I Will - Radiohead
    3. Paranoid Android - Radiohead
    4. Lux Aeterna - Clint Mansell
    5. Float On - Modest Mouse
    6. Marche Slave - Tchaikovsky
    7. Megalomania - Muse
    8. Meds - Placebo
    9. White Rabbit - Jefferson Airplane
    10. Crying Days - Therion
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    Ah yeah, that's a valid point. He does only say 'beyond', not 'higher', so it could just be sort of parallel and not necessarily above.
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    He doesn't sound like a 'master', but yeah he's part of that 'higher realm', whatever that is.

    Of course that doesn't mean that all beings in this higher realm are more powerful than even Diablo and the archangels. There'd be some overlapping of the power levels, just as there are some humans who can defeat the Three and the archangels even though humans are from a 'lower realm'.
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    Their realm is beyond even that of Hell or Heaven.

    Last paragraph.
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    Yes, there are higher forms of existence than angels and demons, but no I don't think they will be included in Diablo III. Maybe another hint or so, but nothing major.

    We do actually get to see one higher being in one of the novels. I think its in Legacy of Blood. Something that is called a Dreamer is summoned by the sorceress in it. It looks kind of like a very large toad, apparently, and has such ultimate power that is it annoyed at the minor task the necromancer asks it to do.


    “Speak the words, human,” commanded Xazax. “Speak before we are engulfed by our
    own creation . . .”

    Galeona did, the ancient syllables spilling from her lips. Each word made her own blood
    burn, made the horrific veins coursing over her partner flare over and over. The dark
    sorceress spoke more quickly, knowing that if she faltered, Xazax’s fear might yet prove

    A thing the color of mold and fleshed almost like a toad formed above the body of
    Captain Tolos. It struggled, twisted, tried to cry out with a mouth not completely formed.

    Let . . . me . . . resssst! it demanded.

    Deformed beyond even the manner of demons, the grotesque creature sought to swipe
    first at Galeona, then Xazax. However, the wards that she had set into place caused a blue
    spark whenever the monstrosity reached out, a spark which clearly hurt the thing much.
    In frustration, it finally pulled within itself, wrapping spindly, taloned limbs about it as if
    trying to fold itself up enough to utterly disappear.

    “You are ours to command,” she told the imprisoned creature.

    I . . . must . . . rest!

    “You cannot rest until you complete the task we’ve set for you!”

    Nightmarish eyes that dangled loose yet also seemed in some ways human peered at her
    in open malevolence. Very well . . . for a time, anyway. What would . . . you have . . . of

    “No magic binds your eyes, no barriers block your vision. See for us what we seek and
    tell us where it is.”

    The horror above Tolos’s cooling body quivered, rumbled. Both Xazax and Galeona
    bent back at first—until both realized that the thing only laughed at their demand.

    That . . . is all? For this . . . I am tortured . . . forced to wake and even . . . forced to

    Recovering, the witch nodded. “Do it and we’ll return you to your sleep.”

    The eyes swung toward the demon. Show . . . me what . . . you seek.

    The mantis drew a small circle in the midst of the main pattern. A haze of orange filled
    the area in which the trapped creature floated. The eyes stared into the haze, seeing what
    even Galeona could not see.

    It becomes . . . clearer . . . what you . . . seek. It will . . . be requiring . . . of a price.

    “The payment,” interjected Xazax. “you have already tasted a portion of.”

    Their prisoner gazed down at the body. Accepted.

    And with but that—a force struck Galeona so hard within her mind that the sorceress fell
    back, collapsing onto her pillows.

    [insert astral projection sequence]

    And Galeona found herself back in the tent, her eyes staring toward the ceiling, her body
    covered in a chill sweat.

    “You imbecile!” she roared, picking herself up. “What were you thinking?”

    Xazax’s mandibles snapped open and close. “Thinking that this one could find answers
    much more quickly than a much distracted female human . . .”

    “There are much better ways than fear for discovering secrets! I had him answering
    everything! Afew moments’ more and we would have had all we needed to know!” She
    thought quickly on the subject. “Maybe it’s not too late! If—”

    She hesitated, staring down at where Tolos lay—or rather , had lain.

    The body, even the blood that had splattered the carpet, had vanished.
    “The dream one has taken his prize,” Xazax remarked. “This Captain Tolos will suffer a
    terrible afterdeath . . .”

    “Never mind him! We have to get the Dreamer back—”

    Here the mantis vehemently twisted his head back and forth, the closest he could come
    to shaking it. “This one will not defy a Dreamer in his own domain. Their realm is
    beyond even that of Hell or Heaven. Here we may command them, but, break the link,
    and they may take what is theirs.” The demon leaned forward. “Do you think your
    general might part with another soul?”
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    Oh man oh man, new lore info! I so wish I was going to Blizzcon.
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