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    posted a message on New Diablo in 2019?
    Quote from Zoenova»

    That doesnt mean its not an expansion. WoW has had 6 xpacs what is the point of a brand new diablo makes no sense plus in storyline all the greater and less demons are free now.

    The job postings made it clear that they were for a brand new game, so yeah...
    Also, releasing a new title makes a ton of sense, actually.

    1. Diablo III is plagued by a "bad game" stigma ever since it launched - though subsequent patches and RoS expansion did a lot to improve the game, many people still associate it with being a failure. It's much easier to remove said stigma by creating a new title and giving the franchise a fresh start, rather than investing resources into a game that some people will always consider to be bad, no matter what.
    2. They can't make sweeping, massive changes in an expansion. Sure, they may add content and new systems, but the core of the gameplay and mechanics would pretty much stay the same as changing it would not only piss off a large chunk of players, but probably also be more complicated than starting from scratch - which is what they can do with a new game.
    3. The game is old. Sure, D3 still looks and plays really well, but in a few years it will be hard to lure anyone to the game unless it has better graphics, more modern engine, more robusts systems, etc. Putting all of that into D3 is - once again - not really worth it.
    Also, comparing D3 to WoW makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. They are two almost completely different games with completely different financial structure.
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    posted a message on Challenge Rifts - A missed opportunity or an unfinished mode

    I would much rather get a mode where you get:

    1. A set of pre-set rifts that you can pick from.
    2. A pool of pre-set items, let's say 2-3 for each slot that have some synergies between them, but not enough to create any of the popular builds.

    3. You can't reroll stats, find extra items, etc., so you are stuck with the items you are given, but you can freely set up your skills.

    4. While the each of the pre-set rifts has static layout and monster distribution, you are free to increase the difficulty level.

    5. The idea is to make the most of what you're given (both the items and rifts) and see how far you can go with it. You win (i.e. get the cache) if you manage to beat a set difficulty level on any of the pre-set rifts with your build. Once you do that, you get an extra, smaller cache for each couple of levels above it that you can clear.

    6. You play with your character - the only difference is that you don't have access to your items and stash, so that you have to build with what you're given. However, you normally get experience and it's carried between CRs and normal game.

    With the base reward level set at a moderate level, everyone could get their weekly cache by either creating basic, fairly logical build or even following meta builds (I'm sure people would post them online), buf if you're one of the people who likes challenge, you could compete with others by clearing as high level as you can as fast as you can - dependent not only on how well you can execute a build, but also on how well you can create your build and adjust it to one of the rifts you're given.

    This removes all the problems you've listed OP:

    1. You create your own build, so you can create something that you find fun instead of playing with something someone else has created that you might not consider to be fun. With the base completion difficulty set at a moderate level, you wouldn't really be required to min-max to get the weekly cache, so there would be a selection of builds that allow you to complete the challenge - thus, you could pick/make one that you feel is fun.

    2. The rewards scale with progression - though you do not get much for going higher, if you like this mode you can absolutely try pushing, if not you can just take the base cache and go play your normal character.

    3. Only 1 class per week - sure, it would still be only 1 class, but with the much wider choice of builds it would be much easier to play something that you find fun and that fits your playstyle.

    4. It involves pushining - but makes it completely optional.

    5. As you can adjust your build, you can make it less susceptible to being f...ed by RNG.


    1. It's much more varied than the current system as you get an option to play a wide variety of builds, not just one.

    2. There's much more gameplay in it - you get a couple of rifts, a chance to mess with the build, an option to progress instead of just playing 1 pre-set build on 1 pre-set rift. I feel that this alone would make the mode much more interesting and lead to a weekly meta being built around it.

    3. It's less frustrating and more personal - you build your character and play it, so if anything goes wrong you don't feel like you're screwed by some "random noob who just put a bunch of random items and skills together".

    4. You might not progress your character as efficiently as while playing the standard game, but you still get at least some mats and experience.

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    posted a message on No Diablo announcements at Blizzcon

    Blizzcon schedule is up.

    We'll be getting 2 Diablo panels this year - one about the visuals of the Necromancer and one about Diablo streamers and personalities.

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    posted a message on No Diablo announcements at Blizzcon

    We're talking about zones, because so far most if not every new zone they released came with new monsters, new events, new area layouts and new bounties. It's much more than additional aesthetic.

