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    Quote from Zoenova»

    That doesnt mean its not an expansion. WoW has had 6 xpacs what is the point of a brand new diablo makes no sense plus in storyline all the greater and less demons are free now.

    The job postings made it clear that they were for a brand new game, so yeah...
    Also, releasing a new title makes a ton of sense, actually.

    1. Diablo III is plagued by a "bad game" stigma ever since it launched - though subsequent patches and RoS expansion did a lot to improve the game, many people still associate it with being a failure. It's much easier to remove said stigma by creating a new title and giving the franchise a fresh start, rather than investing resources into a game that some people will always consider to be bad, no matter what.
    2. They can't make sweeping, massive changes in an expansion. Sure, they may add content and new systems, but the core of the gameplay and mechanics would pretty much stay the same as changing it would not only piss off a large chunk of players, but probably also be more complicated than starting from scratch - which is what they can do with a new game.
    3. The game is old. Sure, D3 still looks and plays really well, but in a few years it will be hard to lure anyone to the game unless it has better graphics, more modern engine, more robusts systems, etc. Putting all of that into D3 is - once again - not really worth it.
    Also, comparing D3 to WoW makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. They are two almost completely different games with completely different financial structure.
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    Quote from Kamui1770»

    Quote from Zooheaded»

    Where is the evidence that Diablo 2 HD is even going to be a thing? Are there hints I've missed or is it just fan speculation?

    It's basically, Rykker preaching info. And sheep take it as fact.
    Remember last year when people preached they'll announce D2 HD or D4. Look what we got a $15 DLC For wings and 2 stash tabs.
    It isn't confirmed, but after seeing this:

    I'd say that there is a very serious possibility that D2 Remastered is NOT merely some streamer's "preaching info".
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    Quote from FuriousDC»

    Why do people insist on coming to Diablo sites to talk about Poe? Seriously what is your thought process?

    I don't get it either. I'd much rather play/discuss the games I enjoy in my free time than waste it by writing down a rant that basically no one really cares about anyway.
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    I have issues with the rewards.

    1. Cydea's Gift - well, that's a pretty cool item, however... It's random = there's a chance you get royally screwed by RNG while some people get amazing combos = potentially extremely frustrating, especially considering you get only 1 of these per character. There's also the factor that this item alone makes playing through the campaign mode pretty much mandatory, which I don't like.

    2. Unique Legednaries - this is cool, but again - if there's a build that requires one of these items, playing through the campaign mode becomes pretty much mandatory, it there's no such build (or you're aiming for a different build), this reward is pretty much useless.

    3. Stash Tab - I think it's a bit too easy to complete when compared to seasonal tabs, so... If the tab you're getting comes from the same pool as seasonal tabs, this is too easy and makes getting stash tabs through seasons not worth it. If not i.e. the tab is from a separate pool, this becomes pretty much mandatory as well.

    The other two I like, though the potential material quantities would have to be balanced to make sure that you get roughly the same from playing campaign and adventure mode, but that is completely doable.


    My suggestion:

    1. I love Cydea's Gift and I'd like to see it as an item, however...
    a) I think there should also be a way to obtain it through Adventure Mode.
    B) Moreover, I wouldn't limit it to 1 per character - instead, I'd make it so that you can add a legendary affix to an item that doesn't have it or use CG to reroll an affix you added previously at the Mystic. Your choice. Since you can get multiple of these items, eventually you'll get something you want, which removes the frustrating scenario in which your one and only CG gave you a crappy, useless affix and ultimately screw your character.
    c) To avoid too much of a power creep, I'd also make items augmented by CG unique equpped, meaning that while you can augment/reroll as many times as you farm CG, you can only equip one of them per character.

    d) Since there is no 1 per character limit and items are unique equipped, I see no reason for them to be character bound.

    2. Instead of having completely unique campaign legendaries, I'd:
    a) Provide a similar legendary drop rate bonus as the one you get in rift.
    B) Guarantee a couple legendaries for completing each act (from start to finish).
    c) Provide an additional chance to get a certain pool of legendaries - you'd still be able to get them from Adventure Mode, but a couple specific legendaries would simply be easier to obtain via campaign mode.

    3. As for the Stash Tab, I'd completely remove it as a reward. Or, if anything, provide it as a one time, unique reward for completing the campaign at a certain difficulty (let's say GR 100).


    There's also an issue of distributing rewards. In your suggestion, a player would just pick an act he wants to play depending on the reward he wants. Personally, I'd do it differently.

    1. Each act has bounty material cache + a chance to open up a boss rift + a couple of guaranteed legendaries + whatever items you gather while playing.

    2. If you complete the whole campaign from start to finish, you get Cydea's Gift as a reward.

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    f you think that the Necro DLC is too expensive or can't afford it, just don't buy it. It's not like Blizzard put a gun to your head or something. It's just like everything else - you have to compare the price to the estimated non-monetary benefits you gain from the purchase and then decide whether you find it worth the money.

