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    posted a message on 1.0.3 Inferno Barbarian Guide
    Since the 1.03 patch I have been completely roflstomping act2.

    My barb has 60k hp, 800 res (buffed) 9k armor (buffed) and 40k dps (weapon master, ruthless and 5 frenzy stax with last rune, 30% crit, 144% crit dmg). My DPS is so high because I have a 1200 dps 1h sword with high stat rolls, which I found in 1.03 act2.

    The DPS jumps to about 100k when using beserker insanity, which is enough to kill any elite pack in 15 seconds.

    The new tactic I have been using which I recommend for others to try is using rend (life steal rune is my preference, but if you are really tanky then switch to the higher dps one) along with revenge.

    The basic combo I use is leap (to get into the middle of the pack, + iron impact to mitigate all dmg) then rend which starts a huge DOT and life leech (I get about 500-1k life a tick), after a second or two hit revenge and start frenzy, after 5 stax if everything isnt dead hit rend again and revenge as it comes up.

    The idea is that the bonus 20% dps from frenzy feeds into rend and revenge which is doing 200+% weapon dmg in an aoe. You can very easily 1 shot entire packs with this (leaps 80% dmg, rends 210% and revenges 220%) all in about 1 second (thats like 500% weapon dmg in a couple of second, or 600% if you have frenzy 5 stacked), all on top of your frenzy hits.

    The other nice thing is you can use rend to kite those really nasty packs that make you nigtmare away (assuming WOTB is down), you just pop rend and even after they nightmare you, they keep taking the 210% dmg while you are unable to attack.

    Good luck!

    EDIT: Also to those with low dps 1 handers and life on hit. Ditch them! You dont need loh anymore. Sell them and upgrade to the biggest, fastest 2 hander than you can find. Unless you get lucky like me and come across a really wonderful 1 hander. Loh is not necessary with a big health pool + resists + revenge + rend + 1.03 nerfs + potion + beserker etc. if you need the loh to survive you would survive better with just more EHP and higher dmg to kill things faster. Just my 0.02c
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    posted a message on Too Much Randomization In Loot
    Quote from TimboSlice

    Welcome to Diablo my friend.

    I hate noob posts like this.

    I posted the exact same thing on the official forums and got nothing by WOW kiddies who probably haven't beaten act 3 normal telling me "its random bro, look it up, its diablo duh". Well that is BS. In diablo 2 LOD we had 4 levels of items, blue, rare, set and unique/legendary.

    In diablo 3 we have the same 4 levels, EXCEPT ONLY blues and rares are actually useable.

    I dont give a damn if Legendary and sets drop EXTREMELY RARELY, I am in act 2 hell and aint seen a single 1 and neither has my friends, but why make them so rare and give them bad stats? THIS MAKES ENTIRELY NO SENSE AT ALL.
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    posted a message on So what are Act 2-4? [SPOILERS]
    So can anyone confirm or point me to videos/screenshots for the environments of Act 2-4?

    I don't want to spoil the story line but I would like to know what the environments will be like. I know Act 2 is desert and Act 4 is Heaven, But what is Act 3?

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    posted a message on What would you do!?
    10k isn't enough for me either. The more interesting and gut wrenching question is... what figure would I take to never play diablo 3....
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    posted a message on Really? It's like Im in a dream
    I know I woke up this morning and I was dreaming about slaying demons. I am unlocking my digital edition right now.

    My count down timer says 0 days... is it real?

    BTW I've been waiting 5 years at least.
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    posted a message on (Spoiler) Diablo III - Set Items
    Quote from danagosh

    I like the change that any set item less than lvl 60 can be crafted. This way you'll never need to keep a bunch of lower level items just to complete the set. It was always so frustrating looking for that last piece even though you would never actually use it.

    Where did Blizzard say you can do this? I must have missed this, is it really true? I don't see this anywhere...
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    posted a message on What is coming in the 100% Unlock?
    Why do we need a poll when blizz has stated that the 100% unlock is the 2d animation wrath?
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    posted a message on Diablo Character Planner released
    Quote from ElKapitan

    Doesn't work on my phone properly, but that's because my phone is rubbish, but looks very interesting from what I can see.

    Is there an option to change a crafted item's affixes? It wouldn't load properly for me

    Yes there is, you need to allow popups I think. I didnt try from a phone but it works from my PC.

    It lets you pick whatever affixes are allowed on that item type.

    I made a sample Level 60 WD with int/vit stacking and I came out with 4000 armor, 14000 hp and about 1k intelligence, around 4k DPS.
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    posted a message on Diablo Character Planner released
    Hey guys,

    I found this character planner released recently. I haven't tried it yet but it looks interesting.


    EDIT: Just tested this out, it works great. You can make up your own crafted items with affixes and see what sort of stats you will end up with.
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    posted a message on SK Inferno stats
    Quote from burek123

    Quote from Keiser

    Everyone's comparing a monster's Hell stats to Inferno stats and going "WOW what a big jump!" You can't compare Act IV Hell to Act IV Inferno and say that you're going to get creamed. Look at this:

    Armaddon Act IV Hell: 54k-76k health, 14k damage
    Arachnid Horror Act I Inferno: 49k-81k health, 18k damage

    When you look at it that way, it doesn't look like a big jump at all. Now...

    in this thread, there is this post i just quoted, and there are 100 posts full of imagination

    a simple fallen one/devilkin/carver or whatever his name is wont one shot you in inferno, he will be just a little bit harder than the previous monsters you killed - in act 4 hell

    same thing with that guy in act 4 inferno that does 170k, if you have managed to get to him, that means you didnt have a problem with the guys hitting for 150k or 120k just an area before him

    ^^ This, only sensible post in this entire thread (and I've read them all)..
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    posted a message on Gentlemen, Which female character is the sexiest?
    Quote from Makesh

    Demon Hunter, high heels and a perfect ass. The only class that I'd roll a female rather than a male.

    ^^ This.

    Those saying WD or Barb have bad taste in women LOL.
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    posted a message on Imbalance of Barb/Monk
    If you played the beta you would know just how fast the monk builds spirit with the generators. In the time that the barb can do 1 cleave (5 fury) the monk can hit a generator almost 3 times (6+6+6 spirit).

    Also you can get about 5 spirit/sec passive regen from just skills/runes/passives.
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    posted a message on Australia Connecting to Europe Launch Day? Help?
    I posted about this on the official forums I think (or maybe it was here). Never got an adequate response though.

    It will suck tho to play on EU for 8 hours then have to replay those 8 hours once NA goes live, but I won't be able to help myself to see whats past the skele king.
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    posted a message on Yet another 'useless' thread with a poll.
    My wife doesn't mind how much I play games provided that I also spend quality time with her. This is the key to success. If its a bright sunny Saturday morning and you are gaming instead of taking your wife out for the day, then you are doomed to fail. If she wants to watch re-runs of sex and the city on a wednesday night, then game all you like?

    Balance in all things.
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    posted a message on I cant handle it anymore! Help!!
    So can anything be done about this? Can the site owners acknowledge this problem? Every time I open a post from the homepage links it goes to the end of the last post rather than the first post. No other forum does this!!
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