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    posted a message on No Diablo announcements at Blizzcon

    There's a lot of issues with that. Especially if this was more than just one zone.

    1) People who would buy the zone would obviously want it to be available, so they would be incentivized NOT TO play with their friends or other people who didn't buy them. That goes against Blizzard's philosophy of "Diablo is best played together" as it openly encourages people to either play solo or only with a select group of people who bought certain content, i.e. the game turns from "inclusive" to "exclusive".

    2) When looking for a group, people with new zones could automatically exclude those without them - first of all, we'd need some way to tell whether someone has bought the DLCs or not, otherwise there would definetely be drama around the fact that someone ninja-locking the zones (i.e. lying that he had them). Secondly, it would divide the playerbase with each new zone released as paid content.

    3) There's also an issue that... Well, let's say you own the zones and you started playing bounties or a regular rift with the new zone and your buddy who doesn't have it suddenly came online. You wouldn't be able to invite him to your game until you finished that rift or you'd either have to finish the bounty in that area or invite him and do the bounty solo because he wouldn't be able to come join you or restart and party up and then start a new game together. It feels clunky.

    These are only a few examples of the top of my head - adding paid zones creates issues for multiplayer and that's why Blizzard will never do it.

    Blizzard knows this and that's why when you look at their other games like Starcraft II (co-op maps are available to everyone, some co-op commanders are paid DLC), Overwatch (maps are definetely available to everyone and I believe heroes are as well, because you can swap between them during the game) or Heroes of the Storm (maps are free, you have to pay for heroes) they don't do it.

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    posted a message on No Diablo announcements at Blizzcon
    Quote from Skelos_bg»

    - New zones available only to those who bought them

    What if you had 1 player who bought a zone and 3 players who didn't in a party together? How would you solve the issue of the tileset/enemies appearing in rifts for that party or being used as a bounty area?
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    posted a message on No Diablo announcements at Blizzcon
    Quote from Kamui1770»

    Quote from Zooheaded»

    Where is the evidence that Diablo 2 HD is even going to be a thing? Are there hints I've missed or is it just fan speculation?

    It's basically, Rykker preaching info. And sheep take it as fact.
    Remember last year when people preached they'll announce D2 HD or D4. Look what we got a $15 DLC For wings and 2 stash tabs.
    It isn't confirmed, but after seeing this:

    I'd say that there is a very serious possibility that D2 Remastered is NOT merely some streamer's "preaching info".
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    posted a message on Diablo 3 ROS Awfull FPS on solid laptop
    Quote from Temponal»

    Hi man! have u checked ur Power settings ? change power settings to high performance! usally the prob with laptop fps probs!

    You have probably just replied to a spammer, friend :)
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    posted a message on Diablo IV: Who is going to GamesCom?

    So... another Gamescom is just around the corner. Do you expect anything to happen?

    Personally, I think there will be no Diablo-related news whatsoever. I mean, Diablo is the only game they are not flying any streamers for and there's literally nothing pointing towards an announcement of any kid... But maybe I've missed something :)

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    posted a message on Rant from an old D3 player
    Quote from FuriousDC»

    Why do people insist on coming to Diablo sites to talk about Poe? Seriously what is your thought process?

    I don't get it either. I'd much rather play/discuss the games I enjoy in my free time than waste it by writing down a rant that basically no one really cares about anyway.
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    posted a message on Endgame Campaign Mode [graphics]
    Quote from Autocthon»

    So basically take the entire problem they tried to do away with in bounties (feel bad if you don't do it all at once) and throw it back into the game. Excellent.

    Uhm... Nope? You can easily take a break from playing the campaign at any time - the game saves your progress (which it doesn't for bounties), so you can resume pretty close if not exactly at the point you quit. If you want to take like a month to play through the whole thing from start to finish in small chunks, there's absolutely nothing stopping you. My suggestion to OP's idea doesn't remove or limit this in any way.
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    posted a message on Endgame Campaign Mode [graphics]

    I still don't like the idea of acts having unique rewards.

    I mean, it's cool on paper, but let's say the campaign gives X from Act 3 and the player wants X - he will either start Act 3 and just play through it a number of times or - if you disable being able to start from any point - play from start to A3 and restart. Ultimately said player will either farm exclusively Act 3 or Acts 1-3 until he gets enough of X. I don't think this is how campaign should be experienced.

