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    posted a message on Diablo III Auction House is Shutting Down on March 18, 2014
    Holy hell..
    Now.. Now.. I'm excited BOOYAH!!

    So happy!!!!!!@
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    posted a message on Diablo 3: Designed for Consoles
    Well, like some of you I imagine, I was watching the Play Station event yesterday online and had the shock/supprise of seeing Chris Metzen announce Diablo 3 is coming to the Playstation 3/4.

    After the initial shock wore off - it all started making sense.

    I know a lot of the people left on this site are pretty much happy with the game and love playing it (more power to you), but for folks like me that spent years devouring development news, looking forward to this game more than any other EVER, and feel let down by it, yesterday provided a bit of an epiphany.

    This game shifted during development from being Diablo 3, the sequel to Diablo 2: LoD, to being Diablo 3 for Consoles.

    The evidence is so clear. All those late decisions that got dropped on us back during late 2010, and all through 2011 make so much sense now. This game had to be easy and simple to work on a console.

    Skill System (runes not itemized)
    Runes, which were supposed to be itemized, were changed to be part of the UI. When we finally saw that UI, my first thought was "really? this is a joke right?". The UI and really the whole skill/rune system feels like a port from a console game. Pick your skill, drop down box, pick your rune effect.
    (To answe Maffia: As you say, Blizzard chose not to go that route. I wonder why? Consoles. Look at Path of Exile!! The Itemized skills works GREAT in that game. They chose not to address that so that the game could be made for consoles.

    6 Skills at once (Thanks Maffia for the pointer forgot they changed it from 7 to 6 - again late in development)
    Square, Triangle, Circle, X, Left Shoulder, Right Shoulder, Left Trigger, Right Trigger
    6 Skills, two potions. Point is, simple is better. Point is, it makes much more sense to build a game that confines you to 6 choices when you realize its build for a console gamepad.

    Linear "Randomness"
    If you, like me, were/are very un-impressed by the supposed "randomness" of Diablo 3, than coming to the realization that the game is supposed to be played on a Console makes it all make sense. Its areas are perfectly designed to be walked through on a console, with multi players.

    (To Answer Maffia: I'm not "HAHAing" at Console gamers. Its just a simple fact that if you intend for a game to be played split screen with 4 players, the environment needs to be linear.)

    Simple Stats
    You level up, and have more skills to chose from. Thats it. It always felt to me like just a grose simplification that really had no justification other than "it just makes it more simple". Well, guess what, BINGO. Simple Simple Simple, so you can play it on your couch.

    (To Answe Maffia: Late in development, that stats were changed to be more stragithforward, the skill trees were removed, spending points at level up was removed, and we ended up with basically having more "perks" to chose from when you level. Sounds like another Activision game to me..)

    Simple Gear
    No one wants to use a spread sheet for a console game - so, now we know why the itemization is so straight forward in Diablo 3.
    (To answer Maffia: My point is this: in Diablo 3, you don't think about your gear beyond just wanting maor!!. There are no oddball builds that become viable with certain itemization. No number crunching you can do to make a particular weak skill become godly with proper itemzation. Its just, Find primary stats, Health, Crit% and Dam and Attack speed. Do this for every character you have. Simple. Simple because its made for consoles. In a way this is good news for me. I thought the developers were just that bad, that making the items the way they did was just a massive screw up. But it makes sense now)

    4 Player's only
    We heard it was because there was too much onscreen clutter. Ok.. I don't buy it. It was because 4 Players works on a console.
    (To answer Maffia: Oh really? Call of Duty lets more people play than 4? Shock. Guess how many can play on one system though? 4. 4 Player split screen. In the words of Chris himelf "One Couch to Rule them all")

    Lack of Game Creation / Game names
    Sorry, but it seems to me like the whole "auto join / auto match maker" system was designed specifically for the console crowd. This makes sense now too.

    Look, hate on me if you will (I'm sure you will, and thats ok) but when I heard this news.. I just kinda let out a long sigh.. and the lightbulb went off for me.

    Call me a hater, tell me to go on my way, tell me to leave this site if I'm done playing.. but you know what? No! I spent 2 years of my life devouring everything about this game. I've earned the right to voice my opinion on here as long as I like.

    I still care about the game, I still (for some insane reason) feel like it could get better. Heck, I even enjoyed the game while I played it to a point. But, the fact remains, that I feel like Blizzard pulled the chair out from under me and about a zillion other Diablo fans. Its their game, they can do what they want to with it, but man.. I feel like all the big (and to me annoying) game changes that came late in development were made just to accomodate consoles.

    You can think Diablo 3 is a great game. As I said at the start, more power to you! I really am glad you like it. But, to take this IP which I love so Dearly and make it a Console game (at its heart) really bothers me.

