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    Since this is conceptually difficult, I decided to write a guide for the site. Please forgive the lack spread sheets and hard data. Most evidence is anecdotal and may not work if lacking soul.

    How to enjoy Diablo 3:

    • Play because you like it
    • Measure your success by comparing your own skills and GR levels to where you were last season
    • Play a meta class/build when attempting to play meta, do other things when not being meta
    • Be appreciative of the fact this game has received significant attention in the last year and a half without further cash investment - an extreme rarity in today's market
    • Give helpful and thoughtful criticism when irritated with situations in the game. Data is great for making a point!
    • Do other things when you're bored or don't feel like playing. Here is a helpful list!
      • Go outside
      • Read a book
      • Talk to people and invest in meaningful relationships
      • Learn something
      • Work out

    • Avoid doing these things
      • Being confrontational and rude for no reason
      • Calling people sheep, sheeple, etc. - no one cares about your opinion. Seriously. People will enjoy what they want.
      • Forcing a build that is bad or lackluster onto a group of random people and being upset when you can't keep up
      • Complaining about not being the best if you're not willing to do what it takes to be the best

    Follow these simple tips and I guarantee you will thoroughly enjoy your Diablo experience! Or at least avoid not enjoying it!!! Because who has time for things they don't like? Life is short. Do what you love, fam.

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    Sure can, even an ancient if you're lucky!

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    Super random question - has anyone tested Death's Bargain + Boots of Disregard + Gizzard gem in a LoN build? Would the damage from the pants be affected by LoN multiplier?

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    I'm running this build with a lot of sub par pieces (str hexing pants and no gem in neck) and I can clear GR45 in 2-3 minutes every time. T 10 takes 2-4 minutes depending on Rift layout. The important thing is to keep moving so your pets reset and pull up to cleave what you're next to. If you're not resetting your pets correctly and are just letting them run around it's going to take a long time. I prefer to run aquilla's for the extra toughness to make it even more lazy, but other than that - provstgaard has excellent suggestions above!

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    posted a message on [2.4] Is Suwong Deviner + Acid Cloud viable?

    Should still do OK, the problem is losing the durability off harvester + lakumba. You could try using harvester in the cube but no furnace is a pretty big difference on elite kill time.

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    That moment when everyone acts like they're top tier players pushing the highest grifts. SMDH, meta doesn't even matter for the VAST majority of the player base. As far as the competitive players - sure, it's annoying that metas are restrictive, but this is a game about spread sheets and finding the BEST way to do things. That's why seasons are awesome - every 3 months we get a new meta with new opportunities to try different things.

    Having to re-gear another toon takes a minute, but is nowhere near what it used to be considering we have the cube and the ability to get the necessary gear 1000's of times faster than before. Especially once you have another toon already geared that can easily speed run for mats and shards.

    I started a barb this season to run sup and was luckily able to get a viable LoN build running on my sader. Am I bummed I won't be dropping barrels in 4 man? A little, but if blizz obsessed over making every wacko-xyz build viable to the grift level, the game would be a mess.

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