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    Strange, I'm getting all the different sounds when I move items around in my inventory. The large sharp weapons make a loud clang, while the smaller daggers are a higher pitched metal sound. Gloves sound like leather hitting leather, etc. This is all within the inventory, unless I'm "picking up" (clicking) an item that I have equipped, and placing it directly down where it was already equipped. Otherwise, all the sounds are playing for me.
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    Anyone in the Beta willing to help me get this achievement real quick? I need to revive all 5 classes, and then I'll have Overachiever. Then I can feel like my work in Patch 14 wasn't a total waste, before tomorrow when it gets wiped haha.
    Self satisfaction!

    Feel free to add me, prosthesyn@gmail.com
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    posted a message on Weapon Throw, Q1 Not Confirmed, Bashiok on Beta Timeline and Demo, BestBuy Release Countdown
    Haha, you guys realize that Best Buy sign says "Feburary" right?
    I smell fish.
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    posted a message on Diablo II Countdown Song
    99 dead fallen
    98 dead HC sorceress
    97 duped zod runes
    96 Stones of jordan
    95 baal runs
    94 fallens resurrected by that dickhead shaman thats immune to everything youve got, but you are too stubborn to just walk away so you commit mass fallen genocide
    93 hell-forge runs before you actually get somthing higher than an "el"
    92 Pindleskin farming runs.
    91 Duriel is kicking my ass.
    90 town portals used when fighting Duriel to go rez my Merc.
    89 levels I get before giving up
    88 cows killed till level 60
    87 summons made by that necro lagging me out
    86 minutes spent trying to find one waypoint in Act III
    85 hammers the hammerdin is spamming
    84 Arctic belts
    83 Hiding things in Lut Gholein to self-mule in a public game because you're impatient
    82 times trying to re-enter that public game when it says that its full
    81 newly created D2 characters under level 20, every time thinking that this will be the one you'll be hitting level 90 with, but only reach level 20 max before creating another new character.
    80 spams from bots when u create a new public game !
    79 disconnects during a boss fight
    78 clicks to break all the vases in an Act 2 dungeon
    77 number of unique rings that are actually nagels.
    76 ww barbs dying to iron maiden in the chaos sanctuary
    75 Skeletons died and Necromancer went "wh00++".
    74 Spamming Bone Spear like if there's no tomorrow
    73 Ninja looters stealing all the loots
    72 Pick-up lines at Jamela, without success.
    71 Diablo uses Red Lightning Hose against Barbarian: It's super effective!
    70 Years before the fall of Tristram, Deckard Cain is born.
    69 The position the Barb was thinking of having with the sneaky female Assassin before slaying Diablo.
    68 the level of your merc that keeps dying
    67 Full game messages
    66 times blood raven runs away from you.
    65 Ancient's Pledge fails with confusing order of Ral Ort Tal runes.
    64 times the Minions of Destruction rape your character.
    63 giant wasps killed when looking for the bird in act 3, for the bird stature fetish guy
    62 Charged bolts in the face while fighting scarab demons
    61 stamina potions
    60 lvl you need to be to do hell ancients
    59 Bluemoon-PK hydra sorcs
    58 Books of town portal
    57 Insectsbite in each Swarm-attack
    56 hours spend in the maggot lair because that barb in front of you went afk
    55 characters died because of Cow King. (FAILURE)
    54 number of ears i just got from you
    53 black souls waiting for you in baal's throne room
    52 unused skill points
    51 Perfect gems for um rune
    50 Immortal King pic-ups, but never a full set.
    49 playthroughs I heard "Rakanishu" while running to the Cairn Stones
    48 loops playing Deckard Cain Rap while running in Act 3
    47 Times I died trying to get my body back from Nihlathak's room of exploding corpses.

    46 thousand life lost before you realize you're cursed with Blood Mana
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    posted a message on Rare Spawn
    Off-Topic: Verity, you got a key! I'm glad, because your avatar introduced me to Machinarium a while back. :D
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    posted a message on Difficulty Across the Modes
    Real fans beat Diablo II's Hell difficulty before the release of those ridiculous Runewords.
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    posted a message on Collectors edition, worth it?
    Diablo III: $59.99
    Diablo II: $14.75
    Diablo II LoD: $16.75
    Average 4GB Flash Drive: $2.00-5.00
    Average 24-Song CD: $12.99
    Average Blizzard Art Book: $15.99
    Average 2 Disc Blu Ray Extras: $14.99
    Average Flash Drive Dock: $9.99

    Excluding the in-game items, as well as how amazing all of the physical products will look, that already adds up to $148.45. You could even exclude both Diablo II games and it would be worth it, financially speaking.