    I know some people say "You don't know Diablo, if you did you would know that Diablo was already on a Console, so this is no big deal". Well, your right, except that no one knows about that Console Version of Diablo for PS1 because it was SOO bad. And it should have been. Diablo was a pure PC ARPG, trying to put that in a console should never work.

    Sadly, the reverse is true with Diablo 3. So, I feel the console version will work quite well. Heck, I'll buy it, I like console ARPGs. It was, after all, built to be a console ARPG.
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    posted a message on Tommorow - Come Play PoE - Here's why:
    I was soo excited for D3. Ive put in 1000+ hours into D3 and have come to the sad sad sad, reluctant conclusion that its a failed game.

    Not in the sense that I didn't enjoy it, and not in the sense that it is totally horrible, but in the sense that it doesn't do a number of key things that the Genre should do:

    1: Replayability
    In my opnion, ARPG's and for the love of god, Diablo, should focus more than anything on Replayability. Diablo 3 has very minimal replayability. I'm not talkking about grinding. Grinding for items is the "ultimate" goal in these gmaes. I'm talking about the need, desire and FUN of clicking "Create" and starting a brand spanking new character.

    It should feel like a fresh new challenge and be somthing that you think of like this "I can't wait to start a new Templar - I wan't to try out "X" build and "X" skill sets.

    Path of Exile, in my expirience in beta, has this in spades. In the beta thus far, I have made at least 10 characters and leveled them to 30+, each time was a new route on the tree and a different focus on skills.

    In Diablo 3, after 1000+ hours and 8 months of release, I have 4 characters. I never even felt the need (or desire) to make the final class as all the items in D3 work for every class the same (for the most part).

    2: Amazing Itemization

    Diablo 3's items are HORRIBLE. They are somewhat addictive to hunt for (need that perfect roll!), but there is no thought behind your gear choices. You want Crit, Crit Damage, IAS and your primary stat. Throw in some stam and resistance if you can. Thats it for EVERY class. This genre should have that feeling of "Ohhh snap, that item I just picked up would be AMAZING for "X" class or "X" build.

    Diablo 3 Fails at that big time. Path of Exile on the other hand. Oh boy! Again in spades! For example - I had been thinking about building a Templar that would Focus on Lighting Strike and and use as many Auras as I could get mana for reserve. So, I wanted to use Eldritch Battery (A passive that takes your Energy Shield and converts it to mana) for a big mana pool. Well.. i happened upon a simingly "bad" pair of Unique boots that SCREAMED to me "WoW! These would be PERFECT for that build. It has 100% increased Energy Shield - of course not end game, but for a start to making a HIGH mana pool-Eldritch Battery build it would be awesome!

    This is just the tip of the ice when it comes to the amazing items in PoE - you have to "think" when you look at them. You have to have them in mind when chosing passives. You have to have items in mind when chosing your skills. In short, the itemization is spot, on, perfect!

    3: Skill system that makes you want to make new characters

    This goes back a bit to replayability, but Diablo 3 has, what I thought to be, a GREAT concept for skills. 5 ways to use every skill! Sounds awesome right!? Well it is, except that you can use them all at any time.. so.. there ends up being no real thought process behind the system at all. In fact, the interface for chosing skills is so straightforward, it needs to be exlpained BECAUSE of how easy it is: "So, where are my skills points spent?" Answer: "You don't spend skill points, you just choise your skill" - Uhh.. ok?

    Path of Exile uses what SHOULD have been the great concept in D3 and does it right. D3 originaly had Skill Gems - the thought of finding skills in the world was AWESOME! I remeber being VERY sad when the scratched the idea. They said "it was to hard to implement" or in other words "They didn't trust their players to be smart enough to be able to handle the inventory".

    Enter PoE. Skills gems working beautifully and I love it! The room for expasnion to the system is endless. It truly is a thing of beauty!

    4: Economy

    Look, Diablo 2 (two!) did it wrong. Players had to make their own currency (Jordans) - Diablo 3 tried to make it so easy to trade your items that you barely have to think. The result - actual item hunting is nearly pointless. You instead are grinding gold / items you dont want but can sell / so that you cna make that next purchase.

    PoE, once again, hits the nail right in the face. The economy seems SO great from my expirience in the beta.

    I wanted a Tempest Shield Skill Gem recently. I could have replayed the first act and grabed one from a quest reward, but I had a Jewelers Orb and someone else with a Tempest Shield Gem was willign to trade. Was it fair? WHo knows really, but I was happy and he was.

    Having an Auction House was such a bad idea in Diablo 3. It made items totally worthless - over time it has made only the absolute BEST rolled items worth anything at all.

    You should have to do a little bit of work to trade your items in a game like this - why? Because some (most?) people won't bother. They will either save the item or discard it rather than search for a fair trade - that preserves the economy!!@!