    If anything... Well, the best solution I came up with is something like this:

    • Instead of getting the rewards right away, at the end of each act you're given a "badge".
    • Badges are character bound and you can only have 1 of each type. If you complete an act on a character that already has a badge from said act, you simply don't get the badge.
    • Once you complete badges from all 5 acts, an NPC appears and allows you to exchange the badges for rewards.
    • If you really have to have unique rewards, each badge could be unique and stand for a different reward (for example: Act 1 Completion Badge: Receive Cydea's Gift from once you collect all 5 badges or Act 3 Completion Badge: Receive a Guardian's Rift Keystone from once you collect all 5 badges.)

    Though personally I'd just skip this and have a player exchange 5 badges for a cache with all rewards at once :)


    And to be honest... I think that the Campaign doesn't need much to be playable - a little buff to drop rates to make it about as rewarding as adventure mode plus a cache of bounty mats at the end would be sufficient. If someone wanted to experience the campaign, he could do so without feeling like he wastes time, if someone wasn't interested in such gameplay - well, he could just play Adventure Mode.

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    posted a message on Endgame Campaign Mode [graphics]

    I have issues with the rewards.

    1. Cydea's Gift - well, that's a pretty cool item, however... It's random = there's a chance you get royally screwed by RNG while some people get amazing combos = potentially extremely frustrating, especially considering you get only 1 of these per character. There's also the factor that this item alone makes playing through the campaign mode pretty much mandatory, which I don't like.

    2. Unique Legednaries - this is cool, but again - if there's a build that requires one of these items, playing through the campaign mode becomes pretty much mandatory, it there's no such build (or you're aiming for a different build), this reward is pretty much useless.

    3. Stash Tab - I think it's a bit too easy to complete when compared to seasonal tabs, so... If the tab you're getting comes from the same pool as seasonal tabs, this is too easy and makes getting stash tabs through seasons not worth it. If not i.e. the tab is from a separate pool, this becomes pretty much mandatory as well.

    The other two I like, though the potential material quantities would have to be balanced to make sure that you get roughly the same from playing campaign and adventure mode, but that is completely doable.


    My suggestion:

    1. I love Cydea's Gift and I'd like to see it as an item, however...
    a) I think there should also be a way to obtain it through Adventure Mode.
    B) Moreover, I wouldn't limit it to 1 per character - instead, I'd make it so that you can add a legendary affix to an item that doesn't have it or use CG to reroll an affix you added previously at the Mystic. Your choice. Since you can get multiple of these items, eventually you'll get something you want, which removes the frustrating scenario in which your one and only CG gave you a crappy, useless affix and ultimately screw your character.
    c) To avoid too much of a power creep, I'd also make items augmented by CG unique equpped, meaning that while you can augment/reroll as many times as you farm CG, you can only equip one of them per character.

    d) Since there is no 1 per character limit and items are unique equipped, I see no reason for them to be character bound.

    2. Instead of having completely unique campaign legendaries, I'd:
    a) Provide a similar legendary drop rate bonus as the one you get in rift.
    B) Guarantee a couple legendaries for completing each act (from start to finish).
    c) Provide an additional chance to get a certain pool of legendaries - you'd still be able to get them from Adventure Mode, but a couple specific legendaries would simply be easier to obtain via campaign mode.

    3. As for the Stash Tab, I'd completely remove it as a reward. Or, if anything, provide it as a one time, unique reward for completing the campaign at a certain difficulty (let's say GR 100).


    There's also an issue of distributing rewards. In your suggestion, a player would just pick an act he wants to play depending on the reward he wants. Personally, I'd do it differently.

    1. Each act has bounty material cache + a chance to open up a boss rift + a couple of guaranteed legendaries + whatever items you gather while playing.

    2. If you complete the whole campaign from start to finish, you get Cydea's Gift as a reward.

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    posted a message on PESTILENCE Necromancer Set: Verdict & Thoughts
    Quote from ToBeRuined»

    Shouldn't it flavor-wise favor more plague skills, less bone skills?

    Exactly. Or a different set name/look.
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    posted a message on PESTILENCE Necromancer Set: Verdict & Thoughts

    1. I agree, corpse lance is somewhat of a strange choice for a 2-piece bonus.

    2. As for the damage reduction... Bone Spear can pierce - so, if the set says you get 2% for each enemy hit, you definetely should not need to fire 25 bone spears to get to 50% DR cap.


    Personally, I'm not a huge fan of the set either. Not am I fan of it's design.

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