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    I think there is a lot we don't know well enough yet to really have a good idea of how long it will take. There are also of course large luck factors as far as getting really good or really horrible items when you are leveling at any given point.

    As far as Diablo 2 being extremely easy in normal and nightmare, it certainly wasn't if you were only using gear you found yourself while leveling. Yes, if you twinked your character out massively then you could just walk through everything, but if you were only able to use items you found while playing you were not going to just effortlessly breeze past all the mobs.
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    posted a message on I'm not happy about Blizzard limiting Diablo 3
    As has been pointed out, there is of course a chance you can get banned for anything that modifies Diablo 3 in any way because of the fact that the ToS have to be extremely broad. They have to make black and white statements to include anything including things that they may have not even imagined as possible problems as of yet. As a result, anything you ask Blizzard about that modifies the game, they are going to tell you that you 'might' or 'could' get banned for it, and suggest you not use it. They are never going to encourage you to use 3rd party things of any nature, because they are against the ToS even if they are benign.
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    posted a message on Join me in laughing at this guy.
    I'm not really laughing, since I'm sure some people will buy this crap. I reported both videos as scams. I really hope that people with blatant lies in their advertisements at the very least will not profit this early. The game isn't even out yet.
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    posted a message on Diablo 3 the "Most preordered PC game in history" for Amazon.
    Quote from Odin

    If stating facts is trolling then I don't know.

    Did you do the same in Diablo 2? Yes but the fun came from trying out exotic builds and play around with some uncommon stats. I know Blizzard fanboys will overhype everything they offer but lets see in 2 months from now.

    They should have just updated the graphics with a deeper customization tree and be done with it yet they decided to create a totally different game. Don't care if you agree or not but a successor should stay true to its predecessor.

    Diablo 2 was a horrible successor to Diablo, if that's the criteria.
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    posted a message on Diablo 3 the "Most preordered PC game in history" for Amazon.
    Let's hope this isn't like the time that Left 4 Dead was the highest selling Valve game... and then the franchise died a year later because of the way they handled it!

    In all honesty though, Blizzard has had a large number of the best selling games, going back to the first Starcraft and Diablo games.. Not sure if the first Warcraft is up there or not.
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    posted a message on The Current Least Popular Class?
    Seems from all the polls done that the Witch Doctor is consistently the least popular.
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    posted a message on Diablo 3 Marathon Supplies
    Though it wasn't planned ahead of time, I found Friday that Safeway (grocery chain here) was selling Pepsi Max.. buy two get THREE free. Needless to say, I now have 5 packs of 12 cans for Diablo. While not my favorite thing, it does have extra caffeine as well as ginseng (may or may not help..).

    I am also planning on getting vegetables that are very easy to eat (baby carrots/broccoli) and hummus.
    Most likely I'll have some kind of cheap fast food as well (maybe McDoubles at only $1 each)
    Finally some kind of healthier liquid, most likely V8 or V8 Fusion. V8 Energy variants don't seem to be in any stores around here as of now.
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    posted a message on Why is blizzard making D3 like WoW?
    Quote from Logic

    Isn't part of the crux of Diablo on consensual dueling in town? Why do they separate it into arena now like how WoW does it? Bring back the 1v1 dueling!

    Confucius says: Man going through turnstile sideways is going to Bangkok.
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    posted a message on Bring Hostility Back!
    Sure, we can bring hostility back, but your Battle.net account get's banned after the first person you kill. How's that sound?

    The templar makes it quite clear what they do to criminals in his lands.
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    posted a message on Your greatest fear with D3???
    Quote from Xebu

    My biggest fear is that I wouldn't be able to play on release for some reason, like internet down or PC problems..

    *knocks on wood*

    This happened to me with Left 4 Dead. I was really unhappy. Motherboard died.
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    posted a message on Top 10 Reasons Diablo 3 Sucks
    Two of the 10 reasons were basically the same thing about PvP.

    Also, then the ending where they say "See you at launch" makes the video almost comical, because they are saying it sucks and then that they'll be playing it... so even they don't believe their own argument. Pretty funny.
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    posted a message on PvP'ers vs PvM'ers
    Quote from Omega329

    This thread will be updated, just post and I will add VALID arguments to the tables, yes this is biased, yes this is the PvP discussion. This will be used to strengthen the PvP argument.

    Plaintiff - PvP'ers

    Customizable Arena options for private matches - Game types (FFA, Teams, 2 v 3, ect) - Changing the time limit - custom respawn times (instant, XX seconds, none) - other options I can't think of right now.

    World PvP option (D2 Style) - Allow world PvP as a game option during creation.

    Group/Party vs Group/Party - Able to selectively choose if you want to take XXX to the arena/dual/game.

    Statistics (toggleable or personal only) - Kills, deaths, highest burst damage, most players killed in a life, ect.

    Guild/Clan Flags - Ability to show your guild/clan name on your flag.

    Wishful thinking:

    Wagers - A safe way to bet on duels (it is going to happen either way right? Cough Cough RMAH logic).

    Defendant - PvM'ers

    Balance - Not many are expecting this, actually nobody is except the PvMers useing it as a counter aurgument. - And no you don't need to be inside of an arena for skills to be balanced, even in D2 they had ways of balancing skills on players.

    Ladders - PvM'ers do not want ranks/ladders.

    Esport - PvM'ers don't want an "esport".

    Butthurt - Don't want to deal with elitism.

    Quote from VladDracul

    Also everything we are asking for we had in Diablo 2, not WoW. Just proves how ignorant you kids are.

    One of the six requested features in this thread was in Diablo 2. So hostile and insulting, but then you don't even have your own story straight. This really is the reason that people don't like these threads.
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    posted a message on [PvP] Blizzard neglecting a major part of what made Diablo, Diablo.
    I'm pretty certain that like all things, PvP was major and THE thing to do only to the people that enjoyed it. It's not about PvPers being the 'in' club and everyone that doesn't like PvP is just some casual player. PvP was a horrendously imbalanced and unsupported aspect of Diablo 1 and 2 other than that you COULD kill people. The continual pretense that it should be a major part of Diablo 3 will never cease to baffle me, and I'd be just as happy with Diablo 3, as I have been with Diablo 1 and 2 if it was never added at all.
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    posted a message on Vacation request in, who else is with me?
    I'm taking about a week off, personally. Trying to maximize the weekends, too. :P Probably going to put in the request tonight.
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    posted a message on What the hell is up with Monks armor?!?
    Entire monk is additional pylons.
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