    5: End Game

    This one is short: Diablo 3 had none at launch. Now it has a endless grind for a remakeable legendary ring. Soon, it will have craftable ilvl63 (endgame) 6 prefix gear to re reoll over and over and over. I'm sorry, but this doesn't cut it nowadays.

    Path of Exile - Maps. Holy heck what an amazing idea (I know they didn't toally invent the idea) Having Maps be an itemzied system with rarities and properties is just awesome! So awesome! Your still doing the "grind" but in a fun way!

    Lastly - I cant wait to devour this game (PoE) once the final reset happens tommorrow. I fully intend to play this game for a very very very long time. Everything I dislike about D3 is done right in this game - and I couldn't be more excited!
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    posted a message on Message from Jay Wilson
    As someone who basically has given up on D3 (and who was more excited for it than any game ever pre launch) - I can't help but be happy about this.

    I like Jay. I really really do. Everytime I hear him speak I think "I bet he's awesome to hang out with in real life".

    I've even liked some of the directions he took D3.. and of course, I feel a bit of an attachment to him as no other game director have I personally scrutinized to the extent I did with Jay.

    All that said, so many of the choices, design goals, and ultimately the direction the entire game has gone in are in places that I feel are not good for the longevity of the game, nor for my continued enjoyment of the game - that I feel this is good news.

    This at least gives me hope that the "new lead" is willing to revisit some of the choices that have been made.. perhaps take the expansion in a new direction.

    Time will tell - Best of Luck Jay - hope the future works out for him!
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    posted a message on The PVP Blog Is Here
    Wow.. just.. wow.

    I spent soo many hours (years!) looking forward to D3.. theory crafting before we even had anything to theory craft.

    I've played TONS of D3 and for the most part enjoyed the time - so I can't really say that I think the game is a terrfic failure.

    But does it / has it fallen WAY short of my hopes and dreams? Absolutely.

    The last two months or so have been a "wait for PvP" time for me - hoping that my D3 love would be rekindled.

    Now with this news.. I'm ready to really and actualy move on. Path of Exile is SO amazing (been in the beta for almost half a ayear and it just keeps getting better and better with every patch). I'll be playing the heck out of it.

    I'm not calling D3 a failure, or a bad game. Its not. But its nothing even remotely close to what I hoped it would be (for me at least) while spending over a year of my life devouring every piece of development news.

    I'll of coruse keep tabs on the game - I'll give dueling a try - I'd also be lying if I said I wont still be hoping / praying for a better game to come of it all with future patches / expansions. But for the time being.. I'm moving on to PoE.

    Been fun hanging out here (not been around alot of late), espacialy during development.
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    posted a message on Dev Journal: Defensive Bonuses and Monster Damage
    Quote from Grigori

    Quote from MyNameIsNate

    I would still like to know how they are looking at future nerfing OWE.
    I bet they have no clue whatsoever on how to approach this skill. xD
    Lets be honest, no one know how to do this, because it is impossible to do, without forcing players to switch items.

    Change OWE to give you 50% all resist for ANY other elemental resist not just your highest. It would result in an effective 50% nerf to the passive, but not make our double reset gear worthless, while also making gearing as a monk easier (any double resist works)

    If the goal is to not make Monk's current double resist gear worth less, than they have already indirectly done that with all the nerfs to inferno. 25% less damage means our double resist gear is 25% less necessary, so its less valuable.

    I think the goal is to just not make us have to change gear - the above would do that, while also nerfing the passive, but sorta/kinda buffing Monk's gearing in general since any resist on an item would take advantage of the passive.
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    posted a message on Developer Journal: Crowd Control Changes
    Of course people will say "yet another nerf to the difficulty of the game"..

    But I think that this is EVEN MORE proof that Diablo 3 is back on track - diablo shouldn't be about building a crazy difficult end game exculsively (there needs to be another mode for that, not just the normal gameplay) it needs to be about finding gear and slaughtering hordes of monsters using diverse sets of skills that are fun to choose from.

    This opens up even more build possibilities and I love it.

    Two thumbs up from me.
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    posted a message on Introducing the Paragon System
    I'm a bit torn on the removal of MF off items (long term) but my gutt, intitial recation is that its a good change. I like the idea of eventually being able to "Out Level" the need to wear magic find. In fact, I like that idea ALOT.

    Edit* I'm suprised at the addition of Core stats when you leve up - lets say you get 2 Dex per level.. thats 200 more Dex.. pretty huge amount!
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    posted a message on Developer Blog - 1.0.4 Systems Preview
    Of course this post will come with many many people saying "They said inferno would be hard, now its nerfed to the ground!"

