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    posted a message on Contest was an insult to everyone who participated.
    The rules were to add a Captions....the winner didn't even add a Caption....

    Is there anything left to say?...I feel like they made me, and many other ppl, waste our time and hopes to just give it to a random person (or mybe a friend) that didn't even follow the rules.

    And im not saying this cuz i didn't win, if i lose to a fair entry i wouldnt mind.. but this is unfair in every way, and not only for me.

    Better luck to you in the next contest! The winner was chosen and that's that. There's no going back and no point complaining about it. Thread closed.

    Yes, there is a point in complaining...we call it justice. When autoritie does something that is not fair, ppl must complain and do somthing to change it...not just sit and watch.
    I know its a private forum, and they do what they want with their keys, but its also a matter of respect, if you make a contest with rules then at least follow them to chose the winner...
    Im not asking to remove the winner, he has not the fault, and he alredy has the beta anyway... But there should be a second winner at least, one that actualy did follow the rules.
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    posted a message on Thank you guys, thanks to all of you.
    Grats, you didnt even add a caption and still won.....i guess you are a friend of sixen or something.
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    posted a message on Beta Key Contest

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    posted a message on Official DIabloFans Logo Contest Submission Thread

    Well the base is there, some variations of color and small things could be donelater if needed. I have the pdf files with the layers and all that.
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    posted a message on [Poll] Yay or Nay
    No way...Better magic find is ok...but not different gear!
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