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    Quote from DesmondTiny

    I want a boss that kills you in one hit... N O M A T T E R W H A T ! ! ! ! Cause that would be awesome :)

    Let me correct you on that.

    "Cause that would be Frustrating."
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    Go post on tomshardware's forums for better responses.
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    A very interesting read, explains the fundamentals of games these days and what rule set they rely on for there games which could lead to there downfall or uprising depending on how they implement it and the attention they grab.
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    Oddly enough even though i'm a big fan of the ARPG genre this game didn't cut it for me to put my time into this and here's my reasons...

    • Childish design and graphics, the characters felt cartoonish and bulky like the characters off the movie "The Incredibles".
    • Loot was horrible when finding different loot that had nothing to do with my class, continuously.
    • Having to put points into stats that are worth nothing to my class to wear a piece of gear that was made for the class I played.
    • The skills felt bland, boring, and unskillful --- The skills trees were boring aswell and I just threw points in without thinking about it.
    • Pet AI was horrible - My pet got stuck alot and there was no way to call it back to me to help me fight.
    • Quests were boring and the storyline felt bland and didn't keep my attention long enough to read the whole story, so I just skipped through quest text and continued doing what I was told to do for the quests.
    Overall the game didn't keep my attention long enough. I really hope I don't feel the same way about Diablo 3.

    I'm happy I got the $3 deal that happened with steam because a extra $12 would of went to a waste.
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    As long as you have a left & right click you should be fine.

    Hotkeys will be 1-7 I believe?
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    SSD's only boot game loading times aswell as OS loading times because the SSD goes through data alot quicker than a HDD.

    With a SSD when you click on a program, it pops it up literally a second or less after clicking it.

    The only benefit to gaming is loading times for example going to a new zone in WoW or getting inside and out of doors in New Vegas, they load alot faster compared to a HDD.
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    I prefer a staff for a monk and a wand for a wizard.
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