    P.S. And if you want to complain about your country getting an unfair price... I've found that the average monthly salary in Australia is like 6000-7000$ - the DLC costs you like 0,3% an average monthly income. In my country the average salary is about 4500 of our currency - about 1100 euro per month. To compare, people in richer countries like France or Germany earn on average about 2500-3000 euro per month. And guess what, my country got exactly the same price as they did.

    In France or Germany, the DLC costs about 0,6% of their average monthly income - which, by the way, is still comparatively more than (2x more to be exact) than it does in Australia - whereas in my country we have to pay about 1,36% of our average salary for it (that's like 4,5 times more than in Australia). So, next time you want to complain that your country got shafted on exchange rates, check some data first - because from what I see, your country still has it considerably cheaper than ever the richer countries from EU.

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    Oh, crap :)

    I actually didn't believe it until I saw a screenshot :D Sorry for not trusting you, mate :)

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    Fully agreed mate.
    Sometimes I feel this game would have been way more fun if they just cut all the sets and just continued to add and tweak various legendary affixes.

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    Don't worry, everyone started at some point :) If you have just hit level 70, I'd recommend that you - in no particular order:

    a) Focus on getting decent yellow (rare) gear with as many decently rolled legendaries as possible (that require level 70 of course). Just go for as high damage/toughness (with damage being more important generally and toughness treated as something you just need enough of to not die) as possible, without caring too much about creating a decent build (you don't need it yet - just pick skills that make sense and equip the most decently rolled items you get - well, unless you get some items with cool legendary affixes that have a significant bonus, then you might want to sacrifice some pure stats for that - just have fun, experiment and go for whatever feels the most powerful). In time aim to replace all rares with equally or more powerful legendaries (legendaries have higher possible stat ranges, so they are naturally more powerful) and once you have that, farm items for a specific build.

    B) Critical Hit Chance and Critical Hit Damage are things you want a lot of, for defensive attributes anything goes, really - you might want to start out with just getting a bit of everything (for example, don't stack Vitality/+Life, etc. while you completely neglect All Resistance).

    c) The general goal is to reach T1/T2 as fast as possible and achieve a fairly reasonable killing speed. As I've said - you don't need a "good build" for that, heck, you don't even need good items. A mixture of lvl 70 rares + legendaries with appropriate affixes will be enough.

    d) Remember that you can reroll affixes ("item bonuses", for example "+500 Stregth") at the Mystic, so if you get some really nice item that sucks because it lacks this one affix that you want (for example, you have a lovely helmet without Crit Chance), consider rerolling it (don't worry too much about mats - use what you have, you'll find plenty Death Breaths and legendaries to salvage into Forgotten Souls on the way, spending a couple to speed things up won't screw you over - and if you levelled alone and salvaged items, you should have quite a bit of other mats and gold to use as well).

    e) Another thing is that you want a legendary weapon with as high damage as possible (ancient weapons have higher damage!) as soon as possible with an Emerald (green gem) of at least Marquise/Imperial quality - you might choose to socket a Ruby instead if your Critical Hit Chance is low. As for other sockets, go for your +Mainstat (Strength for Barbs) gems or Amethysts (puprle ones that give Vitality) or Diamonds (white ones that give + all resistance) depending on what you need for toughness. For Helmets, just go for whatever you like - personally, I usually start with either an Amethyst (+% Life) or a Ruby (+% Experience) to either boost my survivability a bit or get some paragon levels faster.

    f) Early paragon levels don't really matter all that much as early on you don't have enough to get a significant bonus - you can reassign them at any point anyway. My advice: just pick whatever you feel like taking and respec it later to match your build of choice.

    g) If you haven't already, go to Ruins of Sescheron in Act 3 and get Kanai's Cube - once you have it, run some bounties (from all acts) to get mats and try to "Extract Legendary Powers" from them (the brown affixes on legendaries). Those things help a lot! One thing I've found is that early on it's really, really worth it to get stuff that deals damage (like Nagelring that spawns Fallen Lunatics, Mad Monarch Scepter that releases a nova for a ton of damage on every 10th enemy you kill or the shoulders that have a chance to throw daggers on your enemies when attacking, etc.) - later on they're not really worth much, but the %weapon damage they have is quite high, so early on they will boost your killing speed by a ton. Pro tip - the item you extract the legendary power from doesn't have to be lvl70, so if you have any legendaries with cool effects left over from levelling, just extract the power from them and you'll get exactly the same value as from a level70 version :)

    h) If you're struggling with your resource... Go kill Malthael at level 70 - I believe he drops the plan for an item called Reaper's Wraps at any difficulty. Get that plan and craft those bracers - you'll get plenty of resource with each health globe that you pick up, making whatever setup you decided to run with feel much smoother :)

    i) The most important thing on your jewelry (rings, amulet) is a SOCKET - try to find rings and amulets that have or can be rerolled to have Crit Chance, Crit Damage and a socket. Run a couple of Greater Rifts to get some legendary gems and put them in your jewelry. Even at low levels they provide quite a significant boost to your character.

    j) If you're playing on seasons, then look up your Season Journey stuff (you'll find an icon for that in the top right part of the screen, near the minimap) and focus on completing it when possible. The way it works that Chapters II-IV each give you something called Headrig's Gift that contains 2 set items in each bag - basically, once you collect all 3 of them, you get a full Set. Just be mindful that you can get it only 1 time per season and the set items that you get match the character that completes a Chapter of a Journey, so... Just complete it all on one character and make sure that the character you pick is the one you want :) Once you get a full set you should be more or less capable of doing Torment 6 :)

    So, all things considered - just do the things above. For content, just run a healthy mixture of everything - try to reach Torment 1/2 as fast as possible and grind your way up from there, increasing the difficulty whenever you feel comfortable and completing the season journey objectives when possible.

