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    Quote from Fungy

    Interesting question.

    Messed around a little bit in beta and actually... it seems like Dashing Strike breaks your combo, no matter how fast you are. So does Lashing Tail Kick by the way. On my level 7 monk, just the Mantra and that Healing skill can be used within a combo. Attack speed around 1.50 if I remember correctly.

    I noticed that as well and don't remember it ever happening in patch 9, but now I have to a lot more careful when I use certain attacks to not mess up my combos.
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    Best of luck Sixen, I appreciate everything you've done for the Diablo community. At least DF will be in left in good hands.

    Will be interested to see what you'll be doing with team EG and what of your position over at SC2mapster?
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    I've had trouble finding info on the monk skills from the beta build that was at the press event. So far I've only found Blizzplanet to have any write ups. Here is a what they had posted over there, feel free to add in any info you may find elsewhere.


    Spirit, defensive focused resource, base attacks generate spirit, precious resources, attacks have three stages to feel dynamic, can mix up abilities

    Deadly Reach, hit enemies right before they reach you, control position

    Exploding Palm, third hit is $$ applies a DoT, and if it kills them they explode + do damage to area

    Mantras, ability unique to monk, buff extends to her and allies, big dodge bonus

    Tempest , can’t get surrounded, slows enemies in path

    Inner Sanctuary, monsters can’t pass through and creates choke points, etc. Allows for high control.

    Seven sides strike, big spirit spender, invulnerable for short period of time does massive damage to groups of enemies.

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    I'm really looking forward to the artbook and soundtrack. The USB drive was really nice in the SC2 CE, hope they do something like that for D3.
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