    However, if you don't like music or art or seeing how things are made, don't buy it. Simple.
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    posted a message on Beta Key Contest #3

    Look behind you, it's a retro game reference!
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    posted a message on Rage
    Glad I saw this, for a while this was one of the games I was considering buying just based upon the heaps of video content provided. However now I see it's definitely not worth it, even on the PS3, and I'll gladly pass it up for Arkham City, and a month down the road, AC: Revelations.
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    posted a message on A Glimpse at Act 1: Release
    Quote from Harison07

    Thanks a lot Prosthesy, it was interesting read. I'm also glad we can level mystic from the very start along with BS, curious when we'll get JC.
    The JC audio is in the files, including all of his questline and gossip. It's certain we unlock him in Act 1, he just doesn't have any speech regarding the return of Cain, which leads me to believe he is obtained after Cain is rescued.
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    posted a message on A Glimpse at Act 1: Release

    With the countless streams and videos of beta content, new information is slowing to a trickle, and I feel as though the community needs an uplift. As you probably know by now, I enjoy looking through the Beta MPQs for audio files that reveal anything. On my latest dive through the OGGs, I came across a massive amount of dialog that reveals to us how Act 1 will play out when Release hits, as opposed to the way it is constructed in the Beta. In addition, several features that have not yet been implemented can be heard through specific shouts.

    First off, I would like to try and ease the spirits of the PvP community: There are recordings of each hero shouting to focus on "an objective." The folder containing these clips is entitled "D_Hero_PvP_Objective" and has each class and each gender yelling either "Take the objective!" or "Test your strength on that objective." From this, we can confirm that there will be more than just deathmatch when it comes to PvP.

    It seems Followers will be more useful than just slaying beasts providing buffs. Audio clips contain each of the three followers shouting quest progress, including an exclamation that time is running low, or counting down the number remaining of a particular objective (ranging from "a few," "five," "four," "three," "two," or "one" remaining). They will also point out treasure chests to players, the phrases matching with each follower's personality in a heroic or humorous way. Finally, the Followers, while idle in town, will talk amongst each other, providing precious insight to their origins alongside current lore.

    We've known for a long time that the Beta content has been significantly cut to reduce spoilers for testers, but the degree to which it has been changed was a mystery. Based on audio files, it seems one of the first quests beyond fighting at the gate involves gaining the Mystic as an ally. The Mystic will identify items, for a price. She befriends the hero before the Blacksmith has any mention, and offers her insight upon his situation when the quest to obtain him does arise. Both of these artisans are at the hero's disposal before the rescue of Cain begins, and the Mystic is all too upset when the hero explains that Cain will identify items free of charge. Whether the Jeweler is obtained prior to Cain's rescue is still unknown. I will refrain from going into further detail about the specific quests in Act 1, but there are a great deal of them and they all sound very interesting. However, I will provide this one detail: The black mushrooms make a comeback.

    Although there are journal entries for each creature encountered in the Beta, there are a great deal more available than we have seen. I'll provide the transcripts of each journal entry in the following spoiler:

    The large, sluggish beasts can thrive in any grassland or forest, provided there's enough water. Farmers will recognize these brutes as the savage cousins of the common pack beast, a tame breed that was likely domesticated nearly 2,000 years ago. One can hardly imagine the trouble that must have taken.

    The dark berserkers are considered weaker demons, but their strength is still far greater than that of any human. I have found dark spells within the cathedral, written in Archbishop Lazarus' own hand, explaining how to summon them. I pray that no other copies exist, so that this terrible knowledge will be lost forever.

    Carrion Bats:
    Some foul new disease has taken hold in this land and the carrion bats are near the heart of it. Since returning to Tristram, I have seen their numbers surge. The evil forces that linger here give them strength, and I fear that the worst is yet to come.

    Carrion Nest:
    I was able to trace the carrion bats back to one of their nests. What I found shocked me. The nest itself is a living organism: a mature bat that has been mutated by the darkest of magics. I no longer doubt that demonic forces have corrupted these creatures.

    Crypt Child:
    Demons have been known to devour their own young when no other nourishment is available. Their offspring, the imps, sometimes manage to flee and band together with other demonspawn. They rove in vicious packs, ready to descend upon the unwary traveller and rip his body to shreds with their tiny needlesharp teeth.