    Oh, and for your other questions - I can't recall if I ever saw a set item drop below Torment, but they definetely do drop on at least Torment 1, which you should be able to reach pretty fast :) Also, there is absolutely no difference in the items themselves based on the difficulty - some items become available on Torment difficulties (won't drop below that) and you get higher chances of getting legendaries with each Torment difficulty, but that's just it. In other words, you will get less legendaries on say Hard and some legendaries won't drop there at all, but if one drops, it will be the exact "same" item as on any Torment difficulty (i.e. it won't have smaller possible stat ranges or anything).

    Good luck! :)

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    Well, you base your assumptions on what you feel the devs where alluding to in some interview, I base mine on a straight up answer that has been given during the summit - which states directly that the Necromancer will have "three elemental damage types: Physical, Cold & Poison" (via Diablofans & Rhykker). Call it "blind assumption" if you wish, but so far this is the info we have been given and it means means exactly what I've said.

    "How are you certain the devs wont up and create a new element."
    I'm not. However, as I've said, based on what they've said on the summit, that is not the case.
    On the other hand, creating a new element is kinda problematic. First of all, they'd either have to go and rework other classes to use some of it or end up making it Necromancer exclusive, which generates problems such as "whether we add this element to CoE and thus nerf it indirectly (since there would be more elements to rotate through and specific buffs would have less up time)" or "how do we handle item affixes that add elemental damage? (whether Necro gets an exclusive one or other classes can roll that element too, though they won't be able to use it), etc.

    "Watch Bloodshed's interview"
    If you could provide me with a link, I'd be grateful.

    "So for all we know, the 4th elemental radiation which acts like thorns and poison combined. Blight doesn't equal poison."
    Now... This is not what they've allegedly said. Read the front page again and watch Rykker's summit summary - the information given was clear: there are three elemental damage types for skills. I've not seen anything mentioned about another one - if you have a source that states otherwise, once again, I'd be grateful for a link.

    "Every class has 4 elements but the Necro."
    Every class has a single resource, but the Demon Hunter has two! :) How about that? What I'm trying to say it is just because something is true for other classes, it doesn't necessarily mean that it also has to be true for the Necromancer. It's your assumption that since the other classes have 4 elements, the Necro should have 4 as well, but the devs could have easily made a different choice - and the info from Diablofans and Rhykker directly implies that they did.

    "By your definition alone it mean Rend from barbs should be poison damage."
    I guess you confuse poison damage type as being inherently tied to an DoT effect, which it is not. At certain point the devs have decided that the elemental damage types won't have innate effects such as DoT for Poison, etc. There was a huge controversy about that, but that's the way it is. The only one that stayed was Cold having a chill effect, which I believe is true in most cases. DoT is it's own separate thing that's tied to a skill, not the elemental damage type it deals. As such, Poison doesn't have to have a DoT effect and DoT spell doesn't have to be Poison - we have bleed effects that are the DoT for Physical and burn effects that are DoT for Fire, which explains why Firebird Ignite or Rend are not Poison.

    Also, Blight is much, much closer thematically to Poison than Rend (i.e. splitting & tearing flesh that might incur blood loss, i.e. bleed effect, i.e. DoT effect, without any sort of intoxication/poisoning inherently present in the skill's theme to make sense that the enemy takes DoT damage as Poison) or Firebird Ignition (i.e. the enemy catching on fire and burning, which deals DoT, without any mentioned that the enemy is somehow poisoned by the fire or that the fire has any kind of toxic effect on him). In the cases you mentioned, the theme doesn't match the Poison damage type to an extend that would not make sense for the DoT to be Poison based. This is not true for Blight/Decay theme, which is on its own quite close to toxins/poisons. Sure, it's not the same (obviously), but it's not entirely different like burning on suffering from a blood loss :)

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    We have an affix on item that says "Your X spells deal Y% more damage", with X being the damage type, i.e. Fire, Physical, Poison, etc.

    If you look on spell runes, some have a little adnotation that says "Damage of Y Spell changes to X", with X being the very same damage type as above.

    We have CoE which cycles through damage types.

    ^This is exactly what the information about Necro "poison skills" refers to, not a general theme of an ability/rune.

    To make things easier to understand, if we had like a simple Fireball spell, it's theme would obviously be Fire, but for gameplay reasons they could set the damage type to whatever they liked, for example Cold. Now, a Fireball that would look like fire, but deal cold damage wouldn't make much sense, but the difference between Poison damage type and Blight/Decay theme is small enough to put them on the same spell. And that's what Blizzard is doing.

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