    Well.. I agree somewhat, but when you read between the lines, I think what they are actually saying is this:

    "Look guys, inferno was a bad idea - we meant it to be a flat always hard difficutly, we found out that wouldn't work in testing, but we knew we couldn't remove it because people would have a fit if we removed ANOTHER feature. A side problem was our original intent for END GAME was inferno - well with inferno not working out how we wan't we no longer have an end game - but we're working on that. Here are some changes to make the game play more like it should with out the concept of inferno - stay tuned for more changes to totally fix the game"

    Thats what I read. I think the part of me that wants to see a hard game is sad at how easy a time I'll have on my monk in Inferno - It will be face melting hilarity.. but then.. thats what D2 was and I loved it! I don't need 5 min champ pack fights - I need fun REWARDING demon melting fun. I think this all sounds like a good first step to that goal.

    The Weapon Damage on i lvl 61-62 increase thing is AWESOME. Not only will it make finding weapons more exciting, it will make crafting weapons worthwhile.

    So, this is a great first step - I feel like this hits the nail on the head as far as a "look the game is messed up, we can't make it perfect fast (ie in 1 patch) but we are doing these things to make it as good as possible in its current state"

    Bravo imo - looking forward to playing again.
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    posted a message on Loot Whiners Please Explain
    So I think you are miss hearing the "whiners" at least the ones who have a legitimate argument.

    I am still playing - allbeit loosing interest.

    Its not that I want to find an amazingly rolled rare item ever hour - not at all! I think the rate at which I am finding really good Rares is exactly right. Its all about the set/Legnedary drop rates for me. Thats where the loot hunt feels the thinest.

    In 250+ hours I've found 2 set items (more than most it seems) and about 9 Legendaries. Thats not enough! We need somthing shinny and Different to drop to make the hunt more exciting. I'd like to see 40-50 set items in 250 hours and 100+ legendaries - the Catch being that its hard to rollup awesome ones - so out of all those, maybe 5 set items were really really valuable and 10 legendaries.

    The thing about the "whiners" is that there is more to the complaints than just the drop rate your speaking of - for me, I'm loosing interest, not because of the drop rate, but because the game its self does more to piss me off than get me excited. Rare Skelly packs getting stuck on a corner and healing to full before I realize they stopped following me, cheap affix combinations, rubberbanding while holding shift attack making it near immpossible to navigate Sentries, Molten tracks - I could go on...

    I still like the game, I still play the game, I still farm inferno - but to me the biggest problems are actual mechanical problems with the game.

    After that (and before drop rates) is the problem with no replay value (if you can call 250+ hours no replay.. hehe) - at least not for Diablo standards. I have 3 60s - I want to play the last two classes up and get act 3-4 quality gear on them too - but the drive isn't there for me. The world of Diablo 3, albeit amazing looking, is just not done Right.. I've tried to put my finger on it, I think back to all that "Different every time you play" stuff we heard.. and I'm just not seeing it. I've played through the game 12 times, then farmed various parts of all the acts endlessly.. and I dont see ANYThing new, ever.. and havn't for a long time. To make matters worse, most of the "rare events" that I was so excited about back in development, I just skip. They aren't worth the time. Most of them end with 800 gold and a pat on the back. Once in a blue moon you get one of the ones that ends with a Purple Uniquemonster, but those don't have a point either. The few that end in Champ/Rare packs are the only ones worth doing.

    They need to add more randomness to their randomness. Make all the events have a chance to roll up rare packs.

    Lastly, the replayability with each class is severerly lacking.. and its all because of the AH. I know, I know.. you're saying "just don't use it" well thats true, I could not use it.. but as many have pointed out, the game has trained all our minds to use the AH for upgrades.. so its hard to turn that mindset off while leveling. Basically, with about 4-5 trips to the AH while leveling, you can make the entire 3 playthrough untill inferno 100% pointless / easy and no challenge at all. And you'll only have tyo spend maybe 50-100k total during that time.

    Now - I look into the future - and I think "what the hell were the Dev's thinking we would all do long term?"

    Even the most diehard could only do what we are doing for a year at most.. theres no reason to level alternates of the same class (outside the achievements) and nothing to replace ladder resets.

    The whole "freesepc" thing we all argued about endlessly during development, IMO, will turn out to be the biggest killer for Diablo's lifespan. Its a great idea - in theory - "Dont like this spec - try this one out!" But in practice it just flys in the face of what this game should be.. I want to levela new wizard, focusing on a different play style - it would rock! But no reason too.. and I don't have much motivation to jump right in to Inferno with a level 60 mele wizard in gimp gear.. I'd rather have that expirience from the ground up.

    Any way - I'm running off on a tangent.. but suffice to say, the game has alot of problems - 1.03 did 1 thing to help, made all acts in inferno somewhat worth playing - lets see if they continue to fix this game.. my gosh I hope they do! Because at this point, I spent about 10 times longer waiting/reading/devouring development news than I have playing the game..
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