    A dark coven has formed in Tristram, and I fear that their superstitious violence may damn the whole region. I discovered very little during my eavesdropping, except that the word "Magdah" was repeated several times in their chants. Oh well, now I journey to the safety of my home, where I may put these worries behind me.

    The tragedies in these lands have left many restless spirits in their wake, and they demand retribution. These spirits will take out their vengeance on any unsuspecting individual who may pass, for they believe that the blood of the living will yet restore the lives that were ripped away from them.

    Ghouls are stronger than most risen dead, but they gain their fortitude through horrific means, feasting upon human corpses. These creatures are least dangerous while eating, but do not disturb them or it shall be your limbs between their teeth.

    The grotesques may seem slow and senseless, but they hide many dangers within their hideously malformed bodies. A set of spikes lurks beneath the monsters' flesh, and foul parasites nest within them. It is said that these horrors themselves are constructed by a greater evil, a darkness than I cannot even fathom.

    The bestial hellions are demons that can be summoned from the burning hells with the aid of foul sorcery. They are given to chasing down their foes and attacking them with savage fangs. This usually allows some spare time for their masters to craft their dark spellwork and finish off the victim.

    Some time ago, I revealed that the Khazra, or "Goatmen," were originally humans, until the Vizjerei corrupted them. For many years, these creatures were simple and lethargic. These days have ended. Khazra attacks are widely reported, and the number of fatalities is higher than anything in my record.

    Khazra Shaman:
    Long ago, 5 clans of the Umbaru tribe left the Taganzi and ventured north. After their transformation into Khazra, only a few elders were still able to use magic, and they passed it down to their cleverest children. These are the Khazra Shaman, and they rank among the most dangerous of their race.

    Quill Fiend:
    Quill fiends are a common nuisance in the western lands, and I've had my own tents ransacked by them. During an expedition to Khanduras, I was able to beat them off with a shoe, but a less bold man would have fared far worse. Quill fiends are dangerous; underestimate them at your own peril.

    Scavengers are ugly, pathetic creatures who survive off of carrion and corpses too diseased to attract any other carnivores. I did once meet a raggedy fellow who claimed that he had trained one of the beasts to bring him large rats to eat, but I'm sure the story is utter nonsense.

    During the last days of King Leoric's reign, even the skeletons of the ancient dead could not rest. They took up their broken armor and weapons once more, ready to cut down anything that yet drew breath. Though wasted and fragile, these creatures possess a twisted cleverness that makes them quite formidable.

    Spiderlings alone may seem unthreatening, but their presence should be a warning for travelers. For wherever there are spiderlings, there will be matriarchs, and the fully grown arachnids are extremely protective of their young. The spiderlings themselves possess strong appetites, allowing them to do considerable harm to a cornered adventurer.

    Treasure Goblin:
    Some devious little goblins have been robbing our merchants. When pursued, they simply open portals and disappear with a most aggravating chuckle. The peasantry seem to believe that the goblins serve a great demon lord known as "Greed," and furthermore, that their portals leed to Greed's domain. A ludicrous notion, truly.

    The unburied are form from human corpses that were flung into mass graves without a proper burial. This hideous amalgamation of bodies decomposes together into one being, bound by some foul magic. For all my knowledge, I could only flee from it, and I would expect any other sensible person to do the same.

    The cultsits were performing a strange ritual when I saw them today. One of their numbers stood soundlessly, while other thrust long spikes deep into his spine. He did not perish, and I believe that he may have even been darkly empowered from the implantation. Though such terrible magic is fallen to me.

    The withermoth is a curious phenomenon. It is tremendously large for an insect, and somehow its size allows it to expel a charging force when attacked. For this reason, few have survived to study it in great detail, including many notable academics. In fact, please, do not inquire further upon this subject.

    Wood Wraith:
    I have heard the most ridiculous tales about travelers being ambushed by vicious trees. It is too much! Despite their names, the wood wraiths are not plants, but fully mobile beasts who have taken on the guise of foliage to ensnare their prey. Only a simpleton could be fooled by such a trick.

    Wretched Mother:
    The wretched mothers were once normal women, but in death they serve a dark purpose. These horrors feast upon the remains of cadavres, then use foul magic to regurgitate the bodies as newly formed risen dead. One must slay the mother quickly, or her nightmarish spawn will continue to grow in number.

    I will never forget the first time I saw these horrors shambling out of the misty woods. Our loved ones, buried long ago, rose from their graves and began to attack the living. However, the risen dead were only the beginning.

    I'll leave you with this one thought-provoking audio clip, stated by Brother Malachi, entitled "D_tristram_PriestProphecy3"

    What was once one shall become four. Though the three shall become one, never again will the four be whole.

    It's been speculated that the new Diablo is a hybrid of the three Prime Evils, and this quote serves to reinforce that theory. What do you think it means? What about the one that becomes four?

    I hope this post sates your thirst for some news, and I wish all of you the best of luck for your Beta Keys!
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    posted a message on Well, I'm in. Ask away!
    I have two close friends a brother with whom I'll be playing at release, and they playtest while I'm at work/asleep because they love Diablo almost as much as I do. That being said, I have no idea when we will get bored of it as a group! Not soon.
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    posted a message on Well, I'm in. Ask away!
    My first playthrough took about 4 hours, listening to all of the dialog that every single NPC had to offer, including the extra "Talk" dialog that is completely optional. There are about 14 of these total, plus every time you re-visit a random Villager while progressing through a particular quest. This was a fresh Barb, and I also made sure to explore every corner of the map, every random dungeon, every body on the ground, and every chest (not quite every destructible...).

    I have yet to do another full playthrough with a "completed" character, I instead skipped to Public games and did some Leoric runs to see if I could have any luck with rares. So far, I've gotten nothing apart from the 1 rare from each first-kill (2 on my latest Wizard). I did craft some rare gloves that are originally labeled at Required Level: 12 but with affixes ended up being Required Level: 14. I had to salvage them in the end, but as it stands, I have 5-6 equip slots worth of rares. Not quite a full set!

    As for the leveling rate, I don't personally think it's too fast. Granted, many of the videos you have seen probably include pieces of gear that say "+x to base experience per kill" and that can add up very, very quickly on twinked characters. Even with that affix, however, it seems that levels taper off very quickly, and I expect the grid to look something like this:

    Act 1 Miniboss - Level 8 (King Leoric)
    Act 1 Complete - Level 14
    Act 2 Miniboss - Level 18
    Act 2 Complete - Level 22
    Act 3 Miniboss - Level 25
    Act 3 Complete - Level 27
    Act 4 Miniboss - Level 28
    Act 4 Complete - Level 30

    Act 1 Miniboss - Level 32
    Act 1 Complete - Level 36
    Act 2 Miniboss - Level 38
    Act 2 Complete - Level 41
    Act 3 Miniboss - Level 43
    Act 3 Complete - Level 45
    Act 4 Miniboss - Level 47
    Act 4 Complete - Level 49

    Act 1 Miniboss - Level 50
    Act 1 Complete - Level 52
    Act 2 Miniboss - Level 53
    Act 2 Complete - Level 55
    Act 3 Miniboss - Level 56
    Act 3 Complete - Level 58
    Act 4 Miniboss - Level 59
    Act 4 Complete - Level 60

    Assuming the time between Miniboss and Act Boss is about equal across each act, and that King Leoric is in fact the "Miniboss" of the act. Now figure that those first 8 levels, to King Leoric, takes the gamer who is very involved in storyline and immersion ~4 hours. Multiply that by 8 (each Miniboss and Act Boss taking ~4 hours) to make 32 hours for Normal difficulty before factoring in the probable increase of map size, enemy group size, randomization, deaths/repairs, mob AI, and miniboss/act boss difficulty.

    It can also be assumed that people will skip the dialog and cinematics in Nightmare and beyond, so cut back playtime a bit there, but throw it right back in with added difficulty. Most single-player games have a story no longer than 30-40 hours, at best. Across the basic 3 difficulties, you've already got nearly 100 hours of gameplay on a single character, before you hit level 60, AND THEN you get Inferno on top of that. In this respect, I don't think the leveling speed or difficulty are a problem in the slightest.
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    posted a message on Well, I'm in. Ask away!
    Quote from Doomscream

    I am in too, and because I don't think a new thread is need I will just steal this one from Prosthesy. I am sure he wouldn't mind... much :)
    I'll kill you.

    Wait no duels FFFFF

    Sidenote: Does anyone know Force's info? I think it would be cool to play with him, if he could even spare a minute aside from streaming. I know he hasn't done very many, if any, multiplayer videos.
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    posted a message on Diablo 3 beta contest has over a thousand comments
    Quote from Rez

    Espicially in the HoN community.

    Every. Single. Day.
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